Drowning in the Melting Pot

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic
If we want our grandkids to enjoy life, we have to change the world...and soon.

Submitted: November 17, 2015

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Submitted: November 17, 2015



I'm just a regular suburban white kid with a crazy dream

That I could pick up a pen and simply let out some steam

Sit and talk about some issues that are bothering the kid

Better then a stupid campaign driven through captions on an Instagram pic

Fox News would have you believe that we're the superior race

That a white girl in a black neighborhood should always carry mace

They make you think that being Muslim is nothing but funny

But I'm here to say fuck the media, they're driven by big money

CNN would have you believe that they really know what's up

When in actuality leaning towards Liberals is just as fucked up

I'm sick of all the labels that define us as people

When there's a greater view of the world than looking through a keyhole

It's tough to focus on the good where there's so much evil

Let's take the power from the media and give it the people

Travel the world, make some art, try to encourage your peers

Instead of making advertisements that tends to exploit their fears

It's not hard to look around and realize that something is fucked up

When there's 10 year old kids texting the dealer for drugs

I'm going to sum up the horrors in the rest of this verse

Why America's dead and we're driving the hearse

When there's Christians protesting at gay veterans funerals

When we photoshop our pictures just to get some approval

When the 1% of people are pushing the middle class under

When no one gives a fuck about people dying of hunger

When there's kids in America who never grew up with black kids

When trying to abort from a rape is considered a sin

When law enforcement agents are killing unarmed men

When getting educated means a lifetime of debt

When following your dreams has become a thing of the past

We're drowning in the melting pot and we're going down fast

When little children aren't even safe in the presence of a priest

I haven't got all the answers but someones got the key

So let's encourage our kids to rise above all the hate

And change the world and themselves into something that's great

So maybe our grandkids can live in a world they enjoy

Rather than in one that's bound to be destroyed

I'm not saying I'm perfect, in fact I'm part of the problems

But if we come together as one I swear that we can begin to solve them

© Copyright 2020 Ryan Cagide. All rights reserved.

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