Under the cherry Blossoms

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: August 27, 2019

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Submitted: August 27, 2019



Amongst the cherry blossoms

By Ryland Lamson


It was a night she would not soon forget. The beautiful full moon glided amongst the clouds as the stars danced to the breeze’s gentle music. The gentle light of the moon shone down across the land and seemed to glint off the peak of Mount Fuji in the distance. The beautiful elegant sleek ships which hovered above their heads, seeming like mystical beast in the moonlight from a fairy tale set long ago.

The mountain loomed over a forest which is where she stood taking in the scene. The cherry blossom forest was very beautiful as it had been every year. The lantern lit path was covered in the petals of the beautiful trees and the laughter that could be heard through out from groups of children produced an atmosphere of ease for which to enjoy. 

Tasha had always enjoyed the cherry blossoms but tonight she was here to see the love of her life. She had been standing on the old wooden bridge by the creek for a while now but the night was still young. Her elegant dress with its rainbow of colors and traditional styles seemed to glisten even amongst all the other girls and their dresses. 

It was then that she saw him through the trees in the distance only a little ways away. The petals seemed to be dancing around him as if they thought what she thought. His Dark hair seemed to be apart of the heavens above their head. His strong composure gave off a radiance that seemed to be like a magnet to her that she just couldn’t resist. 

He strong narrow chin and piercing electric blue eyes seemed to see everything that she couldn’t and she found herself wanting nothing more than to be held in his arms. His simple outfit of a dark flannel over a simple t-shirt and khakis which slightly went over his sneakers seemed to have been made perfectly just for him. 

She hesitated as he spotted her then and began to wave at her as if she was someone he spoke to regularly yet they only saw each other maybe one or two times a week. Should she turn and run away? Should she perhaps act like she didn’t know him or possible even as if she hadn’t seen him? She was thinking furiously trying to find away to avoid interacting with him as she bound to say something stupid and that was something she did not want to do. How was he suppose to like her if she said stupid stuff around him? How was he supposed to want to ask her out if he thought she was unintelligent? She was so busy thinking these questions to herself that before she could decide on a course of action he reached her without her moving a single inch. 

“Hello Tasha. I didn’t expect you here tonight. Do you come here often or am I just scoring lucky?”

“Hello Brian. It was a beautiful night so I came to enjoy the blossoms as a night like this produces lots of opportunity for someone to have a life changing experience and maybe even achieve things they would not achieve any other time.”

“Thats cool. Maybe I’ll get lucky and finally ask someone Ive liked for a while now whether or not she’ll be my special diamond…..After all you say it's such a special night so maybe even beautiful things can happen tonight.”

“Would I perhaps know this girl you speak of or is she a total stranger to me? Hmmmm.” she said as her heart began to beat faster than ever before thinking the moment was coming.

He beamed from ear to ear looking pleased with himself as he looked above the trees as a battleship slowly floated above their heads. “Perhaps. Though I do not think she likes me as she always seems to avoid me but I figured I would still ask anyway. She's a rather good looking girl though but I don’t think she would care much for me as I don’t look like anything special, especially compared to others who have a crush on her.”

She frowned as she realized the girl he was talking about probably wasn’t her as it sounded like some popular girl which she wasn’t. She preferred the smaller crowds and often spent time by herself. “Sounds like a girl who has everything in the world,” she stated. “She might be a bit stuck up from what it sounds like. Perhaps you should forget about her since she obviously won’t have any interest in you. I'm guessing she's one of the girls on the cheerleading team or something.”

“She might. I have yet to ask her though she might not at the same time. As for her not being interested in me I don’t know as she becomes really shy when ever I talk to her so I am guessing she has some unspoken feelings for me she just hasn’t admitted to  yet”

Now wondering who this girl was Tasha looked up at him for the first time since he had first walked over. His blue eyes were mesmerizing and his strong looking arms she felt like she could crawl into and feel safe from the world. 

Stuttering she continued “wh-who …….is this girl? I don’t know her.”

“I don’t believe im saying this but I’ll tell you as long as you promise not to tell anyone or at least without my permission. Agreed?” he said with the most serious and down to earth expression she had ever seen on his face before. 

She didn’t care though. She wanted to know who this girl was and she would agree to pretty much anything at this point. “I agree” she declared. “Now tell me who she is. I agreed so who is she?”

“Alright . Alright.” He said with a chuckle and a grin. “But your going to feel stupid if I tell you and you cannot laugh.”

“I don’t care now who is she?”

“Wow…..you really are dense aren’t you huh? The girl I just described is you. Your the girl I like who you said seemed stuck up though i’ve never seen that about you. Your the only girl I have ever admired and on top of that your the only girl who won’t talk to me at all and who always seems to run away when I am talking to you. You consistently always when you don’t run away act as if you are walking on a snow-covered mountain and don’t want to cause an avalanche. I am not easily angered and you do not have to worry about me getting mad at you. I love you.” 

Now it was his time to look bashful to where for the first time he actually blushed in front of her and he lowered his head and avoided her eyes as if he expected her to yell at him though she saw no reason to. It was sweet of him to admit that to her and she was enthralled by the news of him actually liking her in return.

She bursted out laughing earning her a few glances from some of the nearby families as they were trying to enjoy the cherry blossoms. “Well……..for the record my answer is yes yes yes. You better be as good of a boyfriend as I have dreamed of before. After all you think I am nice looking but remember this. The girl you thought wouldn’t notice you because you think you look plain thinks that you are perhaps one of the most beautiful people she could ever want in her life. If you weren’t so busy  staring at yourself in the mirror all the time you might actually find that other people think that your eyes are quiet electric and piercingly beautiful and that your narrow chin and jet black hair make it to where you obviously can’t see the trails of girls following you all the time.”

He looked up at her with a startled expression upon his face and smiled before taking her by the arm and drawing her in close before placing a gentle smooch upon her cheek. His arms wrapped around her seemed to hold her so tightly that nothing could take her away from him and his eyes no longer seemed so piercing and instead seemed almost gloomy like they were ready to shout bolts out but for now were just keeping watch to make sure she was safe. Her heart was racing as he held her tightly and she thought that this moment would never end. 

When he kissed her she thought just for a moment that all time had frozen and that even the heavens had wanted this to be. The moon had just at the moment their skin had met cast a mighty beam down upon them and the stars had started to sing. The wind has danced around them through the trees and the blossoms themselves had started to hum. The creek under their feet seemed to rush with excitement and create its chorus as the birds in the trees sang their songs of love and destiny.

As far as she was concerned this moment could last forever even though she knew that nothing could last forever as time keeps flowing even if you don’t. 

It was one of the many mystical things about life where the answer always seemed to elude those trying to find it and flirt with those who wanted nothing to do with it. For the moment however she would do anything. Just for the moment. She wanted it to never end and for him to always hold her in his strong arms. For those eyes to always keep her safe and for his heart. Oh his heart. His strong beautiful heart she could feel thumping within his chest. She wanted it all to herself. She wanted him to keep her there next to his heart listening to the rhythmic way it beat and produced a song for her to love him to.

He gave her a squeeze and she realised he was looking at her as if he had just gotten done asking a question but she had not been paying attention. Silly her. Silly him. How was she supposed to keep listening to him if she was so busy loving him. 

“I’m sorry. What did you say?”

“I said” He started in that sweet honey glazed voice “Would you like to go to the movies or something later. Of course not tonight as it is getting kinda late and everything but maybe next friday night after school.”

School? She had completely forgotten about school. How was she going to tell her friends? How was anyone going to take the news that they were now a thing? Worst she thought was how would her entire family take her (the quiet one) with having a boyfriend and maybe future husband. 

“That sounds nice but for now let’s just enjoy the beautiful moment.”


As she leaned back against him with his arm wrapped around her and his dark grey flannel seeming to radiate the most perfect feeling of comfort. The moon seemed to for the rest of the night keep its beautiful gaze down upon them and the cherry blossoms fluttered around them as if dancing in the air as they fell  to the ground. 

She continued to watch the ships over their head glide by as one drifted by rather close over their heads so she could see the beautiful glass windows making the sleek clean silver hull look like an amazing disco ball. She nearly bursted out in surprise as the ships name she could see was “Destiny”. She smiled at this and knew as she snuggled up even tighter with Him that the next day was going to be magical. After all...How else was it suppose to be?


© Copyright 2020 Ryland Michael Lamson. All rights reserved.

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