A Hidden Pain

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I hold back a hidden pain until the One comes

Submitted: January 11, 2011

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Submitted: January 11, 2011



Can you see the pain I hide?

Can you see it in my eyes?

Is it quite obvious to see?

You look at me weird as we talk

I fear you can see right through me

I am ashamed as well as scared you can see my pain

I try not to touch you or speak to you

or even be near you so that I may not dirty you with my sins

I fear the dirt on my soul will soil your pure soul

I keep my distance and watch you from afar

As long as you are safe I'll try to be happy

You keep looking my way but I turn my head

I sneek peaks at you though

I miss you so much

and although my heart is in pain

I keep looking up with hopeful eyes

I search for the One who will not shun my dirty soul

The One who will take my pain away

Who will love me for me, even if im dirty

That One will help me wash what I can with love and care

He will be gentle yet strong when he comes

He will slid in my life and grow roots in my heart

He will hold fast to me as I push him away,

as I fear I would hurt him

When he calms my wild heart he will fill the holes with his love

And I will love him with all the love I've held back my whole life

And I will patiently wait when I can say

"yes I do promise to be forever you wife"

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