Bottled water vs Tap water

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Submitted: February 05, 2016

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Submitted: February 05, 2016




  Some bottled water brands may just be purified tap water, but they have very convenient and easy uses. Bottled water has become a huge hit over such a short span of time. Racking up over 2.6 billion cases of water sold each year annually in the US. People have recently discovered that 25% of the bottled water we drink is just purified tap water. Some people have stopped buying certain brands of bottled water because of this. A lot of people would agree, but I highly disagree.

Bottled water is one of the most useful and convenient items out there today. Imagine how many things you can use bottled water for, hiking, going to work, or even a football practice. With bottled water all you have to do is grab it and go. With tap water you have to fill it up and wait for it to get to the right temperature. Plus, most cups you put tap water in have unstable lids that can fall off easily, if the cup even has a lid at all. Bottled water can be shaken around everywhere, and the lid will stay on as sturdy as can be. What would you choose, An easy, convenient, and sturdy choice of water or an unsturdy, non-convenient choice?

Bottled water isn’t just convenient, it’s great for keeping track of the water you’re consuming. Let’s say you want to drink 8, 8 ounce glasses of water per day, every day. With tap water you have no idea how much water you’re having. Bottled water on the other hand, tells you that one bottle is equal to two glasses of water, so now you know that you should drink 4 bottles of water per day. This can be used by people that are trying to work out more, get in shape, cut weight, or even people that just want to be healthy. Now you know how much water your body is consuming.

Some people now think that bottled water is to expensive, when they could just be using tap water at their houses. They think that it is to expensive, and that if they would have known about it just being purified tap water, that they never would have bought it in the first place. I strongly disagree with their statement. I would way rather pay extra money to buy bottled water, because of all the advantages it gives. Would you rather pay more and gain more or pay less and gain less? Think about all the things bottled water gives. Are you just going to give it all up because

some bottled water companies are selling purified tap water?

Bottled water is at the tip of it’s popularity. With $11.8 billion dollars being spent in the US annually on bottled water. Bottled water has a good reason for it’s tremendous gain in popularity and gain in money. It is the most useful, and convenient water source out there. Making it great for football practices, road trips, etc. Are you really going to save your money and use tap water or are you going to make the right decision and choose bottled water? 

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