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A time when mankind is enslaved by the forces of a more advanced civilization. Mankind struggles to survive.

Submitted: June 22, 2008

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Submitted: June 22, 2008



There were many gathered at the great stadium that day to observe the end to this sect that had plagued the empire for hundreds of years. They were all to be executed by the use of a new tool the Zendita. It was especially designed for just this occasion; an excruciating death awaited the three remaining members of this dying breed. The millions of patrons took their seats as the King came out at the top of the stadiums high podium to speak.

“ It has been hundreds of years since these things have been a thorn in our flesh, a festering abscess in our skins, a malignant cancer in our bodies, but today, ah yes today we see the end of them,” these were the words spoken by the fat, rounded, big noses and broad lipped king. All in the stadium stood up with their hoofed legs and bellowed with their lizard tongues in approval.

The king looked at them with his piercing pitch black eyes and there was a wave of silence that flooded the stadium as all took their seats. “Now before they are exterminated let us hear what final words these foul looking people have to say in their defense, for this is the last time we will ever hear the voices of their kind,” uttered the king. He then looked down at Peter who was the oldest and wisest of the three.

Peter was really only in his mid thirties but he looked like sixty years old. All the years of persecution and running had made him age considerably. However in his eyes there was a powerful determination and a piercing wisdom that transcended the ages of a billion years. Peter stood up on his feet and with his tattered robes he looked at the king square in his eyes then spoke, the words that silenced all the applause and grunting from the stadium.

“ We stand before you accused of a crime that should never be a crime in any society that claims to be a great civilization. It is a crime that we are willing die for and will always be remembered for as our last breath escapes our mortal flesh. Let it be known that we will never give up the struggle we will never let our deaths be in vain for we are a people that will always be great and will always exist even though our material existence in this universe be gone. We will exist in the hearts and minds of you and those of you who truly know the meaning of being a civil and sentient being. Hence as we depart to oblivion we are immortalized, something that you oh king will never attain.” Peter then bowed his head as a great thunderous sound was heard and then a flash of light as brilliant as the sun hit Peter and then he was no more. The Zendita had taken its first victim the executions had begun.

There were just two more to go and then there would be no more. The human race would be dead as the alien invaders who with their reptilian bodies and technology had won the battle for the Earth. The reptilians could not coexist with the humans, as they were too different from them, they had feared the difference and so hated what they feared. The wars lasted for centuries and there were many a great battle but it was all over and mankind had lost or so it seemed.

Now the King of the reptilian race steered at the remaining two humans and turned his weapon the Zendita towards them. Johnny looked down the barrel of his executioner and went into a trance a flashback at the life he lived. In one second he could see the last days of the human race. He could recall the time when men had first made first contact with the alien race. How they came in peace to settle in the seas and oceans of the planet. They were to co exist with mankind and share their superior technology. Then a reptilian killed the first human by the name of Boshee and all the wars began. That day would live on in the minds and hearts of both species forever,

Johnny then found himself looking at a flash of light then he was no more, as the Zendita claimed its second victim. Sara the last remaining human now looked at death in the face, happy that it would come, as she had none of her kind left. “ Any last words human before we end your race?” asked the reptilian king. Sara now raised her head erect and then bowed low to the earth, kissed the ground and then there was a thunderous applause as the curtain fell the lights were put on and the audience in the theatre gave a standing ovation. The play entitled “ The Zendita” was ended and all the actors took a bow, it was a success for the producers. Besides the reptiles always enjoyed remembering their victories via the theatre.

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