My Addiction

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It's Russian Roulette/Not luck that I keep ducking death/I am blessed/There is a reason why I am still breathing/I've had enough/Satan wants me dead/He is hungry and smiling/Through dead presidents/The evil is creeping/Seeping/God bless the dead/I get restless an/An idle mind is the devil's playground/I am so high I can't stay down/Muhammad Ali/Float like a butterfly/Sting like a bee/My addiction is 24/7 in the gym/I am on the ropes/Getting tired of living in sin/This life of crime/For the coke and dope/Iam on overload/I put the petal to the metal/Goin coast to coast/I thought I was saved/Here we go once again/A place of escape/It feels so great/The thrill of living dangerously/Total desperation/The outcome/Looking to the sky/Through razor wire/Family praying I make it home alive/Dying on the inside/Fleeing from grief/Waking up from death.

Submitted: July 22, 2019

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