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A Prologue to a larger project in the form of a journal entry.

Submitted: August 11, 2011

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Submitted: August 11, 2011




Every evening I take a walk through the back alleys of my city. I am not afraid of the dangers that lurk in these places, for I know that when my time has come, death will take me no matter where I am. The destination is the same, no matter which route I take.

Every evening I see a growing number of faces looking into my eyes, my soul, pleading with me to release them from their prison. To cut the rope that ties them to this place where justice has been skewed and the line between good and evil has the truth of a mirage on a desert highway. All these poor souls want is to reach their final judgement; a judgement so true and fair that it may be more painful than anything they have ever experienced… but at least it will be definite.

Every evening I see horrible crimes being committed and people starving in the streets. Only one question comes to mind: “where are the heroes?”

Where are our self-proclaimed saviours? Where are these people who claim to be ridding the world of evil?

I still see evil.

I see evil in the petty criminal who steals a woman’s purse on the street. I see it in the person who sells their body on the street in order to fund their deadly addictions. Do they not realize that they are damaging their only source of income with that which they spend it on? I see evil in the starving children, begging and foraging for any scraps which will keep them alive to fight this losing battle one more day.

A hero was once synonymous with hope. With a saving grace in this dark and cruel world. Now what does it mean? It means greed. It means a person who picks and chooses what fights to take up. It means a person who chooses who lives and who dies.

One time, a hero was a person who would use their gifts to help a random person on the street, as an equal. Now they all sit up there on their thrones, fighting only the big-talkers. The celebrity villains. They do it for the glory, not the honour.

The United Heroes Alliance is a farce. They are not heroes. They are caricatures of what that word once meant. A hierarchy of corruption held together by the fear of each other and what they have become. They know that should the people rise up, the heroes would no longer be needed. They would be destroyed. They strike fear into the masses to ensure that they do not think for themselves.

 I know from firsthand experience that evil is not a person in a fancy costume threatening global destruction. Evil is ignoring the termites that eat away at society while the exterminators focus on the cockroaches whose only purpose is to distract the world from its real problems.

 I still see evil.

 I see evil in the heroes.

 I see evil in those who turn their backs.

 I see evil in me.

What must be done? There is only one solution: the common citizen must stand up for what is right. The people must clear their eyes and see the true evil. However, the greatest shield blocking their vision is the exterminators.

When anyone does see the evil and stand up to help others, they are turned into a cockroach. The heroes mark them as a villain and they are no longer trusted by the people. It has happened to regular people and it has happened to heroes who could no longer stand contributing to the evil. The heroes cannot have citizen soldiers. If the homeowner starts killing his own bugs, the exterminator is out of a job.

In order to solve this, the people must stand up as one. They must rise up under a single banner and take the fight to the “heroes”.  But first someone must lift the veil of delusion. Someone must lead the charge.

People need guidance. Everyone will never think the same or believe the same ideals unless someone tells them to. Unless someone convinces them of a “truth”. Unless someone brainwashes them.

Unfortunately this is a truth, and it is why the UHA is so powerful. They have infused a false truth in the people. They have kept them in fear of the big-mouthed villain to keep them from focusing on the truth, the way a magician performs a simple card trick.

So will someone stand up and call the people to action? Will the truth be revealed to the masses after years of fear and neglect? Will someone lead the charge and clean up this mess that the “heroes” have made?

I still see evil.



- Viktor Kamelon


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