Young Americans

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What I believe is happening with most sincerity.

Submitted: March 03, 2008

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Submitted: March 03, 2008



My young American friends I ask, how many times have you thought about how our country is being ran, or have you ever thought about what our country may be like after your life has passed, and your kids or grandchildren are trying to make it? I want to stress the importance of this too you all, in a sharp way. I understand that most of us feel like; well, I am doing all that I want to do, and I have and get all that I want. I don’t need to worry about money, or how my life may be altered by people who don’t even know my name. My life is swell. I asked the question above because I believe we will go through some very difficult times as a nation in our near future. We learn from our history that we have always gone through some very hard times, but there is another round coming in, and by the looks of it, it sure doesn’t look pretty. Our problems that we are being faced with are unprecedented. Our country has seen a lot over the years but today we have problems that nobody is acting on, or changing. Most of the problems are not even related. Americans consume millions of items that are not made in our country rather they are from 7,000 miles west in china. We are seeing hundreds of recalls on different products such as kids toys, because of high lead content, or even in some cases poisons found in the material of the products. Along with the country being poisoned, we are also divided on an issue that is the biggest problem we are faced with. The war on terror, such as the Iraq War has led many Americans in a divided course, making the country run in two different directions. There is also a lot of division on the huge problem of illegal immigration, there is an overwhelming large number of citizens who are not in favor of securing our American borders. Lately, we are seeing a rise in cost on just about everything that consumers buy. This includes groceries, gas, clothes, etc. If there was a rise in the cost of living, and a wage increase (excluding min. wage) it would not hit us individuals as hard. Our cost of living is on a rise, when our income is not. All of these problems seem to have a hidden message in them. My conclusion, one world government. Although this may seem favorable, the danger outweighs the benefits by a long-shot. Lets get to the meat of this piece.


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