Wake Me Up When September Ends...

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This is for my best friend, Jake, because he's heading to the military soon... I'll miss you Jake!!

Submitted: June 27, 2012

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Submitted: June 27, 2012



Wake Me Up When September Ends

I listened to the sound of the song you dedicated to me,

My pulse painfully thuds to the rhythm of thedrum beats.

I cried as I heardyour voice,

"Provide me with just one other choice."

You kissed my forehead,

Wrapped me in a hug.

You've ended what was started

I watched the threads of the space

between our feet slowly start to loosen,

Now it's just going to be forgotten.

What will my heart become,

Once our life togetheris done?

I'll just wait for the sound of trumpets ring through my ears,

They'rewarning me that you're almost here.

Whenmy heart mends and all the dark clouds fade,

I'll know that you'll Wake Me Up When September Ends.

I remembered when we danced in that bright-colored room,

Everyone had their attention on me and you.

But you're gone with you're love,

You're gone with my heart.

When I hear the loud echo of the silence stop

I know that my heart will mend

because you'll Wake Me Up When September Ends...

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