So Why Are These Guys Leading Us?

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Have you ever stopped and looked at who leads us and how they came to be put in those roles? I have and i don't like it.

Submitted: July 29, 2009

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Submitted: July 29, 2009



It seems that sometime between being an idealistic intern of one of the political parties and becoming a major player in the political world a few things happen. Firstly your idealism is taken from you leaving a black hopeless void in its place.  Secondly to reach the back bench you must donate your soul to the party so it may be sold on eBay for campaign funds. Finally you must forget all the good reasons why you joined the political career and focus on obtaining more power at all costs.

By the sounds of the last paragraph any man, woman or child with two brain cells to rub together would think I don’t like politicians they would be right. I don’t like them, no one does. When has anyone ever said “I like that Kevin Rudd he seems like a good bloke” or “That Malcolm Turnbull is the type of man I want to have a beer with”.  No one ever says that what people generally say is “That Kevin Rudd is a slime ball” or “Malcolm Turnbull seems like a snob”.  This raises a rather odd question. If no one likes these guys why are they our leaders? This is a really good question which struck me a few months ago. Why are these guys leading us?

Ok perhaps the reason why we don’t like them is because they make tough decisions that not everyone will like. For example the Labour government are taking harsh actions to decreases carbon emissions (LIE) or raising taxes to fund an effective health care reform (LIE). The reason why people don’t like these guys is because there power hungry. Every fours years for as long as anyone can remember there is this event held. It’s called an election. During this time all the political parties come up with lies in attempt to obtain votes. The party who makes up the best lies wins.

Ok so there not lies they are “election promises”. Now before going on let’s state the meaning of the word, promise. “An assurance that one will do something or that something will happen”. (Thank you Concise Oxford English Dictionary).  An assurance to me means that you are going to do something. Not you are going to do something if the stars are in the right position and there is no “good” reason not to do it. Sure to keep a scrap of creditability they make some small progress towards there election promise but it’s never that big. They make up for there lack of progress by telling everyone some sad story like how there is a global finical crisis or how there goldfish died. What is the point of listening to there speeches and reading there pamphlets (not that anyone does this) if there just going to break there promises anyway. We might as well just pick the best looking candidate.  I wouldn’t be surprised if some people did.

I would be as bold to say the Australia voters have no good options. You got the Liberals who love the cold embrace of big business and Labour who fight for the “working family” although they have really done nothing for this fictional demographic. I don’t believe that Labour and Liberal are black and white. I see no large difference in the views they represent. How can two opposing political parties be criticised for stealing each others ideas during the last election? (The me to thing)

Ok so I don’t like the big parties I think my five paragraph rant proves that so what of the minor parties? Well you got the Green party who love nature so huggie wuggie much they want all humans to become poor and jobless so we have more time to appreciate it. The Family First party I believe they put families first as long as your family consists of two heterosexuals one female, one male and they really put you first if you’re Christian. Ok the Democrats you would think I would like this party because this party hates everyone else.  I looked up there site a while back they seem to have some good ideas but the whole party just stinks of a photo copy party. It’s like that a bunch of people who were failing in there party came together to create a vengeance group and later turned it into a political party. Ok so what do I want? If I hate Liberal, Labour, the Greens and Family First. What do I want? Simple Australia is the greatest nation on the planet. (I have to say that) So why do our leaders drag us down. Progress is good, lack of progress is bad, going backwards is inexcusable. Yet it happens grades are dropping, the health system is decaying and that’s just the start of the huge list of problems that popped up over the years.  It’s really quite sad that a smart nation is lead by such idiots….

No on second thought our leaders are not stupid they know what they want and they take it. They want power so they lie, cheat and backstab to get it. If anyone is stupid it’s us, the public. We all watch television news switching merrily from topic to topic our memory seems so shallow that we don’t remember what happened last week let alone last month. Heck the media only shows us what they think we will be “interested” in. Most voters don’t even do research before selecting there choice well other then the watching the news. (Which is bias lest we forget) Who goes on the web and looks up Labour’s and Liberal’s websites a week before voting? Who goes to there local Labour or Liberal branch and ask them what they will do for us if elected? No one does. Perhaps the very point of an election has escaped us. People spend more time looking up babies on roller-skates then they do for any political topics. I thought who our leader will be next fours years was a big deal but some people have forgotten this it seems. And that’s just sad.

So I blame you the average uncaring Australians of the last century for the fact that for the rest of my life I will be forced to pick the lesser of two evils.

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