The Pregift

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A story about a gift that is given to mankind and the result of such a present.

Submitted: June 22, 2008

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Submitted: June 22, 2008



The three intellectuals were gathered inside the board room of the luxurious Empire Hotel. One was a medical doctor, the other a great musical composer and the third a computer programmer. One could even hear the scribbling of pen on paper as they were filling out a questionnaire. Just why were these people here? Who had invited them and what was this Pregift about?

Suddenly there was the turning of a door handle and an old gentleman with a white beard and mildly obese entered the room He was wearing a black tucs. He took his seat and steered at them for a moment that seemed like an eternity.

“You may be wondering what this is all about and who I am. My identity will remain a mystery for the while .But your purpose for being here is for you to be tested. Each of you represents the best that humanity has to offer in morality, integrity, ingenuity, intelligence, compassion and love. How you each respond to your individual question will determine the course of humanity’s future” these were the words spoken by the elderly gentleman.

All three of the intellectuals looked at each other with eyes of confusion. Who exactly was this man?

The old man turned his attention to the medical doctor and asked him the following question, “ If you were religious and believed that it was morally wrong for you to accept a blood transfusion  , and one patient of yours were about to bleed to death , will you give him blood? “
The doctor looked at the old man for a second and responded, “If my moral values dictated that I not accept a blood transfusion then I cannot impose my beliefs on the other person, if it is he or his family wishes this blood be given then so be it”
The old man looked at the doctor with eyes beaming of approval. Then he turned to the computer programmer.

“I like will like to talk to you about numbers,” said the old man, and then continuing “What do you suppose the number two really means or one hundred for that matter?” The computer programmer looked at him bewildered for a second then responded, “I suppose that a number is not just a number but a representation of something, for example you can never have two alone you may have a pair of animals or a pair of shoes, an entire language of computers are based on two numbers. So to exist a number must represent something tangible.”
The old man looked at the computer programmer with eyes of approval. He finally turned to the musical composer.

“You are a man of music and rhyme” grinned the elderly gentleman, “tell me the rhyme of the universe that keeps us alive.”  The musician smiled at the ancient looking guy and responded, “the sun sets in the east and rises in the west, the rain falls from the heavens and plants grow towards the heavens, a child is full of promise and potential and an old man is spent of all his dreams and talents, I could go on with all these comparisons that fill the universe. But they prove this truism that the rhyme of the universe lies in the balance of everything that resides in it.” At this point the old man was wide eyed and astounded by the response of all three intellectuals.

The elderly gentleman then took his leave and left the threesome alone in the room alone. The doctor looked at the other two and expressed what the others wanted to articulate, “What really is this all about? Why these questions and who really is this old man?  And most of all what was a pregift?” Well he was about to get his answer as the door swung opened and the old man appeared.

The aged gentleman then addressed them, “I am not from your world and yet it is my home. You see I am of a species that is far superior to the human race. We are called the Qurrels, and our job is to assist other species that deserve it to reach a higher plain of existence and enlightenment. Today you three have proved that the human race is ready for the next big leap, from now on all humans will be given this additional pregift to assist them in their ultimate path to truth. Please use it wisely.” With that the elderly gentleman began to radiate white light then his body faded into the light and the light dissipated like a cloud of smoke and he was gone.

Well at this point the three intellectuals were totally amazed but they still wondered what the pregift that was given to them was.  The doctor was about to leave but decided to take a drink of water before departing, then it happened and they understood what the old man meant. As he reached for the glass it flew into his hands. He had the power of telekinesis, and could move objects with his mind. The other two tried to move objects and they also had the gift or pregift as the old man had called it. They were all quite ecstatic at this point but this was short lived.

As they left the building they saw a plane crashing to Earth and screams and panic on the streets as all humans were given the pregift, but not all of them could manage such power responsibly. A new era in human oppression and violence had begun and with it a new challenge for mankind. One that would hasten his destiny into oblivion or true enlightenment. 

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