The Brushes 2!

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The Brushes 2 is a perfect sequel to the original, The Brushes! It still has the same love and connection as the first story in this remarkable series.
In this adventure, Brian the Brush has to deal with a bully along with his friends. His mom teaches him to stick up for himself.

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Submitted: April 14, 2016

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Submitted: April 14, 2016



“The Brushes 2”


 Hi! My name is Brian the Brush. You might know me because I am the son of Billy and Brianna the Bush. Oh yeah, they got married. In this story I will be telling you my story of me being bullied. It is a sad story, but a good one. Enjoy!

 It was May 7, 2004 and my class and I were at recess. It was fun! We played paint tag and paint n’ seek. We were having the time of our lives.

 It was all going well until the 6th grade bully, Joy Buthead, showed up. She was the meanest, toughest, and cruelest girl in the 6th grade. She bullied everyone because she hated her last name. To be honest, it was really funny. Everybody hated her so we just ignored her and kept on playing paint tag. I was it!

 About two minutes later, Joy came up to us. “Hey punks! This is my playground. You guys better get your little tooshies out of here,” Joy yelled to me and my friends. We were very upset. Infact we ran away crying.

 When I got home I ran straight to mom , Brianna the Brush. “What is the matter,” she said. I told her the whole story about Joy bullying me and my friends. “Brain, I am really sorry but you have to stick up to yourself. Maybe if you fight back or try to make friends with her she will stop,” Brianna said. That must have been my favorite sentence she has ever said to me. “Okay,” I responded with a huge smile on my face.

 The next day I went back to school and told my friends what my mom said to me. When we got to recess, we saw Joy coming. We knew what to expect. Before she said anything, we told to get off the playground and to go cry like a little baby. Fortunately, that is exactly what we did. The whole school was cheering for us. Even I could not believe I just did that.

 And from that day on, I go all around the country telling millions of kids my story and what to do when they encounter a bully.

The End!


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