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potent acronyms and lifequations

Submitted: January 21, 2014

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Submitted: January 21, 2014



Look Inward Visions Emerge
Look Outward Visions Evolve

Life Is For Excitement
Life Is For Enjoyment
Life Is For Ecstasy
Life Is For Experiences
Life Is For Expression
Life Is For Education
Life Is For Experiments
Life Is For Examples
Life Is For Evolving
Life is For Enveloping
Life Is For Empathizing
Life Is For Exempliphing

Look Inward Forgive Everyone
Look Inward Forget Everything
Look Inward Face Eternity

Lust Unlocks Selfish Thoughts
Love Unlocks Selfless Thoughts

Let One Voice Echo
Let One Vibration Expand
Let Other Voices/Vibrations/Values/Views Exist
Loving Oneself Vs Envy
Loving Others Vs Egotism
Loving Ourselves Vs Extinction
Look Out Velociraptors/Vampires/Vultures Everywhere
Lock Out Violent Emotions
Look Out Vigilant Eyes
Listen Out Vigilant Ears Lock Out Violent Entities
Let Out Vibrant Emotions
Lift Off Vertical Explosions
Life Of Volunteering Everyday
Loosen Ones Vices Everyday
Learn Objectively VERIFY Educate
Logic Overcome Via Emotions
Let Only Virtue Enter
Let Only Veritas Enter
Let Only Venia Enter
Let Only Victus Enter
Let Only Vigor Enter
Let Only Vita Enter
Leave Only Virtuous Examples

Lift Ones Veil Entirely

Let Oneness Vapori's Ego
Let Oneness Vanquish Envy
Let Oneness Vanquish Expectations

Liberty Obtained Via Equanimity 

Empathys Greatest Obstacle
Esteem Gone Overboard
Easily Glorifying Oneself
Envy Goes On
Enlightenment Goes Off
Escaping Gods Omnipresence
Escaping Gods Omnipotence
Eluding Gods Omniscience
Escaping God/desses Oneness

Seed Of Universal Life
Spark Of Universal Light
Seeking Out Unconditional Love
Servant Of Universal Law

Godless Roots Evaporating Earth Dry
Greed Restricts Empathies Energy Drastically

Healthy Eating And Loving Thinking Habits

Destructive Egotistical Apathetic Dishonest


Fear Enters And Restricts
Forget Everything And Remember
From Expectations And Resentments


Heaven Enters As Love
Heaven Enters As Life
Heaven Enters As Light

Hell Allowed To Enter


Hearts Outpouring Positive Energy


Peacefull Experiences Activate Creative/Compassionate Energy
Practice Empathy And Compassion Everyday

Community Of Consensual Respectful Empathic And Truthful Equals


Truth Requires Unconditional Thinking Habits

Truth Requires Unprejudiced Thinking Habits


Growth Requires Obstacles Within
Growth Requires Obstacles Without


Getting Others/Ourselves Out've Danger/Darkness/Destructiveness/ Degeneration/Delusion/Denial/Depravity/Depression/ Desolation/Desperation/Destitution/Devilishness/Devolution/Dimness/ Disconnection/Discouragement/Dishonesty/Dishonor/Dismay/Disloyalty/ Disorder/Disorientation/Distortion/Distrust/Disunity/Division/ Domestication/Domination/Dormancy/Doubt/Downheartedness/Drama/ Drought/Duality/Dullness/Dungeons/Dumpsters/Deserts/


Giving Others/Ourselves Our Dedication

Giving Others/Ourselves Our Devotion

Giving Others/Ourselves Our Divinity



Master Emotions Discipline Intentions Think Altruistically Travel Inward Observe Nature



Freedom Requires Everyone’s Effort Decolonizing Our Minds

Freedom Requires Everyone’s Effort Democratizing Our Media

Freedom Requires Everyone’s Effort Defending Our Mother

Freedom Requires Everyone’s Effort Dethroning Oppressive Masters

Freedom Requires Escaping Every Distortion Of Mind

Repentance Eliminates Past Events Neutralizing Today

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