Prize Catch

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James is eager to go one his regularly planned fishing trip. But on his way to his old fishing hole he is trouble by a news broadcast informing him of a rampant slew of disappearances in the area that he frequents. What awaits James on his fishing trip?

Submitted: February 24, 2012

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Submitted: February 24, 2012




Prize Catch

By: Ryan Benish

"Free at last!” James cried aloud over the car radio that was cranked to its limit. As he descended the on ramp of the deserted highway he stomped his foot to the floor, an action which filled him with some resentment; that such as simple movement could eject him from his grueling work week.

"No more, yes sirs, no madam, just me in my head and all the fish I can get my hands on", James chimed to himself as he settled his bottom for the long ride ahead. James began fishing as a child, but in his adult life, it evolved into one of the few positive habits he possessed; leave Saturday morning at 5 a.m., careful not to wake Margaret, be on the highway by 5:15 and then, finally, at his old spot on Bear lake, beer and rod in hand by 7:30. The morning sun dazzled his eyes prompting him to constantly readjust his glasses, rubbing their arms against the grey stubble which grew up his face and connected to his short crew cut. He wove through the crags of the rocky landscape dimpled with trees beginning to lose their leaves, green and brown divided the orange, red and yellow. James adjusted the volume to ensure it was to its max capacity when suddenly static erupted from his speakers.

"Dammit!” James yelled.

He always forgot about the point where he lost reception with his favourite radio station. James quickly stabbed at the dials listening for something, anything, which was distinguishable from static. He found it when his ears focused on a voice spewing a news broadcast with detectably false vibrato and enthusiasm."...Donald Stoughton, Heather Smith, Rick McEwan and finally Stephanie Richards, these are names of the people who have gone missing around Berry county within the last month", the voice finally concluded.

James' heart skipped a beat, Berry was only a kilometre away from his secluded fishing hole "I’m speaking with Mrs. Richards about the disappearance of her daughter and how she feels about the police departments inability to cope with the recent slew of disappearances which has gripped this quaint county, Mrs. Richards?",

"Yes I’m here", a timid voice whimpered on an incoming phone line.

"How long has your daughter been missing?”

"Almost a week", Mrs. Richards replied painfully, "She always goes off on her own, sometimes without telling me, but with these disappearances happening...” her voice trailed off into a faint sob.

"Mrs. Richards", the voiced continued artificially,

"Do you feel as though the police can handle such rampant case of abductions, do you think there is foul play involved?”

"No...” the terrorized mother replied painfully, "But, I’m not sure, I- I’ve been told I can’t talk about the case. I’m sorry this was a mistake".

"So you don’t deny there is a formal investigation-” James snapped the radio off.

'What a dork', he thought, ‘saying things like that to a distraught women, and for ratings’.

He continued the remainder of his drive in silence, periodically breaking into a whistle or a hum.

'No need to let this ruin my trip', he thought,

'Just think about the tranquility of fishing and if you see anything inform the police'.


James cracked another beer and unwound some more. The soft sway of the trees made them look like arms extending pitifully toward the sun, which bounced its beams off any inviting surface. The pollen filled sky was illuminated in an angelic haze which made one feel as though they could swim through the thick clumpy air.  The beauty of his surroundings transcended James to a state of serenity which he only described aloud to himself as, "This is nice".

He had little to show for his fishing thus far; he hadn't even managed to snag a sunfish.

'Well I guess it’s not fishing until you catch something', James began anecdotally in his head,

'I’m just some sucker with a pole, his tackle and some silly delusion that he can get a meal for free'.

As the sun drifted steadily across the sky tucking itself behind the trees James crushed another empty beer can into the ground before him. "Well, time to hit the market I suppose", He said in dismay, packed up his tackle and folding chair, and began walking up the dirt path that would take him to his car. The sun had been gone for some time now, and any available moonlight was shielded by the leafy canopy. James wasn’t concerned; he had made the same walk dozens of times in the dark, and far drunker. As James continued up the path he was startled by a rustling in some shrubs he had passed.

'Hmm maybe I’m not out of luck’, James thought to himself, ‘Maybe I can bag a rabbit or something’.

He paused a moment to see if something would emerge, but, nothing. James turned to continue the path to his car but stopped when he heard the faintest whisper.

“What was that?” said James.

“Help...” he finally heard in a dull whisper.

A small pale face, illuminated by what little moonlight was available appeared from inside the shrub.

“Please, I need help” she repeated.

“What are you doing way the hell out here all by yourself?-wait! Is your name Heather or...dammit...Melissa?” James asked furrowing his brow in frustration trying to remember.

“Help, my friends and family left me here, I need help.” the face replied.

With a nimble jump the face hopped from the bushes revealing the elegant body with which it was attached to. The girl was fairly petite which gave James the idea that she was somewhat 18, her skin glowed just as her face had in the moonlight complimented by her somewhat revealing attire.

“Whoa, what happened to your clothes? Did you get robbed? What’s your name anyways?” James asked, turning his blushing face.

The girl was wearing mere bits of cloth which covered her full round breasts and dangled just above the curve of her butt.

“Please sir, I’m all alone out here, I need help”, she repeated.

“Well I’m as good a help as any, seeing as how there is an endless number of nasty characters who would take advantage of you in your present predicament”, James replied.

“If you just follow me up this path I can take you back home, I think people are looking for you. Hey, you never told your name.”

The girls face remained still; in fact, it had been emotionless from the moment he saw it. As James began to wonder why a girl who had probably been robbed and stranded in the middle of nowhere was so calm her face quickly narrowed into a sultry expression.

She spoke, “I need a big strong man to protect me”.

“Well if you just come with me we can return to civilization, see we got these guys called policemen...” James said as he began walking up the path, “Come on, let’s go”.

“I need a big strong man like you”, she flirted.

James froze. 'Now just what in the hell is this girl getting at, I’m not much for people my own age to look at’, he thought.

“Listen Hun, I don’t mind if you have daddy issues just don’t go getting me caught up in them”, James rebutted.

“I need someone to protect me, you’re so big and strong, please, please protect”, she said slowly stepping towards him.

“Please?” she repeated.

“It’s getting late...” said James, but before he could turn away she shot towards him, wrapping her nimble arms around his overwhelming beer belly.

“Please? A strong man like you?” she whispered.

James stared into her endless eyes, and slowly began to move his hands around her shoulders.

“Please protect me” she repeated.

James’ knees began to tremble as he caressed her smooth velvety skin.

‘I’m old enough to be her father’, He thought in bewilderment.

Yet, he wasn’t able to ignore the torrent of dizzying excitement pulsing through his body caused by the tender embrace of this girl, and that realization made him feel bold staring into her eyes. He sunk his head toward her eager lips and closed his eyes. Whatever age she was, she was a marvelous kisser, soft pushes of her lips with an active tongue which danced with his. After a moment, James noticed her tongue began to move less and less, until it stopped altogether and merely hung in his mouth. James figured she had lost interest and realized how foolish she was being, but before he could pull away her tongue exploded into hundreds of razor sharp barbs. James screamed wildly, but only a frothy gurgling sound erupted from his pierced cheeks. The girls arms quickly snapped around him digging into his back and her legs wrapped around his. The ground dropped away from the two as they flew into the night sky. The pain in James’ mouth was excruciating as the barbs twisted and jerked from the force of the girl being pulled by an invisible wire. Higher and higher they rose, moving closer to a small cube in the sky. A circle of light on the bottom of the cube absorbed the two, blinding James for a moment. There he hung in the blight, unable to distinguish any type of walls or floor out of his peripherals, his eyes locked with the girls. After a moment he felt himself being laid on a cold surface, out of the corner of his eye, he was able to make out only the figure of the enormous being that had place him down. An intergalactic translator let James know exactly what was happening in a scrambled mess of English phonemes.

“You’re only just getting that now?” an angry voice questioned the being before him.

“It took a while to get this new unit set up” It replied. “It’s perfect though, worth every credit”.

It then placed its hand on the girls’ neck, immediately, her body went limp and her tongue withdrew from his mouth. The being took the girl to a rack, and hung her up next to an older, more beat up version of the same model. All down the rack hung girls, blondes, brunettes, redheads, girls with olive or pale skin, hanging their lifeless limbs with joints made of steel clevises.

“Please mister, my friends and family left me here” the girl sung off.

“Shut that stupid thing off, we need to get ready!” yelled the being unobservable to James.

The being before him tugged on the girls’ right ear, and she became silent. The blinding light disappeared, and James began to rock back and forth as he was rolled down a dark hallway.

Another being came from down the hall.

“Is that it? We have one minute!” It explained. “Hurry!”

The two rushed James down the hall and through a set of doors.

“Ok, perfect” he heard them say before rushing away.

It was dark; too dark for James to distinguish anything. The only thing he could detect were a mixture of acrid scents and a torrential murmur of scrambled English that began to die down. The lights exploded and a large booming voice began loudly, “Welcome to everyone’s favourite cuisine show, Cooking Humanely! Now, here is your host, Rhm Mildrech!”

“Thank you, thank you”, cheered a large creature with dozens of eyeballs hanging from tentacles extending from his its neck as it ran into the room. “Are we already to start cooking humanely?” he shouted at the audience.

“Yes!” the audience shouted in barely understandable English.

“Excellent! Now today were going to be making a Messierian stew, which calls for our main ingredient, a North American brown haired” Rhm instructed cheerfully.

“Now, I know that we tend to avoid North Americans, because of their traditionally higher fat content, but we can fix that by rendering that fat off by searing it in a pan.”

James head swung violently around, knives of all kinds dangled above him and jars filled with spices and human flesh surrounded him on all sides. In the distance, behind the glare of the set lights, he could barely make out the pulsating, indistinguishable, mass that was the audience.

“Before we get started it’s very important to see if the human has already soiled itself, otherwise you may contaminate the meat when you begin cutting. Unfortunately, I can smell that this one already has” Rhm said, followed by a torrent of laughter from the audience. Things grew fainter and fainter for James, but he didn’t feel alarmed when he realized he was going to die. He wanted death to come, at least, before Rhm began describing to his studio audience the proper way to fillet a human. 

© Copyright 2018 Ryan Benish. All rights reserved.

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