The truth about the Truth

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This follows on the information theory.

Submitted: October 19, 2009

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Submitted: October 19, 2009



Essay on the Truth about the Truth

The path that one chooses is often not the one that will lead to true happiness and peace of mind. It will not lead to truth of any sort but to bitter falsehood and problems. What really is the truth a question that has been asked by countless of humans over a myriad of lifetimes and yet no real answer has been found. Science was invented to find this truth and it has often times lead to more disappointment and more unanswered questions. Religion too has been an invention to try and make sense of who we are and the truth about our little existence in a universe that seems so infinite that our little mind can never truly comprehend.

The many problems faced by this child race of Homo sapiens stems from this fundamental problem of understanding the truth. The political systems of communism and democracy are just experiments trying to find the true way of procuring order in a society . The economic systems are also attempts to create order in the so called civilization that is mankind. These experiments are an ongoing process with we as the lab rats and we as the scientists at the same time. Lab rats experimenting with themselves it seems quite ridiculous but it is the reality of what all our beliefs and society is based on. Unfortunately we will loose many rats in our experiment as many mistakes continue to be made.

The real issue of the truth is still to be discovered or it may be that the truth is that there really is no truth , no real moral code , no true way of doing things, no good and evil, no right and wrong but only probabilities of reality. It may be that the probability of our society existing stems from the so called moral beliefs that we have. This conscience that we possess is just a probable one that can exist in an infinite possibilities . The thing is we as supposedly finite creatures expect that the truth be finite and everything be black and white. However there are really only shades of grey and some may suit others differently that the next.

This so called freedom we possess is but an illusion, we have to be confined to our physical bodies, this planet we are trapped in it and the society and government dictates what we should be. The majority of mankind are just slaves and the sad reality is they do not know it. The only real freedom comes from the one that resides in the minds of men. We are truly free when we can explore and see things with out powers of thought. In fact this really is the only fundamental truth that we can be certain of. The fact that we can think for ourselves if allowed to and observe the external world as well as the internal. We can come to the realization that true freedom is not a physical one but one that is defined by our ability to use our minds to realise our true potential.

We are in fact more powerful that we can ever imagine, more than the entire universe and beyond, the problem is many are not allowed to reach this because of this human experimentation with the search for truth. If only we could step back and stop being so conceited , really look at ourselves with the eyes that we had when we first perceived that I am , then we will really see the potential that a sentient being really possesses.


Instead we are occupied by this transmission of data from one generation to the next, interestingly The DNA is the real ruler of the world whether we want to admit it or not. Just reason on it all the power , all the pleasure, all the money, all the fame all the truth that is searched for is for the one purpose of ensuring the this bit of information that codes for us will continue to exist in some form or another. The religions main tenure is life after death, that is the information that is us can one day exist again, and this is a powerful pull for those who cannot come to terms with death. The attraction to money and power again is a way to maintain the life of this information called DNA because without this power there is no physical way to sustain the information. That is why all these nations are struggling to be ahead, they want their information , their way of doing things to continue at the destruction of the rest. It is the belief of many that there way is the good, just and right way.

The question that must be answered is who should determine which DNA will continue to exist and which should die and be forgotten? The amazing thing is that the information that is the most truthful , most accurate and most beautiful in its design is the one that will ultimately survive. The most truthful there is that word again , what is the most truthful information system? It will have to be the one that can continue to improve the efficiency and transmission of the information itself. This brings us to the reality that the purpose of us as individuals really is to improve the race we belong to so that one day as a people we will survive or rather this DNA will exist in some form that can allow it to be eternal. The failure of this ultimate transmission will be the true death of everything we as a people have ever been , is now or will be .


Suppose we decide to go against this information transmission , decide to destroy ourselves and the DNA that is us? Well the reality is that we will be contributing to the efficiency of transmission of information because we will be removing un wittingly ‘defected’ information, that is ourselves. However that very fact that we are sentient beings means that such a precious commodity as intelligence can never really be destroyed but must exist forever. The very idea that we can think means that this information of I am cannot stop existing, once we attain to this point the thing is not whether we will exist but the quality of existence we will have which is ultimately determined by ourselves.

The question though is why does this information transfer exist? Was it put in place by someone or something? Again the fundamental question of religion or more so God comes into view. It seems inescapable but the other question that goes with this is where did God come ?

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