Media's Negative Effect on Youth

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I strongly believe that media plays a negative and a positive roll on kids, I go in depth.

Submitted: March 03, 2008

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Submitted: March 03, 2008




Media Has an Impact on Us


Today, violence from the media is increasing in popularity. It comes into our homes, our radios, and even in some literature. I was asked the question; “Does violence in our media have a negative impact on us?” My answer is “yes“. Violence from the media is thrown at us in all different directions. It pours into our daily lives, and makes it’s way to the youngest of audiences. It is extremely hard to get away from, and it is appealing to people, especially to younger people. Violence in the various forms of media play a negative roll on our society, by desensitizing our senses, and is not necessary to the quality of a program. It is very appealing, especially to the younger audience.

Today, it seems that our media is increasingly violent. People are also becoming quite used to the violence. We are progressively getting desensitized to the violence, and thereby needing more shocking and violent behavior to entertain us. We are being negatively impacted by this. Lt. Colonel Dave Grossman a former Green Baret & West Point professor of psychology, stated “Violence is like the nicotine in cigarettes” and continued “The reason why the media has to pump ever more violence into us is because we’ve built up a tolerance. In order to get the same high, we need ever higher levels…the television industry has gained its market share through an addictive and toxic ingredient.” (Found in the book “Mass Media“)

There are some people who feel very negative about our world, and life in general. Media violence has a lot to do with that. Even though we are desensitized to the violence pouring out of the screen, we still might feel hopeless, confused, and depressed. This world will never become positive, if we continue to feed ourselves with endless, pointless violence.

Secondly, along with media violence being pointless, it also does not contribute to the quality of good programming. A good program should always have a redemptive value, that leaves the viewer feeling better than when they started watching. It seems that in some media programs, violence is the main idea, but those programs lack any kind of redemptive value. They are sick, and disturbing. The feelings that they stir are repulsive, and make the viewer feel empty, and hopeless. How could violence in media make the world a better place if it is going to make people negative and depressed? The sad truth is, people like it. It is like a high to them. They become immune to certain violence, and so television, movies, and other types of media must get worst. The gratuitous violence does not benefit our society. It only serves to harm society, slowly degrading our entertainment, and our minds, and eventually our souls.

Lastly, the violence in today’s media is obviously appealing to a lot of people. The age groups vary, from young to old. The great majority of people who indulge in violence in the media, are younger people. Kids find violence to be entertaining. This is the last thing that kids of today need. Media violence is not healthy for a young mind. "That exposure to media violence causes children to behave more aggressively and affects them as adults years later." states L. Rowell Huesmann, a professor at the University of Michigan. Many parents today are using various forms of media to baby-sit their children. Most children at age five spend an average of 2 ? hours a day watching television. And once they get to be around twelve years old, they will watch an average of four hours a day. The violence is in their programs, commercials, and movies, and when children watch this violence, and they see it as condoned. They will begin to act the same way, and they will not think anything is wrong with it. They might even think it is the right thing to do. Nonetheless, violence seen from our media is not a good influence on our kids. It teaches them how to become violent, and also teaches them that it is okay, and is a part of daily life. With an all time high of violence shown, just think how hostile our future may become. Kids are increasingly exposed to the harmful effects of media violence.

In conclusion, today we have so many people who like to watch television. There is not anything wrong with good television, but there is with shows that exploit violence. Violence from today’s media is degrading our senses, and is making us immune to more extravagant violence. People are needing more exploitive material to satisfy them, it works like a drug. Secondly, violence does not contribute any good quality to any programs shown. Many programs rely on having tons of violence to stimulate their audience, rather than having a good story. Lastly, violence is very entertaining to a lot of people. The people that are attracted to violence from the media range, from young and old. But young children are extremely attracted to violence. By watching violence from our media, kids are learning that it is acceptable to act out in violent ways, and it is not really hurting anyone. It is perfectly normal. It may teach them that being violent is fine, but it also is lowering the kids standards. The child might think that it is fine if they are being treated with violence. They too, will act out with violence. Violence in today’s media is seen by people from everywhere, and it is not healthy for anyone to indulge themselves into. Violence definitely has an impact on all of us.




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