Golf: Be a Good Playing Partner

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Don't be that guy people hate to play golf with..

Submitted: June 03, 2014

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Submitted: June 03, 2014



Be a Good Playing Partner

As a below mediocre player (if that), I found that the best way to enjoy golf is to help others enjoy golf aka being a good playing partner.  You can learn a lot while playing golf, for example you can learn discipline, patience, how not to wear a hat.. cough cough Rickie Fowler or my favorite and most obvious.. how to hit a little white ball into a hole.  You can also learn how to swing a golf club for self-defense or if your husband cheats on you and you want to take a swing at his escalade, you can learn how to do that too.. did you teach her how to golf Tiger?  Anyways, there’s a lot you can learn from golf, but perhaps what I think is most important is learning how to be a good playing partner.

Being a good playing partner and being a good person often correlate each other much like how being a bad playing partner makes you a bad person.  It’s crazy how that works out I know.  Let’s start off first with explaining a bad playing partner..

Have you ever played with that guy.. who always cheats on his score?  Who always asks to borrow your clubs?  Who gets mad at every shot he takes?  Who shows he’s mad at every shot he takes?  Who throws the clubs he borrowed from you due to frustration?  Or what about my favorite, who tries to correct your swing or give you tips even though he’s not even better than you, but he’s just watched more golf channel than you?

That guy sucks.. and I hope he honestly gets in a car crash the next time that he forces me to wait at the clubhouse because the course didn’t allow him to play without a collared shirt.  I really don’t wish that to happen to anybody, but you get the point.

A good playing partner in the game of golf (not the sport of golf) is critical.  Yes, golf is a game not a sport.  I mean look at Angel Cabrera or John Daly (John Daly you are the man by the way), those guys are not athletes that play sports.  Baseball is the greatest sport of all time even though somebody the size of Prince Fielder (Prince Fielder you are definitely not the man by the way) plays the sport.  It’s a dilemma, but definitely for another story.

Anyways, like I was saying.. a good playing partner in the game/sport whatever of golf is critical.  Imagine that your client or your (man I hope this never happens to me) father in law asks you to go out for a round of golf.  A good playing partner seals that deal with that client and a good playing partner gets that father in law to not hate you as bad.  There’s a lot to becoming a good playing partner so I’ll take it step by step from the beginning.

First off, get a pair of clubs, some golf shoes and probably some lessons unless you’re a natural like Happy Gilmore, even Happy eventually got lessons (RIP Chubbs).  Needless to say don’t spend all your money on fancy clubs and expensive lessons from a pro.  Heck, buy some used clubs and take golf lessons from your buddy that used to play on his high school team and offer him free beer afterwards (not during, you’re not that good yet).

After you’re comfortable enough with the clubs, meaning you won’t swing and miss or somehow hurt somebody by playing then you are ready for the big leagues my friend!  Call up the boys and head to the closest course!

“Look good, play good,” I don’t know who said this quote, but it was definitely not somebody playing golf.  I know this for sure because on a personal level no matter if I’m wearing all the latest Nike gear or if I’m wearing jeans (I never wear jeans on a golf course), I will still play just as awful as I usually do.  Nevertheless, don’t let this bring you down.  Look good, look like a pro because you never know when the course has a hot, single beer cart girl working.

When you start to play there’s a lot that goes into your playing.  First and foremost, you have to do a thing called KYP or Know Your Partner.  If you’re playing with your boys then that means to start up the idea that after every hole you have to shotgun a beer.  Remember, have everyone shotgun the beer because there’s always going to be that one guy whose actually good that never loses a hole and therefore stays sober and therefore you become a bad playing partner.  On the other hand of KYP, if you’re playing with an important client who he himself is a bad playing partner and decides to never lose a hole because he likes to show off then let him!  More beer for you and now you have a designated driver.

Another huge tip of becoming a good playing partner is by having good humor.  When you swing and miss at the ball (it happens to the best of us), yell out “A swing and a miss!” or casually tell your partner that you’re just trying to cool them off with some breeze.  Everybody loves a good laugh and everybody loves to laugh at other people in front of their face, so suck up your pride and let them have it trust me.  Have you ever watched a pickup basketball game and seen some old man throw up a jump shot and yell out, “Kobe!”  It’s the same concept, yell out “Tiger!” after you finally connect on a drive that actually goes straight and actually makes it past the women’s tee off.  You’re playing partner will love it.

There’s a lot of stuff that goes in to being a good playing partner, but to sum it up I’d say to just go out there and have fun.  It’s golf, 95% of people play it because they’re too old to do anything else.  Enjoy your time with your playing partners and you’re playing partner’s will do that thing all those girls in high school never did.. call you back for a second date!

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