As caught on Cam

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

Frank has spent many a year watching the monochrome screens in his security room at the Four Pines Hotel. Today though he will catch a glimpse of an altogether different visitor wandering the corridors.

As Caught on Cam



Frank flicked his eyes across the silent grey screens in front of him. Their cold light cast a white glow across his face, and out into the darkness of the room. Images reflected off of his glasses as he scrutinised each monitor individually. A youngish couple were walking down the hallway on screen six. Towels under their arms and flip flops on, they were making their way down to the Orchid Spa on the lower ground floor. Screen two showed a larger gentleman standing immobile by the vending machines, staring at the contents inside, just off from the main reception area, and opposite the two gold elevator doors. His Hawaiian short barely concealed his protruding gut. Screen one was relatively busy at this hour. People were shuffling in through the hotels main entrance, many clad in shorts and vests, clutching at day bags and plastic carriers full of wrapped snow globes and magnets, of figurines made of old coke tins and jewellery boxes covered in shells. As the doors revolved with these people coming in for the evening, so did they revolve to allow others out into the night. Contrastingly the folk leaving the hotel were smartly dressed. Gentlemen clad in crisp pink shirts, and sandy chinos held up with glossy designer belts. Hair slicked back with shiny in the foyer light. Their Ladies wrapped in tight black dresses and teetering on skyscraper heels, tottering through the hall on tall, tanned legs. Frank smirked, he found it somewhat amusing that the girls in their heels towered above their dates. He had seen it all in his days working at the Four Pines Hotel. He had once watched a dwarf arrive with an entourage of six men, each with necks thicker than his thighs, and each with their eyes hidden behind dark sunglasses. The dwarf was accompanied by a beautiful young girl that walked by his side, and would occasionally run her hands up his neck and through his mop of hair that adorned his head. As it turned out the dwarf was a famous medium clairvoyant and went by the name of Edwin Swann. He made his money by speaking to the dead, and by passing their messages onto loved ones that sat in his audience. Loved ones, who more often than not tended to be lonely old ladies with plenty of money and not a lot to do with it. He would tell them that their husbands and sons and daughters were happy where they were. That they missed them greatly and that they still remember the day that they had their first kiss in the café, or the trip to Paris where they met on the metro. And they would weep and daub their eyes with a handkerchief and leave certain that their dearly departed were smiling down on them, waiting to greet them into the afterlife when the time came. Frank also remembers watching the dwarf come home in the early hours of another night, drunk and lecherous and abusive to the night staff, pissed up on booze and high on drugs paid for by the purses of those lonely old ladies.

The small dark room in which he sat was on the fourth floor of the hotel. Every now and then a guard from the hotel would pop his head through the door, in an effort to make conversation, but otherwise Frank was happy to keep his own company. That, and the company of each of the hotel’s patrons that occupied each of the eight ten by ten inch monochrome screens on every shift he worked. He slouched in his chair, years of sedentary living had caused his spine to curve and his belly to swell. His hair had all but disappeared leaving a few grey tufts left to sprout from out behind his ears. His eyes had been worn away by years of keen observation and now lay withered and squinting behind thick spectacles. At Sixty Four years old, the thought of retirement had crossed his mind on more than one occasion, but he felt that he still had a few more years service left in him yet. He reached forward and took his coffee from the desk in front of him. Sipping it, he scanned the screens once again. Screen Seven showed two girls in in short dresses and no shoes running down the fifth floor hallways. One of the girls carried hair straighteners, and the other, what appeared to be a bottle of vodka. They knocked on a door, waited for a few seconds and then disappeared inside.

The door behind Frank opened, illuminating the darkness with a warm yellow light. A young man with a goatee beard poked his head inside. “What’s up Mr G?”

Toby was relatively new to the hotel. He was in his first year of employment as a security guard and he appeared to enjoy his work. He was full of enthusiasm and worked strictly by the book. This annoyed some of the other workers but Frank liked him.

“Hello Toby” he said quietly still fixated on the screens in front of him. “Please, just Frank”

“So Frank, me and Scott are heading over to ‘bucks to grab a coffee, you want anything?”

“I’m fine thank you. The missus wants me to lose some of this” he turned to look at Toby, grabbed his belly and shook it. Toby laughed and he smiled back.

“No problem. Everything else okay up here?”

“Same old same old, nothing to report. Thanks for checking in though.”

Toby left, the door closed behind him and the room was dark once again. Frank returned his gaze to the screens in front of him. Each a little glimpse into the lives of others. The date and the time stamped in the bottom of each monitors’ right hand corner. Seconds passed by. People came and went. Staff busied themselves with the requests and requirements, demands and complaints and ensured the seconds passed as smoothly as possible for everyone that helped to keep the Four Pines one of the most popular resorts in the area. Happy staff, and happy customers. On this Friday evening, everything was normal. Except it wasn’t.



The screen one camera was situated just above, and to the left of the main reception. It showed the counter staff from behind, and looked out upon the foyer of the hotel, covering most of the marble floor and out towards the revolving doors that formed the main entrance. To each side of the revolving door there were large swing doors. All were made entirely of glass and allowed glimpses of the street outside.

The camera showed a busy foyer. People shuffling around soundlessly. The men in chinos with their tottering girlfriends. Lingering families gathered their excited children, old timers with matching baseball caps meandered through the lobby, some hand in hand, others reliant on their walking sticks and frames, but they were all smiling. In the midst of this, a solitary figure caught Frank’ eye. A tall think figure, clad in a long black shawl that reached down to the floor. A hood covered the figures head. He could see no face, only a dark void where eyes, and nose and cheeks should be. It stood motionless, in the middle of the marble floor as people went about their business. Although people made their way around the figure they did so almost instinctively, nobody seemed to notice or acknowledge its presence. From his screen Frank guessed the figure must have been nearing seven feet tall. Such an imposing figure would normally garner at lease a casual glace from onlookers, especially the children around that would not normally be used to seeing someone so tall, yet those around it did not even issue a passing glance. As if the being was invisible to them. Frank leant forward in his chair, trying to get a close look. As he did so the figure the figure turned its head and looked directly into the camera. Directly at Frank. He couldn’t see its face, still clad in blackness but he could feel its gaze upon him.

Frank reached for the radio on the desk in front of him and radioed through to Toni on the ground floor. “Toni, do you read? Come in?”

“Yeh I read Frank, what’s up? Oh Toby is just heading over to Starbucks if you need a coffee?”

“No, No thank you, no coffee, hey do me favour and go check out in the foyer for me and tell me if you see anything… funny going on.”

“Funny? What do you mean?”

“Please Toni, just go and have a look for me, is there anything weird out there that you can see?”

“OK, hold up Frank gimme a sec”

Toni was sat out the back in the small office behind the reception desk, reading her latest edition of Ink Magazine. She liked Frank and was happy to help, even though his request seemed a little odd. Even so she had to admit that she was a little intrigued as to what she might find in the hall. She shuffled out from behind the desk and made her way through the door that led out into the reception area, flipped up the counter top and made her way out into the foyer.

Upstairs Frank watched the short, plump lady in her security uniform make her way out into the midst of the patrons in the main lobby. He could see her looking one way, then the next, she walked to the front doors and peered through them, then returned to the middle of the hall. Frank watched as she eventually turned to the camera and shrugged. She lifted her radio up and spoke. “What am I looking for Frank?”

The Black figure stood motionless just as it had before looking up into the camera. Toni stood no more than six feet away from it.

“Right in the middle of the floor, right there can you see anything? Is there anything that looks a bit, you know, weird?”

Toni looked around again. An older couple were flicking through the tourist pamphlets in one corner of the room. Two families were stood talking, their children were excitedly gesturing to each other, recounting the things they had gotten up to that day. Toni shook her head. “I don’t see anything weird Frank. Are you Okay?”

He sat in silence. The radio hovered in front of his move.

“Frank?” Toni asked again, sounding slightly nervous this time.

“Yeh, Yes I’m okay. Jeez I think I might take a break. I’m going crazy in my old age”

“Frank I’m gonna come on up you just stay where you are”

“No Toni, no need, Thanks anyway, but it’s just my eyes playing tricks on me. I’m okay, really”

Frank laughed in a reassuring manner, to put Toni at ease. But he didn’t smile. He put his radio back down on the desk as he watched Toni make her way back through reception and out into the back. As she did so, he also watched the black figure glide through the foyer. Like a breathe it made its way over the marble floor and towards the elevators. It no longer faced the camera, its head now bowed as it slowly moved through the foyer, and out of sight on screen one. Frank flicked his eyes to screen two, where a young girl was busy collecting her chocolate from the vending machines situated there. A man in a suit stepped out of one of the elevators as the doors opened and briskly walked out of view. But the figure in black did not reappear.


The security cameras in the Four Pines weren’t new. In fact it had been almost fifteen years since the current system was installed, and apart from the occasional glitch here and there, there had so far been no reason to update it. Besides, very little happened in the Four Pines that would necessitate the need to invest in the latest technology. Frank recalled only a handful of instances in which the police had had to be called out, a drunken fight here, a few missing items there. No, the current system was just fine, which made it all the more bizarre that this person, or thing or whatever it was had vanished in moving between screens one and two. It made no sense. The transition should have been a continuous one. Frank had remembered years ago playing with the cameras to ensure that there were no blind spots in any of the areas that they covered. And had it looked at him? Or was it just looking at the camera? Frank had an uneasy feeling that whatever it was knew he was watching and, furthermore, that it wanted Frank to know it knew.

Frank leaned forward and tapped the screen two monitor in front of him. He knew that it would make no difference to the picture and he was right. But something about that basic action grounded him. He stared at the screen. Just a grey, static vision of the two vending machines, opposed by two elevator doors. No-one occupied the screen at this time. Sitting back into his chair, the initial shock/curiousity/fear (what was it that he had felt?) passed, and he reached for his coffee. He took a sip and held its warmth in his mouth. It felt good as he swallowed the hot liquid, and as he took a large contented breathe in, he allowed himself a slight chuckle. “silly old fool” he muttered. He reached forward to place his mug back on the desk but as he did so he caught it on the side, causing a small amount of the drink to slosh and spill onto his belly and lap. Frank tutted and looked down at the dark spots that were spreading over the blue fabric of his shirt and beige trousers. He gripped his tie and used the back of it to rub the spots of coffee in a futile attempt to make them disappear.

Meanwhile, back on screen two, the camera kept a watchful eye on the two vending machines. Lights glaring and fully stocked, waiting eagerly for their next customer. And opposite these, the two sets of metallic doors that formed the gateways to the elevators. Everything was still. That is until the set of doors nearest the camera silently opened and revealed an empty interior. Its wooden walls were flanked by a mirror on its far wall which reflected back out onto the vending machines. For a short while nothing happened. Then the doors closed silently and the small numbered buttons above them began to light up as the elevator began its ascent.



Camera Eight showed the reception area of the Orchid Spa. A basic wooden desk was adorned on the front with an elegant mural of a white flower. Off to the right, beside the desk were large glass doors that led off towards the main spa. Frank had never been down there, even though he had full complimentary use of the facilities. He was content to watch the members of staff go about their business, folding the towels behind the desk, readying themselves for the end of their shift at 10.00pm. The two girls laughed and chatted as they went about their duties. They wore white lab coats, but lab coats that had been cut to accentuate the figure of the girls that wore them pinched at the waist and buttoned only part way up the front, they did a very good job at leaving little to the imagination, which, Frank assumed, was the point. He watched the girl on the left hand side of the two. She had thick, wavy blonde hair and high cheek bones that framed her natural smile. She had an energy about her, a bright and cheerful character that was apparent even through the silence of the blue grey screen. Frank knew that the flower that pinned her hair back behind her right ear was lilac in colour (it matched the colour scheme of the spa), and he could see a necklace that dangled down above her chest with the initial ‘J’ on it. Jodie. He had passed her once on the stairs and she had smiled at him. He knew that Toby had taken quite a liking to her as well, and he would often make excuses to go down to the spa to speak to her on her shifts. Frank watched as Jodie leaned forward as she reached for the next towel. He watched the necklace and the little ‘J’ fall forward, and dangle in front of her chest. Her lab coat had fallen open, revealing her soft, unblemished skin, and her ample cleavage. His eyes fixated on the dark chasm between her breasts that led down towards her stomach. As his eyes wandered, so did his mind. He imagined her in lilac underwear, wearing nothing but a lacy bra underneath her lab coat. Maybe in was not lilac, maybe red, or maybe not red at all, maybe she had a surprise under there, something just for him….

“Frank, do you read? Over” His radio brought him out of his daze and back into his cold, dark room.

“Yeh, Frank here.”

“Frank, it’s Todd, from down in reception.”

“Hey Todd, What can I do for you?”

“Frank I got three or four people down here saying the elevators aren’t working. They’re saying that one is just sat on the ground floor. Doors won’t open or nothing, can’t figure out why.”

“Okay well I’m not really sure that’s my area Todd, have you spoken to Pete at all?”

Pete was the resident buildings and maintenance guy and was the usual point of call for anything that needed looking at or repairing in the resort. That included all elevator breakdowns. If he couldn’t resolve it himself, Pete would normally know somebody who could.

“Yeh, yeh he’s going to take a look at it. The thing is the second elevator is stuck up on Floor 4”

“Right.” Frank knew where this was going.

“Seeing as you up on that floor I wondered would you mind going and taking a look? See if there’s a reason for it being there.”

“I guess not, I’ll go take a look now Todd, gimme a few minutes okay.”

“Thanks Frank, just let me know, I got a tired old couple here, just off the back of a long flight and boy are they letting me know about it! The quicker we can get them up to bed the better for all of us down here!”

Frank smiled “okay pal keep ‘em happy, I’ll be right back.”

He stood up and placed his radio down on the desk beneath the screens, next to his coffee mug. He pushed his chair backwards and stood up. Taking a quick sip of his coffee he placed the cup back down, brushed his tie and checked that the spots of coffee from earlier had blended into his clothing. Confident that they had he turned, took a couple of steps, opened the door and stepped out into the hall.





Frank’s security room was halfway along the fourth floor corridor. His door had a ‘Private’ sign embossed on the door, and an old turn-key style lock, different to the key card style locks that the guests rooms had had installed. He looked right. The corridor ran straight the length of the hotel and culminated in a single window at the end that overlooked the parking lot. A green sign was attached above the window, directing guests to the fire exit route that was down the flight of stairs of to the right hand side. The corridor was long and maybe twenty rooms lay between Frank and the fire escape. Looking off to the left, a hall of similar distance culminated in a wall, on which hung a dated picture of a green vase, inhabited by some weary looking yellow flowers. Beneath the picture was a wooden table. A chair stood redundantly off to its right hand side. Another fire exit sign hung from the ceiling, this time about half way along the corridor. At the far end, and to the left hand side of the table and picture were the doors to the elevators for that level.

Apart from the distant hum of traffic, and occasional bumps and scrapes of furniture being moved behind closed doors, the hallway was silent. Somewhere off to the right Frank could hear a muted conversation taken place, but it was too quiet to make out what was being said. From where he stood outside his door, he could see no reason for the problem with the elevator. Letting the door close behind him, Frank locked it and began to make his way along the corridor hoping to find an easy solution to whatever might be causing the lifts to malfunction. As he walked he felt a brisk breeze of icy cold air, causing a chill to run through his spine, and up into his neck. He stopped. There was no draft running through the corridor. He put his hand out to feel for any air currents and found none. Yet as Frank stood, palm outstretched he felt a significant decrease in the temperature around him. Maybe, he thought, it was the change he felt moving from his warm room out into the open of the hotel hallway. The small room in which he occupied most of the time alongside the television monitors and recording machinery could get quite warm, especially in the summer months and whilst he had become accustomed to it, on leaving it wouldn’t be surprising to notice the cooler air that flowed through the long corridors of the F our Pines. Pleased with this explanation he continued, but somewhat slower, and slightly more cautious than before.

As he approached the elevator doors, Frank slowed even more. The temperature at this end of the hall was icy and chill hung in the air. It was thick and heavy and it made his skin pull tight over his body. He could feel it stretch and twist as it clung to him for warmth. Goose pimples peppered his sleeveless arms and he could see his breath misting in front of him which each exhalation. As he neared the elevator doors he could her a gentle sound repeating over and over. The gentle chime of an electronic bell sounding itself over and over. And in between each ‘ping’ was a grinding noise. Metal on metal scraping across the floor. Still the corridor lay empty, a quick glance behind him confirmed to frank that he was the only person inhabiting the fourth floor hallway at that time. Assuming a crouched position, he crept up towards elevators. He came to within a few metres and was at last able to make out the cause of the sounds that had unnerved him so. The far elevator doors remained closed, but this closest to him seemed to be broken. The doors would slide open all the way, the grinding noise that he had heard, and then the small chime would sound to alert passengers that it had arrived at its destination. After a few seconds of staying open, the doors would then begin to close again, but would only reach the half-way point before they stopped, and began to open again, repeating the process. Again and again the elevator doors would perform the same actions, never succeeding in closing its doors. Maybe there was something stuck in in the tracks that the doors ran on that was preventing them from closing completely? A safety precaution of the doors was installed that would prevent anything stuck between the doors from being harmed, whether it be a bag of souvenirs, or a resident’s arm. That had to be it, frank thought regaining a little of his confidence. He stood up fully, sucked in a deep breath of the frozen air around him and made for the elevator door. As he did, the elevator doors opened, and remained opened. The gentle ‘ping’ of the chime sounded one last time out into the corridor, and then all was silent. 

Edging nearer, Frank crept slowly up to the open doors. He couldn’t see inside the elevator, just the beginnings of the wooden panels that decorated the interior. He remembered what he had seen in the foyer not so long ago and visions of black clad figures began to seep into his thoughts. Were the two connected? He shook his head to clear his thoughts, and to disprove his theory “That’s got nothing to do with this Frank” he said out aloud to himself. But still the thoughts lingered, more vivid than they had been before and frank realised at this point that he was afraid. Of what exactly he did not know, but a sickly feeling of doom was permeating the atmosphere around him. He had an overwhelming sense of wanting to cry, to curl up and hide away from whatever loomed in this corner of the hotel. To hide away in his room, with a fresh cup of coffee, away from the elevators and the people and the world. His hands, clammy, reached for the baton that was attached to his belt and he removed it, holding it out in front of him. He reached the elevator and slowly peered around the corner, in to the vestibule. Nothing. The elevator was empty. Frank stood up straight and faced inwards, at the polished wooden décor that covered the left and right sides of the walls, and the bottom half of the adjacent wall. The top half of the wall facing him was mirrored, and Frank found himself staring at a pale, balding man in a blue shirt, with coffee stains down the front. His skin was shiny with sweat and his glasses were slightly wonky on his ears. An unnatural orange light lit the interior of the lift, and its reflection gave Frank an unhealthy, jaundiced look about him. His belly protruded from a part of his shirt where a button had seemed to have gone missing. How long it had been like that he hadn’t known. He let his arm holding the baton drop and he stood for a moment wondering what to do next. He turned his attention to the silver button pad on the left hand side wall of the elevator and pushed the ground floor button. He stood back and waited. As the elevator doors began to close Frank caught one last glimpse of himself in the mirror opposite. But he wasn’t alone.



His first thought was to turn and run. As the doors closed before him, Frank had seen a towering black figure leaning over him from behind. A figure that loomed taller and was darker than he could ever have imagined. Its menacing shape was blacker than anything Frank had ever seen, its shape wavered and shimmered, not quite featureless, but with no definite boundaries the thing appeared to have no solid form. The area immediately around its edges seemed to warp and bend, as though it was absorbing the light from the room, the way a black hole sucks in all that ventures to close to its mouth. With an absence of light surrounding it, the wraith existed always in the shadows, a realm of perpetual darkness. Its size fluctuated slightly, giving the impression that it was breathing, haunched shoulders rose and fell, always in silence. Beneath the hood, where the face should be, was a liquid smoke, folding over and in on itself but never anything that resembled eyes, or a mouth. Yet it watched Frank, coveted him. He could feel it wanting to devour him. He felt the lust, the anticipation, the hunger that ebbed from that creature as it hung over him (was it smelling him? Did it savour his fear?). Frank didn’t look behind him, he turned and ran. He ran back down the corridor and instead of turning down the fire exit, Frank headed for the safety, and sanctuary of the security room, and to where his radio lay. He stumbled part way and almost fell, but managed to drag his feet out from under himself and, one hand on the wall, found his way upright and into his stride again. He reached the door marked ‘Private’ and his palms slammed against the wooden door to hault his momentum. His greasy palms fumbled for the keys on his belt sliding each one through his fingers until he found the key that fitted the lock on the door. Trembling he tried to get the key in the lock but failed. His hands were shaking too much and he couldn’t quite find the hole. Whimpering he tried again and failed. The third time he found the slot and the key fed through. The lock clunked and the door fell upon, with Frank quickly afterwards, before he turned and slammed it shut behind him. This time he found the lock easier and slammed the key to the right, snapping the latch into place and locking himself in. He turned and put his back to the door, leaning against it for support. He was breathing heavily and he could feel a tightness in his chest. Between breathing he listened, turning his ear to the door he held his breath and concentrated. Nothing. Allowing himself another few breathes he did the same. Quiet. Had the thing followed him? Had it chased him up the hallway? Frank had been running so hard he had not once looked back to see what followed behind him. He looked at the screens in front of him, maybe they would give him some clue as to what was happening. Everything elsewhere seemed normal. He could see Jodie on screen eight hanging up her lab coat before leaving for the night, laughing with her colleague who was already waiting by the exit. He saw Toni leaning over the reception front desk, watching the comings and goings of the patrons. He saw empty corridors on other screens, and Todd with the elderly couple stood by the elevators on the ground floor on Screen two.

Frank looked down and reached for his radio. He squeezed the button on the side and began to talk into it.

“Todd, Todd are you there?” he managed to get out through deep panting breaths.


“Todd, Please come in, can you hear me?”

More static.

“Anyone, please this is Frank, can anyone hear me? Anyone?” the desperation coming through in his voice now.

Nothing but static. The radio was dead. Frank panicked. Dread seeped through his veins. He stiffened and began to shake, the cold he had forgotten about crept back in under his skin and he began to sob. The radio fell out of his right hand and hit the floor with a thud. Blue light lit his face with a ghostly pallor. The door handle behind him began to rattle, and then ever so slowly lifted up and back down again. “It can’t get in” Frank reminded himself. He turned and watched the handle rise and fall again. “I’ll wait it out, right here, you can’t get in you bastard. Todd’ll be here soon, he’ll be wondering about me, he’ll be here.” He turned back to the screens, maybe Todd was already on his way up, it had been a while now and no radio contact. He must be wondering what was happening. If not Toni or Pete or someone would come. He made his way to his chair and sat in it. As he watched the monitors, he noticed screen one glitch. It froze than jumped forward quickly, like a dvd skipping. A line of snow found its way across the screen from top to bottom. The screen then froze again, this time distorting the picture at a peculiar angle, turning the hotel foyer into a canvas of twisted architecture and angled formations, and populated by gargoyle faced guests. A few second later the screen turned to snow. Screen two followed, and then three and four and the rest of them until each showed nothing but grey and blue fuzz. He was now alone. He turned again and rested his eyes on the door handle. It had stopped moving. Instead, dark smoke was beginning to seep in from the cracks above and below the cracks in the door, and from each of the sides. It ebbed and puffed and bellowed into the room, slowly surrounding the interior of the small security room. Not knowing what to do he simply sat there and watched the phenomenon emerge in front of him. As the creature began to take shape once again, Frank thought of Todd waiting patiently for his call. Todd, who would be pleasantly chatting to the old couple, ensuring them that the problem would be fixed in no time, and asking their plans for their trip. He thought of his wife at home, complaining to him about his ever increasing weight over the dinner table. He finally thought of Jodie, of her soft skin, her necklace dangling above her open lab coat, and the delicate lilac flower in her hair.



Pete was the one who found Frank’s body after he had failed to respond to Todd. His radio had appeared to be broken and Pete wanted to give the elevator the once over anyway. He had gone up to the fourth floor and had found Frank’s door locked which was unusual. After knocking and receiving no response, he used his own key and let himself into the security room. Frank was slouched in his chair. His eyes were bulging and his mouth was agape, twisted and contorted with terror. His radio lay dropped and broken on the floor, but nothing else in the room appeared out of the ordinary. The screens were all in good working order, and the security equipment was running smoothly. All video tapes were present and nothing had been tampered with. It looked, to all intents and purposes, that Frank had succumbed to a heart attack. The paramedics were called and the corridor was closed off to all but those accommodated there.

Why the room was locked from the inside was a matter for the police. They would no doubt look into the possibility of foul play and try to piece together the events that took place that night. Even so it would be awhile before they would get around to reviewing security tape number seven. That which monitored the fourth floor corridor.

Submitted: February 20, 2016

© Copyright 2021 RyanEdwards. All rights reserved.

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Wow. Excellent writing. I have read three or your works and I am floored by your talent. I was riveted by throughout the story.

Fri, May 13th, 2016 4:07pm


Thank you so much for your kind words jadedangel it's Spurs me on to Write some more. I have another few stories in the pipeline so watch this space and I hope you enjoy them just as much

Fri, May 13th, 2016 11:12am

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