Are We At Multiculturalism Station?

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Are we at the right station? Or have we miss read the sign? How multicultural is television? How fair is the Government? Do i own Buckingham palace?

Submitted: July 22, 2009

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Submitted: July 22, 2009



So the Americans have caught the Barrack Express to Multiculturalism Station. Great! We Australians have been here a fair few years ourselves we would love some new friends. Once those Americans arrive we will have a party where we will all eat fairy bread! The Choo Choo Train driver Barrack Obama has proudly announced upon being elected Choo Choo Train drive that racism is no longer a problem…. On his train. So all of America hopped on and began on there merry way to Multiculturalism Station.

But what’s this, there not heading to where we are could they be mistaken? Gone wrong the way? No, no one bright eyed child said who learned to read just a few years ago. We looked up at the station sign and the name wasn’t Multiculturalism Station it was Cultural Stereotype Station. Oh boy we all felt like such idiots!

Ok that was a little harsh but mostly true. Australia is a multicultural nation in sense that a deck of cards is multi-suite. We aren’t a white supremacist nation not by any means but we are far short of that happy go happy holding hands utopia of “true” multiculturalism. Actually if you watched just about any Australia television show on Seven , Nine or Ten you would think that all of Australians are of European decent. Let’s count them off shall we. Home and Away white, City Homicide mostly white, Packed to Rafter defiantly white. Sunrise, The Today Show, The Morning Show, Sky News , Seven News all mainly white.  I could count off a lot more but I think enough has been said to prove that television is a white majority field. Which is kind-a sad considering in modern society television is the international representation of your nation’s cultural beliefs. If we were to judge Australia ethnic diversity based on the array of represented races in our television shows we would seem to be a near “pure” western white nation.

The television thing honestly doesn’t bother me. Perhaps we have risen above feeling the need to have someone from every possible ethnic background on every television show. I say fair enough, that’s a good argument.  What isn’t a good argument is saying Australian’s “judge” people on who they are rather then on stereotypes.

This whole “judging on stereotypes” thing is one of the MANY reasons why I generally get annoyed by the majority of the news programs. It seems a few decades ago all the media heads got together in a big meeting to discuss universal representations of each race or “ethnic group”. Sure they make revisions from time to time in there annual meetings but it seems that these “real” meeting is now filled with dancing girls and fairy bread. (This is a metaphor to be clear). Ok let’s think about it for a moment. When have you ever seen a Middle Eastern man represents as neither a woman beater nor a fascist on the news? A teenage not represented as a party animal that drinks his or her body weight in alcohol and then keeps drinking every Saturday and Friday night. Or else a bright eyed teenager who isn’t the future of our nation. (Ok teenagers have two stereotypes). When haven’t you seen Aboriginals as being represented as something other then being poor, defenceless people wronged by someone or something rich and powerful on the news? Or causations not being shown as stupid, greedy and ignorant?  How about Christians being represented as being bad other then a tad traditionalistic?

That’s what I meant by the deck of cards thing each ethnic group and age group is sorted into there own pile with preset values, beliefs and behaviours. Heck even our Government is racist. That’s right those fat cats are racist against them selves. Here’s a bee that been in my bonnet for a while (bonnet?) why do Aboriginal get more from the Government then me? By me I mean Caucasian people in general.  They do and it’s not even means tested (I hate means tests). Here’s another question how come they get paid tons of money for land that they “own”. I thought they were nomads and the definition of that word is “A member of a people that continually moves to find fresh pasture for it’s animals and has no permanent house” (thank you Oxford Concise English Dictionary). If they were nomadic and didn’t settle down anywhere how can they own the land? What did they write “property of my great great great great great………………………………… great great grand sons” on everything and then under that wrote “for sale for ridiculous million dollars”. Maybe I should ring up England and demand that they pay me for using my land (that’s my ancestral background). I claim ownership of Buckingham Palace!

What my overarching point of this rant is that to truly be at multicultural station we have to relies that just because you are Christian , Caucasian, African America, Aboriginal, Chinse, Japanese, Australia , New Zealand ,English , French , Russian or prefer red under wear it doesn’t mean your like that other guy who fits into that same group. Each person is super special and ultra unique and should be treated as such. Each individual should be judged on the merits of their character not the stereotypes of there race.

Ok that was a sappy conclusion.

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