EOD 2012

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On June 6, 2006 the world changed forever, and on this date everybody halfway expected the world to end and for the devil to take over this vast planet bringing about the biblical Armageddon that all religious extremists were dreaming about. The religious people waited to be picked up and brought to heaven, while they got the privilege to watch the nonbelievers’ burn in their own misery and sin as the devil took control of the world. On such a sinister day of the year everybody assumed that something tragic and evil would occur on 06/06/06, but all of them were dead wrong, and in fact on this day, of all days, the world in which we knew and loved became perfect.

On June 6, 2006 the world changed forever, and on this date everybody halfway expected the world to end and for the devil to take over this vast planet bringing about the biblical Armageddon that all religious extremists were dreaming about. The religious people waited to be picked up and brought to heaven, while they got the privilege to watch the nonbelievers’ burn in their own misery and sin as the devil took control of the world. On such a sinister day of the year everybody assumed that something tragic and evil would occur on 06/06/06, but all of them were dead wrong, and in fact on this day, of all days, the world in which we knew and loved became perfect.

I know that none of you people even have the slightest clue what that word—perfect—really means and the dictionary that all of you know and love has been lying to you since the beginning of time. For you people; your perfect spouse cheats on you, your perfect house leaks and floods in the rain, your perfect car, that you worked your whole life to buy, is a lemon, and that job that you worked at for fifty years, that you spent more time at then your own home, gets shipped to another country where the bosses could pay their new staff a tenth of what you make.  You have no clue what the word perfection means and in my world we never go back to how you live no matter what the consequences.

On this day God did not swoop down to earth, turn water to wine, and stop all human beings from living in sin. In fact there was no superhero or divine intervention that created our Utopia.  There was no divine intervention, no alien invasion or superhero to automatically change the way of the world, and there was no single human being that convinced the entire planet to change their human nature. What did happen seemed like someone took  a vacuum and sucked all of the strife’s  that were in Pandora’s Box and locked them up once again, while giving hope steroids in order for it to spread across the world. All of the beauty was not caused by a human being, at least not directly, but it was caused by a machine.


This machine was invented from a simple idea, one day a group of scientists were watching the news, saw how messed up the world really was and knew that no politician or activist would ever be able to fix it, and they all knew that if there ever was going to be a way to make the world peaceful and safe then a scientist would have to figure it out.  The only way that there could ever be peace was if people did not have to fight for limited resources such as food or oil, so they devised a machine that could fix that problem. I cannot tell you how the machine was built or what its original purpose was because that information is confidential and I doubt you are smart enough to understand anyway, plus you don’t need to understand, because after the machine started working nobody really cared.  The first thing the machine did was to fix the soil, the fertilizer, and the environment in order to grow the most perfect and nutritious crops ever, without using any chemicals or steroids. These notorious crops grew year round in any environment and it did not take weeks, month, or years to grow, it only took twenty four hours.  These perfect nutritious crops grew all over the world and made world hunger nonexistent. There were so many perfect crops around the world that people started to love the environment again and did not want to sell something that they realized did not belong to them.  There was no need to sell food anymore because the supply was unlimited and everywhere, and when food became free currency became obsolete. Money was not needed anymore and the world attitude was slowly shifting to peace.

I know all of you are thinking that this is socialism and it could never work, because one evil dictator could take over the world and make it his kingdom. You would call us communists and balk at the idea that the country that you loved so much could turn into the enemy that you have been fighting with forever and if we were like you then you would be right. A socialistic or communistic society could never work in your world because you still have to fight for resources such as food, oil and a house to live in and because of this the idea of survival of the fittest was implanted in your head since the day you were born and it became part of human nature.  But in our world when we had an unlimited food supply this idea of survival of the fittest seemed cruel and unneeded so human nature had changed and because of this change, the perfect utopian society that failed so many times in your world actually succeeded in ours.  No one would ever try to be a king and no one would turn violent because everybody was self sufficient to the point where no one would listen to a leader, because it was unneeded, and no one even tried because the world was too perfect to mess it up on such human nuances.

People did not realize how these perfectly natural and nutritious crops really were until they realized that it fixed mutations in both human and animal genes that quickly destroyed every disease and virus in the world. With one bite of a piece of fruit or vegetable cancer, AIDS, and every other disease in the world was cured. These crops helped heal people bodies and caused paralyzed people to walk again, the blind could see, and the deaf could hear.  Peoples bodies started to regenerate themselves and people grew back lost limbs in record time.  The only way people did die was of old age, because murder or accidents did not happen anymore and it was very rare for anybody child to ever die at all. The results were so quick that scientists figured out that people’s life expectancy increased at least fifty years.  So much happiness was brought by this one single machine, but it was not done yet.

The machine worked so perfectly that it fixed the atmosphere and not only reversed global warming but made the temperature perfect and bearable. The rain was cool but not cold and refreshed the world without heavy winds, lightning, or thunder. It was as if the atmosphere had sprinkler that kept the world beautiful. The machine made sure that the atmosphere was always clean, made oil readily available wherever anyone needed it, and people could use it as much as they wanted without any consequences at all. Gold, Silver, Diamonds, and all the other beautiful jewels of the world became so readily available that everybody owned them and people appreciated for their beauty instead of how much they cost. Tornadoes, hurricanes, volcanoes and earthquakes did not happen anymore and the machine cleaned the atmosphere to the point where it was before humans ever inhabited the world. Once the atmosphere was perfectly clean the machine then made sure it stayed that way, and no matter how much the humans polluted, even though it was a lot less then in you r world, the atmosphere would always be clean. Since currency was a thing of the past people did not need to worry about making a living or having food on the table for their family, so they started doing what they loved instead of what could make them rich. People volunteered for a job that they wanted and art became more beautiful then you could imagine.  People channeled the beauty of the world and that made music sound like it was God himself speaking to his people. Children could walk on the street without fear of getting kidnapped or hit by a car because humanity was finally at their perfect form.

Peace on Earth and Goodwill to men was not just a song anymore, but a way of life. There was no more crime or even accidents. People did not rush to go the places because they wanted to enjoy every minute on the earth that they lived, and they became courteous drivers that cared about the other people on the road. Jails, courthouses, and welfare building became museums that people could take their children to see how bad the world once was and how lucky they were to live in the new utopia.

Every single a problem on earth was taken care of by the machine or by the new attitude that the world had. It was like everybody was an artist painting the world exactly how they wanted and deleting all the flaws in order to make their masterpiece.  People had the feeling that nothing could go wrong in the world and that they would live happily forever. They did not care about death, God, or Heaven because they could not imagine a place that could be better than the world they lived in now and they did not have to sacrifice their knowledge in order to reach that perfection. Adam and Eve had to make a choice between knowledge and extreme happiness, but for the new generations of human there was no sacrifice anymore because everybody there was no more pain and strife in the world, and when people did die at an older age they died peacefully in bed instead of a painful debilitating disease that slowly destroyed their body.

The scientists who built the machine still looked after it, though they were afraid to touch it because of the chance that the world could go back to the dismal existence that it once was. They all knew that this machine was built accidentally and had no clue what made it work, and because of this they did not want to mess with it, because they were afraid of consequence. They thought that if there was small adjustment then they would go back to living in the dark dismal hell that all of you live in.

People say that nothing lasts forever and the sad part of that statement is that it is terribly true. The world was perfect for six years and we all knew what paradise was, but one day the machine changed our world once more and forever. The scientists still had not touched the machine, because they were afraid of it and for the entire time since it was built the screen always said “the perfect utopia”, but one day the screen went blank and they thought the machine was broken. The scientists made sure it was plugged in and that there was no power outages, but they feared the machine was broken and soon all the progress that they had made would be gone forever. As the scientists were about to call their supervisors to give them the bad news the screen turned on again, but it did not say the perfect utopia anymore. Instead the machine said E.O.D. 2:22.59 and was counting down. The scientists immediately grabbed a calendar and checked what that date was in order to figure out what the new message meant and they almost passed out when they figured out what day that was. The date when the countdown would end was on December 21, 2012 at 3:33am, the devils time.

At once all the scientists knew what this countdown was and they all figured out what E.O.D. stood for. They all had religious parents who believed in it and all of them knew about those barbaric people who lived so long ago, but predicted this date so long ago. The machine that they all loved and cherish was going to cause the end of the world in two month and they all knew that the people had to know, because they did not want the legacy of humankind to end on deceit and lying, especially since it was so perfect for the past six years.  They called their bosses, the news stations, and the former religious leaders and the story went out the next day. The news did not hide anything and did not try to make it optimistic in any way, shape or form. Nobody had any doubts about the message on that beloved machine, and they all knew that the End of Days was near. All the evidence pointed to EOD meaning End of Days and nobody debated that point, but what they did wonder was how they should react to this horrible information.  For a moment the world felt like a robber had snuck in, stole their new humanity and devolutionized the world to what felt like an eternity ago. 

This horrible realization would have caused extreme panic in your world with society turning into anarchy with every man for themselves. People would rob each other, rape women, and murder people in order to survive and would have no worry of the consequences because they all would have known that they would be dead in two months. Society would go back in time to the cavemen era and would most likely cause the end of the world before that date due to your world stupidity and ignorance, but in our world we thought about out legacy.

I am not saying that people were not angry and terrified of the end of the world, because if I did say that then I would be a liar, which in our world had become obsolete unlike where you people live now.  We were mad that such barbaric and prehistoric people actually figured out when the world would end so long ago and they were mad because they could not do anything about it because if they tried to then people would panic and cause chaos in the world, which could never happen again.  All the stress and pain for a mission that did not seem possible would not be worth it and since they finally got humanity right they could not jeopardize that changing with their last breath on earth.  The new legacy of humankind had to be preserved even if it meant sitting around and doing nothing while counting down the days till all of them probably died painful deaths, because a painful death would be better than a lifetime of living in world in which everybody would describe as hell. People hoped to themselves that God would have taken notes on the new human society and tried to change Heaven to mirror their society, because they all knew that nothing could ever be better, or could it?

With two months to live the people wondered if they could improve the world anymore than it already was because everybody wanted to go out on top. All the top scientists who helped build the machine sat in a room full of video cameras in order to not hide anything from the people and all of them discussed if there was anything that could make the world even more perfect. They all were told to take a piece of paper and take one hour and make a list of everything that could make the world better.  All the scientists were perplexed holding their pencils and trying extremely hard to think of anything to put on their papers. The hour went by excruciatingly slow as the whole world watched them think, but by the end of the hour only one person wrote anything on his paper.  For most of the hour he could not think of anything in human terms just like the rest of his colleagues, but he remembered somebody’s comment when the machine was first build and that person had said that they were almost God’s, so he thought of the only difference between them and God.

The news reporters looked disappointed as they saw each of the scientists have blank sheets of paper, but the one scientist stood up and said “Our world is perfect in every sense of the word in human terms, but in the past six years all of us having been becoming more and more like God in the way we think and of how great our society had become, but there is one difference between God and us, and that is immortality. The thing that would make this world more perfect then it is right now is if we never had to leave it. Then this would become our heaven.”

The whole room thought about his comment and all of them started to laugh, not out of disrespect but of how amazing that thought would be if it became a reality. Another scientist got up and waited for everybody to be silent and said “I agree that our world is in the most perfect form and that the only thing that would make it better is if we never had to leave it, but our machine is good, but not that good, so there is absolutely no way that it could ever happen. God has eternally one upped us”.

The meeting ended and all of them decided that they would meet every week for the next six weeks to figure out a way to make the end of the world a little more bearable and hopefully painless, since if it ended in pain then the perfect world that they had created would end in a sour note, which would be unacceptable.  Many people then suggested one mass suicide in which everybody would take a drug that would painlessly kill them at the same time in order to avoid the painful and unavoidable destruction that God had promised long ago.  People around the world openly debated how the world would end and the majority of peoples beliefs were split between a meteor hitting the planet or all earth’s crust cracking so much that everybody would just fall into the center of earth and interrupt the Devil eating dinner.  Everybody laughed at that joke though they all knew that they were all going to heaven because they had officially cured all the evils that an irresponsible god spread on the earth. Nobody could be better than their society and every single prophet or holy man had nothing on them.  The problem with mass suicide was that it was a morally wrong, a sin, and the coward’s way out. How would other societies look at a race of people that ran away from their problems? Plus when they killed themselves they were almost guaranteed that they would go to hell and avoid the paradise of heaven that they all tried to make earth like.

Everybody in the world was baffled by their dilemma because they did not want to suffer in the painful end of the world, but they all refused together not to kill themselves because of the moral consequences. There had to be another solution to the problems that would not be the coward’s way out, but avoid the terrible end that they all feared. Nobody could think of a solution until one day a man was walking past an old and abandoned pharmacy and found an old empty bottle of valium, which gave him a great idea. He contacted a few of the scientists that he knew and set up a meeting in order to discuss if the plan would really work.  The scientists agreed and with the plan and the machine helped build the perfect solution to their dilemma. The news played the story immediately and the whole world rejoiced because of the new solution. The scientists went on the air and said

“My brother and sisters of the world I know that all of you are terrified of how painful the end of days is going to be and so are we, and because of this we have come up with a solution to help all of us get through this terrible situation.  Instead of dying the day before our destruction we all could sleep through it with the new perfect sleeping pill that the machine helped build. This sleeping pill will knock all of you out for exactly twenty four hours and when you wake up we will all be in heaven together. Our legacy is too important to kill ourselves and take the cowardly way out and nobody wants to suffer a painful death so this is our only solution.  I am asking all of you with my heart and soul to please take this pill and not suffer the painful death that is going to be our end of days. Thank you all for listening and we are working diligently to spread this pill to all of you in a matter of two days.  I love you all more then you know and it saddens me that it has to the end this way, but I am excited to see you all in heaven together at once. “

Everybody agreed that they would need to have some sort of remembrance of the human race before the world ended in order to close the book of what hopefully some alien race would know as earth, but they did not know what kind of event to actually have. People wondered if they should mourn the end of perfection, but they all decided that they world should end with a bottle of champagne, good food, friends and a party. After so many years of just existing on earth and trying to survive the people had six years of just being able to live life, and that accomplishment had to be celebrated and not mourned. There would be no funeral for the end of the world, but going away parties for the entire human race as they all were ready to embark on a journey to heaven together forever.  Parties were planned all around the world and they were the most extravagant parties ever created and they were planned to be on December 19, 2012.

The parties were the most elaborate parties that ever existed and lasted for two days. People celebrated how great life had become and how the machine had saved them from the terrible hell that was once humanity.  Many people thought that the machine might have had something to do with the future destruction of the earth and the planet that they loved so much would be destroyed by their own hands, but despite this feeling they had no regrets. Six years of perfection were better than a lifetime of suffering. They had reentered the garden of Eden and sacrificed nothing to get there, the sin of having knowledge finally did not prevent them from finding paradise, and even though the world was going to end in two days they had six years of being Gods in their own world and nobody could take that away from them .

Three hours before the world was about to end the former president of the United States and one of the most respected human beings on the face of the planet made a speech that everybody in the world had heard.  The television that had not been turned on for six years all tuned in to the former presidents last state of the union address.  The president looked into the camera and said:

“Hello my fellow citizens of our own man made utopia. I stand here today not as a president or a leader; but a brother, father, son and proud citizen of the world, and as we stand here today I am not depressed in any  way, but thrilled to have six wonderful years of peace and prosperity for the world community. What seemed like so many millenniums ago, I took the oath of office and promised all of you that I would try my best to make the world better and end the divide between black and white, rich and poor, and the haves and have not’s, but like all of you I was just human and I was talking with my ego and need for power, but that changed in on June 6, 2006. As the song Amazing Grace said ‘I was blind, but now I could see’ and that is exactly what happened that day. World hunger was gone in a day and then natural disasters, the destruction of the environment, and the old way of living were all things of the past. Power was not needed anymore because of us realized that we had a responsibility to take care of each other in every way possible and if one human was suffering then that was not acceptable. Money had always been the root of all evil, but is was necessary because of our old nature and need for greed, but that all changed when we made our own heaven.  I know that I will see you all in heaven tomorrow and we will say goodbye to our creation that we had loved so much, but I do not want this day to end in sadness, but we must rejoice in the progress that we made in such a short period of time and I wished everyday that I could have more time with my brothers and sisters of the world. Everybody return home and take that pill and dream about how wonderful the world had become and the legacy that we created in the last gasps of humanity and pray that heaven could be half as good, because I can’t imagine anything better then how we live now. The machine had told us that the End of Days is upon us and all of us agreed that we should accept our fate, because if we fought it then we would never be able to get back to perfection. I love you all so much and more then you will ever know and I just wanted to say goodbye my brothers and I will see you on the other side.

Everybody went home thinking if the world could have been even better if EOD did not happen, but everybody agreed that it was not possible. Humanity became one and had been fighting for perfection and that was exactly how they would die. All of them went home and voluntarily took the little pill that would keep them from the pain and suffering of EOD, and they all went to sleep and had had the most wonderful dreams of humanity.

Now I know that if you people dream then you dream of something in your imagination, something you’re afraid of, or something that you strive to have, but our dreams are different. We dream of our amazing memories of our lives and we never have to imagine anything better because there was nothing, and we had a nightmare, unless it was dreaming of how evil the world once was, because on June 6, 2006 fear became extinct with the sadness. People had finally found their Mayberry streets while escaping their nightmares on Elm Street. 

As everybody went into their beds and had the best sleep they had ever had, they never fully grasped the word perfection.  The perfect sleeping pill that the machine had helped build and prevented the world from feeling pain was so perfect that it made the entire world’s population sleep eternally.  The population of the earth departed the earth together like little pieces of one puzzle combining together to make a full picture. Everybody had died without regret or sadness and the human kind did not end with a bang but the peaceful feeling of fading away into paradise.

December 21, 2012 came and 3:33 AM passed as the sun rose a few hours later. The birds chirped and the animals roamed the perfect earth. The sun was bright and the air was amazing. There was no fire and brimstone or destruction, but peace and tranquility.

What nobody realized or could comprehend was how perfect that simple machine really was. This machine that had made heaven on earth was not finished with its amazing transformation of the world, but on December 21, 2012 it would have been complete. Everybody had agreed that EOD had stood for End of Days, like the Aztec people had predicted, but they were dead wrong. The machine that everybody had loved and cherished for so long had finally killed death and made earth the eternal paradise that everybody dreamed about and helped create, and though the machine and the world was perfect humanity’s logic was not. People came so close to perfection, but were a day late to the End of Death.

Submitted: April 09, 2012

© Copyright 2022 Ryan Gerstler. All rights reserved.

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