Today's National Problems/My Opinion

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I am a person who feels so strongly for our nation, and for Gods people. I really feel like there is more each of us can do. Please read this. Thanks.

It Is My Opinion! "Hate me if you want to, love me if you can"

Submitted: March 08, 2008

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Submitted: March 08, 2008




I am seventeen and lately I feel this strong feeling of wanting to be an achiever. I see how this world and our country is being molded, and it makes me sick. I want to make a difference so badly, but I have no idea how, or what road in life to take, there are so many of them it’s hard to ever really know. Along with most of the country I am so tired of watching and hearing people in our country that have not a brain to think with, but only one large mouth that is a never ending fountain of filth, and stupidity. They are disappointedly the majority. I hate how our government is slowly working their ways into our every-day, it is slow, but it is happening. Our Founding Fathers never wanted the government to stomp into the citizens lives, they came to this land to get away from that. They were even willing to fight for it. And die.

Now, in the year 2007 we have a political party who are not traditional, and will not even fight for anything that is right. When I say traditional I mean, they are not traditional in values, and ideas that our Fore-Fathers had in mind when they created the government, and the land we know as America. A traditionalist firmly believes in God, family, and freedom of all mankind. Traditionalist are ready to take a stand for the good of the people, for the love and support of them. They are people who think to the future, and think how our actions today, will influence tomorrow. They believe the country should be ran with the same thought, same go-get-it attitude that our country was based upon. Our founding fathers were men, that came with their families in hopes of getting a better life in a new land. They knew that a free nation would never last if it were not under God. “In God We Trust” is a famous saying when you think of America, it is proof that this country was based on it. It is on our Money, and also on some historical monuments. It is what our country was based on when being created.

There has been Americans who want to see the “In God We Trust” gone, simply done away with. I can’t start to understand why, it has no reason. These are the same people who want the Ten Commandments taken out from public places. I really don’t know why, the most reasonable answer that I hold to be true, is that they are scared of anything that might benefit the people. They are intimidated by religious sayings, and teachings. What would George Washington say if he walked again along side the great Potomac River? I don’t think that he would be happy, but the country as of today, is barely still ran under God. But it is, Thanks Be To God. We must hold on, and continue to fight for the Lords cause, not our cause.




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