The Alliance

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

In the not too distant future the earth is about to form an alliance with other worlds, or are they?

Johnny took his seat at the great High Council of the new planetary order. It was a time of great rejoicing a time of peace and progress. A million years of peace was what all thought was in store. How very wrong they all were!

Johnny was a young chap in his late twenties, a skinny kid with a big head and grand dreams for the new order. He had waited for this moment with bated breath ever since he was a child living on the lunar colony on the dark side of the moon. The wars between the Earth and the neighboring alien races were over. The age of intolerance and alienation were over, or so it seemed then on that day when the Council of the twelve neighboring planets took its seat for the very first time things began to change.

“All will come to order” bellowed the Orion council leader, a fat alien with red skin full of scales and three eyes in the middle of his face. “Let me first welcome all of you to this historic occasion, for  hundreds of years our peoples have fought amongst each other, but the time has come to end these futile acts of violence  today marks the beginning of a new era for our peoples” the old Orion leader spoke these words full of joy and confidence.
The other members of the Council including Johnny shouted in approval. All seemed to be going well when it all happened.

There was a thunderous clamor as the doors of the council chamber flung open and a being that was never seen before entered. “So you all want peace do you? That will not be tolerated by us, .We have been watching you all fight amongst yourselves for the past years, happy that you did so. We were secure knowing that as long as you were divided we were strong. But this has all changed. We wish to let you know we of the Collective Empire of Planets will be watching you. Do not think that you will be able to rule the galaxy by this little alliance.”

All the council were in shock and dismay, except for Johnny who stood up and spoke, “ We are  a people who want peace not war we want to be your friends, please sit and let us talk may be there can be unification between our great Planetary alliances, then all the Galaxy will be as one. “ The alien looked at him with his dark blue one eye and spoke, “This seems reasonable we too want peace not war we will be willing to join your alliance. We wish to be united in the common good for all peoples of our galaxy.”

Talks continued for several days between all parties and a great new order was established. It was a Great Council made up of fifty planets including our own insignificant Earth. The time was right for the someone or something to act. The council was in session for the first time and the new council leader, Johnny was about to speak when there was a great flash of light and all the council members were rendered unconscious except for its leader. A godlike voice spoke from heaven and turned its attention to Johnny. “You little insects of fleshly matter are an abomination to all truly sentient beings,” then a bright light appeared in the midst of Johnny, “We have followed all that has transpired and have decided to destroy all you ugly watery creatures of carbon. You all pollute the very Galaxy with your very existence.” Johnny looked as best he could at the bright light of the alien entity and said” Certainly there can be peace between our peoples.” The alien entity laughed and said “Peace, how can there be peace between a mosquito and a human or for that matter a virus and man? You see to us you are so inferior you are actually damaging to our existence as entities. We cannot allow you to spread across the galaxy. We will have to wipe you out. Do not worry it will be swift about one thousand earth years, a measly hour in our time. Leader of the great council you will not remember our conversation, just know this when you awake with your new friends the beginning of the end is for you and all the rest of them.”
Johnny looked at the entity and spoke out firmly, “We will defeat you and we will survive, we will fight you with every breath we have” “Oh I am sure you will but you will not be fighting us but each other” said the entity and then it then disappeared.
Suddenly the delegates regained their consciousness except for one. Johnny was dead with the Aleutian’s dagger plunged into his heart. Aleutia was one of the planets of the old Collective alliance. A great uproar began and all left the chamber. A great war was about to begin that would last a thousand years. The real enemy being the one that cannot be seen but was always watching.

There were beads of perspiration that broke out as Johnny gasped for air. He awoke to find himself in his bed. Outside his ovoid window of his home on the moon he could see the stars. And it was the day when the planetary council was to convene for the first time. Johnny wondered how much of it was a dream and how much was real. He would no doubt find out before his life was ended.

Submitted: June 23, 2008

© Copyright 2021 ryanj777. All rights reserved.

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This style of science fiction is very grand, but a little safe I think for my tastes.

Sun, August 31st, 2008 12:44pm

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