Dorei the Puppet Pronunciation and Doll Guide

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Here is a pronunciation guide for some of the names of DTP, plus a reference guide to the types of Dolls that are mentioned in the novel.

Submitted: January 08, 2011

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Submitted: January 08, 2011



Additional information concerning Dorei the Puppet:

Character and place names and pronunciation:

Dorei – DOR-ay

Ninkoda – Nin-KOH-duh

Seishaka – Say-SHA-kuh

Hinjo – HIN-joe

Enda – EN-duh

Ontama – Ahn-TAH-muh

Deseren – De-zer-EN

Lirin – LEER-in

Zeau – ZOE

Freet – FREET

Cavry – KAY-vree

Adretta – Uh-DREH-tuh

Awddu – AH-doo

Rel – RELL

Ofka - OFF-kuh

Shelias - SHEE-lee-ahs

Zayndo - ZAYN-doe

Alker - AAL-kerr

Blasche - BLAYSH

Vendae - VEN-day

Maater-Xitch - MAH-terr-ZITCH

Lenta Doll Caste System

Dolls Listed from Bottom to Top

Sentients – Very low class Dolls, created to feel nothing and only used for slave work. Usually mute and must have fragments of their masters’ souls to live. Sentients are the lowest Doll because they are nothing but automatic slaves.

Autopuppets – Can feel more emotions than Sentients but lack positive feelings. Are used to house negativity, and are also used as slaves. Must possess soul fragments. Autopuppets (Automatonarionettes) take second from last because they depend so much on company and care, which contradicts the reason they were made.

Dollbreakers – Dolls designed to destroy other Dolls. Are mainly used in the Alker Province. Carry few emotions and are specifically programmed to do their job and then destroy themselves. Soul fragments needed to live. Dollbreakers are third from last because of their short lifespan and robotic sense of duties.

Manikins – Higher class puppets sometimes without strings. Do not serve a master but work like humans. Must feed off human interaction to survive but do not have soul fragments. Manikins are higher than the other Dolls because they are the only Dolls that are built out of black wood but are not dependent on souls.

Walkers – Puppets that have gained independency through losing their strings. They can live alone for a time, but are still created with limited emotions and abilities. Always carry soul fragments from something. Walkers are above Manikins because they show much more independence.

Golems – Mechanical beings built mainly for construction purposes. Have little intelligence but higher respect than those under them. Do not need soul fragments. For some reason Golems are above Walkers and the other puppets, even though their only duties are to build things. Some say it is because they are so useful in cities.

Toys – Prototype MPs that mainly live in testing labs. Can be independent, but lack the significant intelligence and superiority of the MPs. Are created mainly with real flesh and use very little soul fragments if any. Toys are low in the caste system because they are defective Masterpieces.

Machines – Robotic Dolls built to look somewhat humanoid. Work in stores and such like humans, but are less responsive than some. Do not use soul fragments. Machines take fifth from top because they are high above the need for soul fragments to live, and are not classified as a form of puppet.

Electromen – Machines running on electricity. Have more realistic appearances than Machines and are more responsive. Do not need soul fragments. Electromen take fourth from top because they look much nicer than Machines and have a better ability of communicating.

Androids – Completely humanoid machines that need very little electricity and no soul fragments. Androids are above Electromen because they are not burdened by the need for electricity and look almost exactly like humans.

Cybermen – Closest being to a human besides MPs. Do not need electricity, but are built mechanically and are invulnerable to loneliness because no soul fragment is needed. Very intelligent. Cybermen are second from highest because they are like supreme androids and are just as responsive as a human.

MPs (Masterpieces) – The highest and closest Doll to a human. Very smart and perfectly responsive. Do not need electricity or soul fragments, and are usually created for government purposes. Are very difficult to create and are made mostly out of real flesh. MPs are highest because they are built to perfection. Any fault in an MP creates a Toy.

Subclass Dolls

Alive – A being less like a Doll. Are usually completely unresponsive and immobile, but are still living and can breathe. Alives are a type of Bent in most cases.

Sentry – Dolls specifically designed for security reasons. Can be any series of Doll with any appearance.

Crutch – A Doll designed to aid certain humans.

Classified Dolls

Rip – A mechanical Doll created to be a chef. He is a Bent and received his name from the sounds his victims’ clothes made when his weapons sliced through them. He is deft with any kind of sharp object. Was constrained and given to top secret officials to be locked away and hopefully tamed.

Sovereign – A Doll built into a machine. Is immobile, but just as smart as an MP though it borders on a Bent. Kills anything that gets too close, but its appearance is unknown. The only information released about Sovereign is its aggressive nature and gruesome appearance. Sovereign is looked at more like a wild creature rather than a Doll. It is suspected that it is used for reasons that are against the government. Sovereign was a part of the SIC Project.

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