Consider our pictures together... burned.

Burned For You

I look at the way you had your arms around me

Never noticing that your eyes are distant from the camera, from your smile

It's been a while, since you've been around

As I begin to notice my heart is being crushed under the weight of my grief

My heart is crushed, just like how you crushed my belief

When you docome around, you'll see smoke rising from the ground

If you begin to ask, just look at the remains of the frayed pictures of you and I

They all areburned for you

So what can you do?

You'll run away, just like you use to

but this time it'll be different because you'll crash just like I did

You'll see all those pictures are burned for you

Watching the flames reflect in your wide eyes

Do you feel the pain I felt, do you see thefearslingering inthe thick gray smoke?

You just ended up frayed like the pictures from the book

I know how hard it is to look

but just take some time and think back to where you seduced me

I can't stand how I fell for all your lies

Submitted: June 27, 2012

© Copyright 2023 RyansGirlFOREVER1993. All rights reserved.

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