No Man's Waters

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It is WWII. An Allied naval force embarks on a mission to sabotage a Nazi supply route but little do they expect that their mission has already been compromised and may lead to a very sticky end.

Submitted: December 01, 2011

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Submitted: December 01, 2011



No Man's Waters

“Just about a week ago, brave men from each of the Allied countries set off on their glorious mission in their SS-21 submarine to destroy one of the main German docks, These docks are part of a main Nazi supply route so it was vital to destroy it to weaken the Nazi onslaught. They set off with 20 experimental nuclear torpedoes to destroy the docks to give a tactical advantage to the Allies. The submarine also had two large frigates trailing just about a kilometer away, to give fire support to the submarine.

But this was a high-risk mission because if the submarine gets hit, the damage from the explosion of the nuclear torpedoes within the submarine could affect the battleships behind, causing possible deaths of over 1100 men.

Now moving on to the brave men aboard this submarine…

The brave crew included 6 officers, and 72 crewmen operating the submarine. The mission was lead by Admiral George “Reckless” Ramus of the Royal British Navy. He was well known for his service along the coast of Britain. A few of the commanding officers in the crew of the SS-21submarine included Pvt. George Smith, Sgt. Nikolai Novokov, Lt. Alex Jenkins, Sgt. David Johnson and Sgt. George Gurov.

But sadly word has been received, that…”

Admiral George Rameus leaned back against his chair and grinned. 5 days ago he had enjoyed a glamorous party in New York. Who knew that he and his crew aboard would get such a fine time just before they embarked on their mission? Wine, food, dancing and women! The Admiral chuckled to himself. He had never had such a great day before ever in his life. He wriggled around in his chair until he was comfortable. The dim lights of the submarine shone dully among the crew aboard the submarine. Ahh, this sets the serious mood among all of us. The Admiral thought to himself. He chuckled again. The Allied army had allowed one of the youngest Commanding officers go on one of the most dangerous missions ever to be carried out in the whole history of war.

His eyes suddenly wandered around the main cabin of the submarine. The Admiral marveled all the machinery and equipment onboard the submarine. Yet there was no reason to as they were big bulky and ugly. Their blinking lights and nobs were nothing to marvel at, as this was the equipment used to power the undersea war machine, a giant one hundred ton metal beast. Yet, George still looked at it with wonder.

Slowly, his hand inside his pocket clenched the soft teddy bear inside his pocket.

He began to cry.

Of course this was something you wouldn’t see every day: an Admiral in the Royal British Navy, laughing and crying to himself all at the same time, so all of this was greatly noticed. All the eyes in the cabin were turned towards the Admiral and he suddenly realized it and turned sheepishly away, before turning back around barking orders at the crewmen, which quickly turned back to their work.

But one curious man walked over to the Admiral and put a hand on his shoulder.

“Sir, are you goot?” A man with a heavy Russian accent asked him.

Once again, all the eyes in the cabin were turned towards them.

The Admiral turned to see the young Russian sergeant Nikolai Novokov standing next to him.

“I’m fine thank you, I was” The Admiral paused, “I was just remembering my sister, she died of cancer, 10 years ago, she made me this” The Admiral lifted his hand revealing a small and tattered toy bear in it,” Before she died.”

“I am so sorry to hear that sir.” The Novokov replied, “I am so sorry, I shoot not ov com to distourb you sir.”

The Admiral waved the Russian away and turned towards one of the crewmembers sitting in front of a radar screen and looked over the his shoulder. They were exactly 7 kilometers away from the coast of Germany.

I am prepared. The Admiral thought to himself. I have been waiting for this ever since joined the navy. I have been waiting to prove my self to Him. He turned back around and barked out some orders.


Immediately the crewmen immediately rushed around the submarine, getting to their positions. They scurried around the submarine like mad ants around food.

Time past like what seemed to be hours to the Admiral. 6km had seemed like 600 years. But now the Admiral was prepared.

“DO NOT FIRE UNTIL I GIVE THE ORDER!” The Admiral shouted over the loud buzz of the engines.

Many heads turned and replied with a nod before turning back around and working.

It is time. The Admiral thought to himself. We are finally within range; I am now prepared to meet my full potential.

The Admiral stood up, and walked to the bathroom, with fast and swift movements. He had to get to there before it was too late. A few crewmen chuckled as he walked by them.

The Admiral heard one of them crewmen speak: “…this mission probably scared the…out of him…hehe…”

But the Admiral didn’t care, there was too much at hand, he continued on to the bathroom, and opened the cubical door, looked around if anyone was in the bathroom, and went in and closed the door.

He pulled down the toilet seat and sat down, he pulled the tattered bear out of his pocket and looked at it lovingly. He held it or a moment.

Then, he viciously ripped the bear in half.

The soft white stuffing flew everywhere and there was a horrible ripping sound as he pulled apart the bear, revealing sleek black metal. The Admiral pulled apart the limp body of the teddy bear and threw it into the corner of the cubical.

He pulled the antenna of the radio to its full length and pressed the speak button. “Ich bin innerhalb des Bereiches”-I am within range.

“Ja geehrter Herr, das Fuher sehr ist erfreut”-Yes sir, the Fuher will be pleased. Replied a voice in German.” Ich gebe Ihnen die Count-downzeit für die Auswirkung der Torpedos, die wir Ihren Methode geehrten Herrn feuern werden, Sie habe gedient das Fuher gut.”- I will give you the countdown time for the impact of the torpedoes we will be firing your way Sir, you have served the Fuher well.”

“Umm sir?” A voice said outside of the cubical.

The Admiral opened the door to see the young Lieutenant Alex Jenkins, standing at the door with his pistol raised.

“I’m sorry sir, but I’ll have to take you into custody, you shouldn’t off done this to us.” The lieutenant continued. “Sir, Please”

The Admiral suddenly lashed out at the lieutenant and grabbed the pistol in the lieutenant’s hand and opened fire upon the lieutenant. The lieutenant immediately crumpled and seconds later sailors rushed in, guns poised at the ready.

They all saw the dead lieutenant on the floor, the pool of blood beginning to grow around him. They all saw the man with the smoking gun, and they also heard it, the words being spoken in German, through the radio in the Admiral’s hand.


“The countdown has started, all is lost.” The Admiral laughed as all the men stared back at him in horror.









“Hail Hitler!” The Admiral cried with his arm raised in the air, and he laughed.



“…the mission was not successful and that the submarine was lost along with the two battleships not far behind. The blast from the submarine with the added blast from torpedoes had destroyed the two ships and the submarine, and had only lightly touched the German docks.

All the brave men during the mission will always be remembered in our hearts forever, and we can always keep in mind that they were fighting, for their honour and their country, so we bid them all, farewell.”

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