Jamie & Julie

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It's a story I wrote a while ago about a football player who loses his touch. He asks a girl with autism to a school dance with him.

Submitted: August 04, 2012

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Submitted: August 04, 2012




Three weeks ago I was the best linebacker in the state. Now, I’m not so sure. Coach used to use me as an example in practices to everyone, including the older guys, and today he picked someone new. Maybe I’m losing my touch… maybe I’ve already lost it…
These are the thoughts running through my head as I walk off the field on Friday afternoon, after football practice. I walk around to the parking lot and as I’m getting in my car I notice a girl that’s in one of my classes walking out of my school. I immediately recognize her as Julie Walters. She’s a sophomore, like me, and she has autism. Her autism isn’t really bad but she’s still made fun of for it. Not her fault she was born with it… 
I walk over. “Hi Julie.” 
She smiles a little bit, unsure of what to say. We don’t usually talk. She finally says, “Hi Jamie.” 
I smile. “Why are you here so late?” 
“Studying with Mr. Koehn for the Algebra test tomorrow.” She looks away, embarrassed and expecting me to make fun of her for it. “And now I’ve gotta walk home in order to be on time for dinner. Bye Jamie.” She starts walking off. 
“Wait. Julie, I can give you a ride. If you want.” I walk towards my car, half expecting her not to follow. She does and climbs in. 
“Why so nice all of a sudden? I mean, you never talk to me at school.”
I sigh. “Because you always hang out with Chris.” Chris is her twin brother and he hates me because I took his spot on the football team when I transferred in 7th grade. Chris doesn’t have autism but he’s always around Julie because of the way people treat her.
“Oh. You two don’t get along huh?” I shake my head and drive out of the parking lot. She stays quiet for the first few minutes, probably thinking of conversation starters. “Um… You taking anyone to the winter dance?” she asks quietly.
“Nope. I wasn’t planning on going this year.” I shrug. “My girlfriend broke up with me.” 
“Oh. I’m sorry. I’m not going either.” She looks away. I realize why she’s not going. No one will ask her and Chris is probably going with his girlfriend. I look at her before looking back on the road.
Maybe I should ask her to the dance with me. I mean she’s a really nice girl. Before I know it, we’re sitting outside her house. She starts to get out of her car. “Julie. Wait.” I know I sound nervous but
“Yeah? What’s up Jamie?”
“Um about the winter dance.” She looks at me confused. “Would you like to go?”
I can tell she’s still a little confused as she asks, “I want to go but no one would take me Jamie. Everyone makes fun of me…” She sighs. 
“I mean, would you like to go with me?” She looks at me, slightly shocked, before smiling the widest I’ve ever seen her smile. 
“Yes! Of course, I’ll go with you.” She smiles even wider and hugs me briefly before getting out. 
I drive home, feeling satisfied and happy with myself. I just made Julie’s day by asking her to the dance with me. I don’t even care what my friends will say when they find out what I did. 
The weekend goes by fast and before I know it, it’s Monday morning. Julie smiles as I walk by her and I return her smile. Apparently my friends have found out about me asking her to the dance because all I hear all day is them making jokes about me liking the autistic girl. I tell them to stop but they don’t. It doesn’t matter though, I don’t mind hanging out with Julie; she’s actually pretty cool. 
I go to football that evening and that’s the first time everyone starts making comments about how I’m losing my touch. Maybe football isn’t important anymore. Maybe I should focus on something else…I think quietly as I change in the locker room after practice. 
The week goes by quickly and before I know it, it’s Friday night, the night of the winter dance. I drive to Julie’s house, after getting dressed in my black suit and the light purple tie my dad gave me. When I knock on the door, she answers. She’s wearing a beautiful light pink dress and she’d curled her hair. I smile and take her to the dance.
At the dance, despite all the comments everyone’s making about her, we have a great time. No one said anything extremely hateful or make fun of her to her face. When I drop her off at home, she’s the happiest I’ve ever seen her. She hugs me and kisses my cheek before turning and going inside. 
I’m proud of myself for taking her. She seemed to have a lot of fun and she probably went home and told her parents and brother about everything. I’m honestly thinking about taking her with me to prom. I mean we both had a lot of fun, despite the fact that my friends made of me. 


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