As I recall September 11 2001

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I tried a lot to get the right story written for this. I wrote a lot about it, and none of them ever felt emotional, they have always left me flat at the end. This version of my account on September 11th is my favorite. It happened a long time ago, I can remember something’s but not the small things. I was 11 years old when the attacks took place, and it really is hard to write about, I wish I could better.

Submitted: March 03, 2008

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Submitted: March 03, 2008



I remember the morning of September the 11th 2001 like it was yesterday. I think most people whether they were at the towers, or just viewing it on live T.V they remember exactly what they were doing, thinking, or even feeling at the time of being attacked. The world truly stopped the morning of September 11th 2001. This is my story of how my day went.

At the time I was eleven years old, I was home schooled. I had the great luxury of sleeping in even though other kids in public school were in class rooms. Well, it was around six o’clock in the morning, and like any other kid, I wasn’t in a hurry to get up. I remember hearing my mom call from our living room “Ryan get out of bed and come see what’ happening on T.V” I heard her but I was thinking “um… no thanks.” But after two failed attempt’s as to getting me out of bed, I finally made myself get out of bed. I first went to the window and saw what a beautiful world it was that day, but I was mistaken by the beauty of the blue sky, and the early birds chirping, cause after that I went to see what was happening. I remember seeing a tall tower smoking like the butt-end of a cigarette. I was alarmed. My mom said “no ones really sure of who did it, or why, they think it might have been an accident, or even terrorism” I said “how can someone be so stupid that they would run a plane into a New York sky scraper? I didn’t think it was an accident, and I don’t think my mom did either. It was terrible watching the live video of people jumping from the towers because they didn’t have anyway down, the fire department couldn’t reach the fire cause there equipment couldn’t reach, and people were getting burnt, many people jumped to their deaths on to the terrified streets of New York. People were running as fast as they could from the buildings, and weeping. They were dodging parts of plane engines, and pieces of the tower, because they were falling every where. It looked as though these people were in hell. I just remember being thankful, and blessed to know that we were safe at home, watching these terrible acts of terror on live T.V. After seeing all of this, my mom and I were in such shock along with the rest of the country, but I was starting to lose attention and I thought I would go get something for breakfast, when all of a sudden out of know where, another American Airlines flew into the cameras frame, and slammed into the second World Trade Tower!! Our mouths and hearts fell, as the victims fell to their deaths onto the streets of New York. It was so dramatic to us. And it was scary, now our theory was confirmed, America was getting attacked. We continued to watch in horror. People screaming, burning, weeping, and running away from the towers. After the towers burned for a while I remember watching them fall. No one ever thought that they would collapse, but they did. A lot of people couldn’t find it within themselves to jump to their death, but many couldn’t evacuate either. When each of them collapsed it left hundreds of souls trapped, and smothered, but most of them died.

I think there were only 20 people who were pulled from the ruble alive. There was a lot of people who died that day including over 300 firemen alone. And over 3,000 lives were lost in all. It was a terrible day that we all shall remember, lest we ever forget it. Know that it happened on September 11th 2001, and it could happen again at anytime, support our troops, support our president, support America.

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