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something that jakou was just dying to hammer out... when he was done i was just like o_o

Submitted: June 23, 2016

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Submitted: June 23, 2016



You are walking through a light rain storm at night, barefooted. There are large, round, smooth wet pebbles held together by concrete making a path that you are walking on. Pine needles occasionally brush up against your feet, and lining the path are pine trees. Above you are millions of glistening stars, lighting up the path in front of you with their dim, melodic glow. As the Earth rotates slowly on it's axis, you see a shooting star burst from the skies and soar through space.

Make a wish.

The gentle rain splashes down on the pebbles and trickles through the cracks, down to the ground. You trace the shooting star's progress through space with your finger. After a few seconds it disappears beyond sight in a far-off area populated by mountains.

You continue on the winding trail, puddles collecting over the smaller stones. You smell smoke. The smell of cooking fish draws you closer, your mouth watering. Looking back up at the sky, you hear a small clap of thunder and then see a bolt of lightning. A drop of water splashes on your forehead and trickles through your hair. Following this, the clouds part and you see something so beautiful it gives you an euphoric rush.

There's a full moon, bright orange, shining light down on you from space, framed in the sky by the far-off stars. You would kneel down and say a prayer if it weren't for your clothes getting wet. The moon's light suddenly glistens brightly onto a small hut, made of stone with a straw roof and an opening which is standing at the end of your trail. The smoke is rising from a small chimney along with the smell of fish.

You break off into a run towards the hut, knowing that whoever lives here would kindly take you in and share their fish with you. You slow down as you get toward the entrance, and another bolt of lightning, bigger this time, lights up the sky. You duck inside just as the rain starts pouring down hard.

You're welcomed by a warm fire, you see several fish roasting on sticks in the center of the small hut. There's a pile of bamboo laid against one corner of the wall.

But who lives here?

"Welcome, traveler." You feel a paw grasp your shoulder from behind. Turning around, you see a giant red panda standing on it's hind legs, looking level at you. He wears only his fur and a sly smile, he looks down at you with a friendly face, red with white fur at the cheeks, the fire illuminating two dots framing his forehead. But what really stands out are his green eyes. They look old and wise, they have seen much in their time.

He hands you a towel, and you promptly take off your shirt, throwing it outside, and wrap the towel around you. "Hungry?" The gracious panda asks, carefully taking a stick with a cooked fish from the fire and giving it to you. You take it, the head has already been chopped off and the fish gutted. It's even been seasoned.

The panda sits down across from you around the fire and you do the same. He takes a fish in his paws. The rain patters down, but the straw roof holds. The fire crackles and a few sparks shoot out.

"My name is Jakou." He says. "I know who you are, but why you are here puzzles me." He pauses, and you take a bite out of the fish. It tastes delicious, warm and cooked to perfection with just the right amount of spices. The fire illuminates his thoughtful eyes, his shadow against the wall dancing in the flames.

"There are things I wish to tell you." He finally speaks. "I do not know all. But there are many things that I can convey to you. Do you hear that? That is time itself as you visualize it."

"If you are not ready, then stop writing, typing, reading, watching, listening, feeling, or in any other way perceiving my presence. If you are ready, then go on."









"So mote it be." The panda smiles, and gradually the entire world around you seems to be drained of light, and is shrinking, all of your thoughts compressing. You know this feeling very well when you are about to fall asleep. The fire grows smaller until it's as tiny as a spark. Then that too is extinguished.

"I hope you've enjoyed my illusion." You hear Jakou's voice in your thoughts, still warm and comforting. "You're still inside of it, only in a more honest way. Settle down and relax. To tell you this truth, I will start by explaining who I am."

"I am the author of this story. I carefully crafted the detailed world you read about. It was my intention for that world to relate to the world you are experiencing this from."

"This is me on a basic level. But to go deeper... I am merely a concept. An idea. A being invented to add structure and harmony to another being's life. The being I am referring to you may know well. He is the one you are visualizing typing out these words. He questions the very validity of my existence, but as he types he knows me to be true."

"I live inside of this being. As modern psychology would have it said, I am a dissociative identity. He calls me a fursona. He often refers to himself as Ryder, even in his thoughts, as he refuses to accept his birth name, Elijah Altman. His name coming from his father's family tradition, he too is a concept formed from before he was even born."

"Now what about you? You are the one perceiving this story, created by I, Jakou Lei, created by Ryder, created by his father and mother. You too were created by your parents, and their parents before them, and on and on. So did this story happen upon you, or did you happen upon this story? The answer is neither. Both have to exist to happen at all."

"But, you ask - Did I choose to come here, to continue percieving this story? The answer is that you have as much choice of perceiving as I do of crafting. For we are both concepts, which exist in different worlds, different perspectives, and different times. This story is a projection of me, and if every other part of me was forgotten, it would be all that was left of me. If it were to disappear, and twenty years later Ryder were to remember me, I would exist. As long as I am remembered, I exist. This is the life blood of a conceptual being. Your memory of this story will be my legacy."

"Now, death for me would be to simply be forgotten. But what if the lines were blurred, and I was no longer remembered as a red panda, but as a raccoon? Stretch that further, and maybe a grizzly bear. I would still exist, only in another shape or form."

"There may be many religions in your world. So, you would think that Ryder is to me as the Divine is to you. But I do not worship him, I am simply a part of him that helps him be at peace. The Divine, from your perspective compared to mine, must be the one who conceptualized you. But who conceptualized the Divine?"

"The answer is - every other concept did. While Ryder's memory conceptualized me, Ryder's memory was conceptualized by millions of gigabytes of data, all of that data stored from observing a world made up of infinite data." 

"So if we are all concepts that thrive off of each other, we therefor create each other in this conceptualized universe. We cannot die, for we are part of the collective consciousness of memory and shared emotion that will take our concept and turn it into something new."

"Inevitably, this will bring up the question of free will. Does having every particle in the universe affecting my every thought and action mean that I don't have control over my thoughts and actions? It means exactly that, and I can prove it."

"I want to close your eyes for five minutes and try to stop thinking. Don't let any thoughts in. And you'll see, that the harder you try not to think, the more you think about not thinking. And you'll realize, you can't control the next thought that comes to your mind."

"Next, I want you to extend your arm flat out in the air in front of you and try to hold it perfectly still. You will find similar results."

"These may be things you already knew, but never spent time with yourself to contemplate or try to understand. However, these offer evidence that you cannot control every thought and action."

"However, this means nothing negative in your life. It only means that by percieving this story, and by going deeper and continuing to perceive, you should be more aware of your surroundings and what data you feed your consciousness. Act with a conscious state of calmness and you will be unstoppable. For when you die, you want your concept to be born again into something greater."

"One last thought for you."

"Remember me."

- Jakou Lei


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