Where do we truly live? It is all relative as this poem will show.

Where I live there is no God
Where I dwell there you cannot see
Where I inhabit you have adored
Where I am there is no reality

It is a land that is full of deception
It is a place populated with no one
It is as vast as the great Pacific Ocean
It is as tangible as a prion

This home of mine can be serene
As hushed as an icy cold winter
It can be calm like a serpent’s scream
But it can be cantankerous like a finger with a splinter

My situate is only for me
In it I can direct all matter
I can travel as far as infinity
And the Universe I can hold on a salver

In my abode there is no time
The past, present and future are one
There is no need for wealth not a dime
And all my works can be undone

In my dwelling I can live a thousand lives
And all of this in but a second
Here there are no adversaries or friends no sides
In my habitat all come to my beckon

This world of mine is as minute as an atom
But it can contain an infinite universe
Here there are all senses yet it is numb
And all creatures can be in existence even the most diverse

So just really where is my abiding place
It is my legacy and my find
I will tell you now don’t make haste
My sweet sweet home is my very mind

Submitted: June 23, 2008

© Copyright 2023 ryanj777. All rights reserved.

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