The man in the Lab Coat

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A short story about a vivid dream I had regarding death, and the human condition.

Submitted: March 28, 2014

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Submitted: March 28, 2014




The man in the labcoat By: Ryan Newton
In a large white multilevel testing facility of unknwon origin ran by unknown beings that appear huminoid I appear with a few other people. 3 at most, and an unknown 4th, a child that knows me. We drop onto a large blue balloon type platform that looks like a large donut that leads all the way around the room. From a large slide type device we are all falling down towards the edge which at first is not certain wether the fall is a long drop or not. I yell "stop!" and put my foot up to stop us because I was up front and my foot lands on a small protrusion that extends just before the drop. I am able to keep all of us from falling over. I quickly realize by looking down had we of fallen we'd have all fallen to our death because the drop was enormous the facility seemed to be very high up.

As I looked around I saw what looked like a training platform, a sort of agility course that went over the hole in the center of the room and I could tell that the agility course was ment to kill people without allowing anyone to get past. After following the course layout with my eyes I saw the end of the course, a large over hang room that appeared to have beings inside wearing lab coats. They appeared human but I could tell they were detached from all feeling and just wanted us "intruders" dead. Because we were in fact intruders. I did not know how I got here, or why they wanted us dead but I knew we had to escape. I pointed out the platform that lead around the room to the others and noticed that the labcoats knew it was time to eliminate us. I stood up and watched as the others ascended to the platform that lead to the room with the labcoats. It was literally the only way out of the room, other than falling thousands of feet to our deaths. The room sprang to life with a soft humm as the walls began to open up revealing Robotic Archers with drawn bows and flaming bolts. Without warning all 3 of my companions were fired upon there bodies being stuck to the wall each pierced with a few arrows. The Flaming arrows caught their bodies on fire, and I knew they were dead.

I watched in horror knowing there was nothing I could do. Something caught my eye as I gazed at the end of the platform nearest the room with the lab coats. It was a small crevice that I saw, and in that crevice was a boy that I knew somehow. My mind shot out of my body, probably because I was now dead and thankfully felt no actual pain possibly because it was a dream, but probably because of the speedy manner in which my life had be taken, I am not certain how I died. My mind teleported to inside the crevice which I now realize was more of a tunnel. I saw the boy back up while on his knees, he was afraid. One of the labcoats had taken notice to him, coming over to where he and I was. I was disembodied and was unafraid, but I could feel the fear in this boy. The Labcoat man came over to us, He was a tall figure with a scruffy look. He wore sunglasses so I never saw his eyes. He looked at the boy and walked past him going just out of view of us never saying a word.. I heard the boy whimpering "please dont let them know im here, dont let them know your going to kill me" he plead not for his life but to not let "them" know he was about to die. I assume "them" was the group that I was with before we all died. But how could he not know we were all dead?

The man in the labcoat came back and again walked past the boy, as the boy crawled toward the opening of the crevice he was freightened at the site of many vicious looking dogs. The boy smiled halfly as it became aparent that the man in the labcoat would not divulge the information that the boy was about to die to anyone. As the boy crawled forward a glass double door closed infront of him, it had a round opening on each side of the glass door that allowed his neck to fit snuggle between it. His body now seperated from from his head by a glass door my vision shot outward as I watched a metal serrated blade extend from the ground and move upward that would surely decapitate the boy. What disgusts me most is that the blade was slow moving and would be a most agonozing way to die. Before the blade reached skin I awoke. 
 -The End 

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