Predications of Destruction.

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“Mad scientist or miss-understood genius, you decide”; This is the story of Doctor Newlow's experiment to find a way to predict the actions of humanity.

Submitted: April 14, 2008

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Submitted: April 14, 2008




The hyperlinks later in the story are real yes but i made them becuase iwas worried about copy right for some strange reason , but their is really no need to click on them.

Research Personal for the Equation of Humanity

1. Introduction
For a long time we have studied our past to predict the future, I intend to take this one step further. Through studying computer processes and trends of humanity I have developed a theory that if enough data containing information from past events was processed by a database, then in a very real way we would be able to predict the future of humanity. The difference between this and a normal trend study is, it would be possible to create exact prediction down to the smallest detail. Of course I would need to create an entirely new code for this task and find a way to input previous events and convert them to numeral forms.
Written on January the 31st 2005 by Doctor S.T. Newlow.
Wednesday Monday February the 23rd 2005
I have received financial backing for this project (Equation of Humanity) from a large marketing firm called, Global Market. They have promised twenty million dollars for the project. They provided such a large bulk sum of money because as I do, they dream of the rewards that this project will yield. Although on some level I do question there motives, I did get the impression that they would rather use the equation to make money then understand humanity.
Monday May the 23rd 2005
Another milestone has been achieved, the lab has been constructed and one of the most powerful computers in the world has been built for this project. While this has been happening my first two employees and I have been constructing the draft database for the equation. The next step is to test some basic scenarios on this database. At the start of next week one hundred employees will begin work, ten of these men are from the sponsoring company Global Market.
Wednesday June the 15th 2005
Early tests of the draft database with simple scenarios indicate 98% accuracy out of one hundred tests. So far nothing has gone wrong with expectation of some data imputing mistakes from one of my less intelligent employees. Things are going well and the first progress report in December should bring nothing but good news.
Friday Wednesday October the 21st 2005
There has been a set back; some of the idiots that Global Market has provided have messed up around with some of the more important coding. And because of this, the data processing and organization system has been corrupted and it will take 24 hours of data transferring to bring the old edition back online. In future I will not trust these idiots to do more then push papers and get coffee.
Wednesday November the 30th 2005
Once the December progress report is published the entire research institution will go on a one month break and will resume at the start of February. I will begin writing the report tomorrow and I will be sure to indicate what exactly I think of the dribbling monkeys that Global Market hired for me. But despite the incompetence of some of my employees I have been able to complete the database and we will start gathering and entering data at the start of the New Year.
December Report 2005
Issued on the 26th of December 2005
Summarized by J.F. Smith
“The ten employees you have provided me are of a below average standard, I suggest you allow me to fire them and hire replacements to increase efficiently by a projected 5%.”
Page 3, Paragraph 3
“The database has been fully constructed and will be ready for data transfer at the start of the New Year”
Page 8 Paragraph 1
“The data will be extracted by several takes on history in maximum detail from books, newspapers and the internet. As well as this we will be quizzing two hundred random people of various ages about there life and takes on past events in a two thousand question quiz”
Page 12 Paragraph 2
“I will need twenty new researchers and surveyors to continue my work effectively. Since at this time I have only used approximately five million dollars (See full budget attached) out of the twenty million promised I do not need more money at this time”
Page 15 Paragraph 4
End of year 1 (2005)
January 2nd Monday (2006)
I am excited to begin work again on the Equation. But my mind even during the summer break has never drifted from it. I mean, who knows what we may discover from this Program the possibilities are endless. However I am growing increasingly worried that my sponsoring company will use this program for financial gain and ignore it’s other uses.
February 21st Tuesday (2006)
We have decided to enter all data leading up to 1950, to assess its ability to predict events. Of course we will be testing this by studying events that have occurred between 1951 and 2005 .So we can test the accuracy of the Equation. The dribbling monkeys Global Market hired for me originally have grown in numbers like a plague since the start of the project. The extra people I have requested have been provided from there own employees to my dislike.
March 23rd Wednesday (2006)
We have finished adding basic data from before 1950 and the results have been startling neither good nor bad. The program was able to predict that the cold war would end in 1989 through the collapsed of the USSR but it failed to predict that my birthday would be on the same day every year. I believe that once the quiz information is added the accuracy will dramatically improve. The quizzing will be finished towards the end of June. As well as this we will be reprogramming the database allowing it to recognize trends more efficiently and understand common human events such as birthdays.
May 1st Tuesday (2006)
With progress continuing as per normal I have no good news or progress to reflect on or record but I do however have plenty of bad news to record. Firstly the quizzing has gained the attention of the media ordinary this would be a good thing which could simulate interest in my research but my research has been misinterpreted by the public (or twisted by the corrupted media).They have claimed that my research and development is a crime against nature and in some cases god. Of course these claims are entirely unjust but however there have been some serious ramification to the media actions. Rambles of people have begun protesting out side my laboratory and several employees have quit. It has been nearly impossible to hire new competent employees. As well as this Global Market has sent me there requests for the first predictions and they are all money orientated in some way or other, all products of greed.
News papers headlines 30th June 2006
“Mad scientist or miss-understood genius, you decide”
The Australian newspaper
“Mad man and his gang of goons performs crimes against nature”
The Melbourne Age
“New Devil, Doctor Newlow”
July 28th Friday (2006)
Because of the negative media attention the quizzing has been slow and we lost more then half of are participates. Although the data has been added unfortunately there is only a small amount of increase in the accuracy of the Equation. I have discovered for pin point accuracy the program must be connected 24/7 to a constantly changing information source with almost infinite amount of information.
August 15th Wednesday (2006)
I have found an information source which can fulfill the needs of the Equation of Humanity and it’s called the internet. I believe with an extremely fast internet connection and an advance and revolutionary filter it will be possible to draw information from the internet. And with the infinite knowledge of the internet there is nothing that could be unpredicted by this program. But I don’t think I will share this brain storm with my collages because with the increasing media criticism and my sponsoring company continuing to show nothing but greed in the face of this project. I have decided to carry on with this project alone. I will take my research and several pieces of equipment and resume my research from the safety and sanctuary of my own home. The funds I received in the form of wages will provide enough income to live off until the Equation is finished. But to make sure the Global Market does not attempt to continue my research without me I will be forced to burn the lab to the ground and hope the media assumes that it was caused by a terrorist of some sort.
Newspaper headlines 17th of august 2006
“Doctor Newlow’s project ends in flames”
The Australian newspaper
“Science in ashes”
Hobart Mercury
“Doctor Newlow Lab burnt down”
The Canberra Times
“Australian Scientist given warning from god!”
Christian Century
“He didn’t predict this”
Sydney Herald
September 1st Friday (2006)
I finished have setting up the equipment in my home all though it is more cluttered then my old lab it will do for the task and besides it is a small sacrifice compared to what this project could reveal. Global Market was of course disappointed at my failure but I have given them back the remaining funds (approximately 12 million). The media however have reacted perfectly to my deception and there attention has now turned to some random star’s new look “how important”. It is only a matter of time before I am able to start drawing information directly from the internet. I have created a beta version of the revolutionary filter it has begun downloading information from various online encyclopedias in order to test its ability. Once it has finished it’s test downloads I will be able to begin downloading the internet, and once that is accomplished the Equation of Humanity is completed.
October 16th Monday (2006)
I have accomplished the last milestone in the creation and development of the Equation of Humanity. It will only be a matter of time before all the mysteries of mankind is revealed to me. Words can not describe the kind of excitement I am feeling today as I am now doing something that has never been done before, I am downloading the internet. The Equation will be fully operational by January 16th next year. Until then I will have to sit around patiently until the program is ready. The 16th of January 2007 will one day be marked down as the day where the single most important invention in history is completed.
Mad Scientist at it again: Views:125,321
The mad scientist doctor Newlow is at it again there is reason to believe that he has once again begun his project to create an Equation of Humanity in the safety of his own home. We discovered further evidence of his continuing research when it was reported that his house has broken all downloading records. “This can only be a result of a large amount of computers” said Doctor G.Q. Srouchlen leading computer programmer. The police are unwilling to act as the mad scientist commits crime against nature. At this moment a team of hackers wishing to protect the serenity of the future is working on cracking his firewall and infect his computer with a virus specially made for this situation
Written by J.F. Smith
On http://doctornewlow’
September 11th Monday
That idiot John Franklin Smith does not understand what he is hindering by writing that damned blog. Already I have received countless emails regarding my Equation, scaring my research with comments like “Crimes against nature” and “destroying the future” what narrow minded fools. As well as this several hackers have attempted to bypass my firewall, they have had no success. It seems that the media can not accept that my invention is a harmless but very important discovery. And to make matters worse, all of this media attention has caused Global Market to send a letter asking me for an explanation. I shredded that letter of course, and sent it back to them, that should shut them up
End of year 2 (2006)
2007 Monday January 15th
In just six hours all of my hard work will have paid off when I unlock the great mysteries of the future, and with this power I will be able to break the mysteries of mankind, how and when will the war on terror end, who will win the 2008 AFL grand final, even the meaning of life. The sky is the limit and even that seems higher then ever before.
2007 Wednesday January 17th
I saw it all, even who would win the 2008 AFL grand final, how the lost series would end (its disappointing), and the next terrorist bombing, everything. But I am beginning to become worried because all of the data ends during the year 2027. I am running further scans as to why the data ends at this point there is no clear reason why. I have however proven that the accuracy of this program can not be doubted when it predicted every thing that was said today on Sunrise, with no mistakes.
Stop him now! Views: 653,450
There is now reason to believe that mad man Doctor S.T. Newlow has been successful in creating his Equation of Humanity. I have gained this information through several reliable blogs and a report published from a well established hacker group which has now successfully broken through his firewall. So I urge you to stop him, stop doctor Newlow, destroy the Equation because this may be are last chance. Because we have proven before through the destruction of the ozone layer, the nuking of Hiroshima. Nature is no one you want to mess with and that’s exactly what Doctor Newlow is doing.
Written by J.F. Smith
On http://doctornewlow’
2007 Thursday March 22nd
WERE ALL GOING TO DIE! Through the study of what I first thought was an error in the program I have found the reason for the missing data and that is the world will end in just ten years. A nuclear storm will engulf the world. America will launch its nuke to it’s pre-targeted areas due a computer error. The targeted countries with lunch counter attacks making the world glow with radiation. I must find the cause of this catastrophe and attempt to stop it. But this is no easy feet I will have to reprogram the Equation so it will back track this disaster to the key source event.
2007 Saturday March 30th
On the first of April I will learn who or what is responsible for the end of the world and my options of stopping it. The most likely suspects for this disaster is obviously the Al Qaeda. But only once the program has completed the back tracking process I will discover the true cause of the nuclear storm and how I can stop it.
Computer source report
Recognized event: The end of the world
Source event: Creation of the Equation of Humanity
Possible solution
- Do not create the Equation of Humanity
Predicted accuracy 100%
Possible delays…… None
2007 Tuesday April 3rd L
It’s all my fault, the world is going to end and I am responsible for it. I have created a monster or has the monster created me. But there must be a solution, this can not be it, My Equation can not cause the end of the world , can it?
Doctor Newlow’s Equation will cause the end of the world Views: 1,165,453
The latest hackers’ reports regarding the research of Doctor Newlow’s research have discovered that the world will end in a mere ten years. Everything that we have suspected for so long has turned out be true, Doctor Newlow has performed a crime against nature and his punishment, the end of Mankind. So if you have anything you want to do before you die get a move on because you only got ten years to do so.
Written by J.F. Smith
On http://doctornewlow’
Newspaper headlines of April 15th
“The end of the world”
New York Times
“The apocalypse approaches repent, repent before it’s too late”
Christian Century
“Say your goodbyes and go holiday because the end is coming”
The Canberra times
“Don’t panic, get back to work”
Official message from governments and the United Nations
2007 Friday April 27th, it does not matter
The world will end, the timer is already ticking, things are going explode and burn, and we all, will die. People are running in the streets, we will all die, die , DIE!!!!! And I am responsible for it, I am!
2007 Saturday April 28th
Ten years and counting, it will all end on the 30th of January 2017 and it’s my fault. There is nothing I can do, I have run all possible solutions even destroying all of the nukes would not work, now the word is out. Now people run riot in the streets and it’s because of me and that dammed Equation. The police can not fight them with little numbers they have left and it’s all my fault. I now begin to wonder do I still deserve to live,I have doomed the world to destruction. There is no crime for what I have done, no jail sentence long enough, I have committed mass murder on the largest scale possible. People would be bashing down my door with intent to kill if they thought it would help. But it won’t nothing will help because it will all end. I guess no matter how much they hated my research they believed what I said in the end.
2007 Sunday April 29th
I can not eat , drink or sleep my crimes are too great I am afraid that I will have little choice then to end it all because I allowed my self to become a weapon of destruction. As the people run riot and the governments fall into anarchy. I will be the judge and jury of my crimes and sins and they both agree that the punishment will be execution. So now I will say once more before the end that I am sorry for what I have done and so it will end.
Hackers report 5
Published on the 16th of May 2007
Summarized by J.F. Smith
“Due to a data error in the encoding of the incoming data there has been a flawin the prediction that the world will end in the ten years. This false data was the outcome of the 2006 AFL grand final where the West Coast Eagles defeated the Sydney Swans. But the computer made a mistake and inputted the data incorrectly so it read that Sydney defeated the West Coast Eagles”
Page 1 Paragraph 2
“So it seems if the Swans won the 2006 grand final then the world would of ended but since they did not win the world will not end in ten years”
Page 1 Paragraph 3
“The world will not end in ten years but will fall into a thirty year anarchy before the world reforms into a new world order, and the maps will be redrawn”
Page 2 Paragraph 2
“We will try and send those still clam constant reports but the main part of internet has fallen apart Google , yahoo and Dogpile the three biggest search engines have gone offline”
Page 3 Paragraph 1
“What happened to doctor Newlow? Is a question that is being asked on the forums of our website. We believe that he has committed suicide because his computer has not had direct input for quite some time”
Page 5 Paragraph 3
“And don’t worry the hackers have shut down the computer and all data has been erased but I hope when the anarchy ends everyone remembers why we suffered”
Page 7 Paragraph 5
The world is not ending Views: 5
The time is now to get back to work, due to a data error in the Equation for Humanity the world will end. So let’s end the anarchy so we can begin rebuilding. But although news that world is not ending is good this is however a grim day, it has come to pass that Doctor Newlow has committed suicide although he is one responsible for this anarchy, but he still did much for society through his research and inventing before the Equation.
Written by J.F. Smith

On http://doctornewlow’

"Who deserves the most amount of blame the scientist who made a mistake or the poeple who spread the news as if it was a turth"

“It’s amazing the amount that the media criticized and hated the Equation for Humanity in the end they believe it when news came to pass that the world will end in ten years”
“In the end did Doctor Newlow do the world a favor, perhaps it was time for the world to start a new and rebuild our empires from the ruins of the old one once more. For fresher better future?”

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