The Girl In The Night

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic

Whilst morning the loss of his belovered wife, a man tells us of the unusal visits he recieved from a small girl late in the dark of the night.

I’m going to tell you a story. Explain to you why I dread to shut my eyes in the chill of the night. For you see, I can’t seem to get her out of my head. Every time I close my eyes she’s there. It seems almost… real.

I remember the first time I saw her, I remember because I had decided to work back late. Why?, perhaps it was because of the heavy rain shattering against the thick bars of the morgues window. Perhaps I had a few more bodies to examine, I don’t know. I do know that I needed to sit; I desired a cup of tea to relieve me from the chill of the poorly lit room. Finishing my tea I rose from my chair. Pacing across the room I retrieved the large pile of reports that had piled in the centre of what hardly passed as a desk. After reading over the reports I smirked and placed them in the drawer of my desk. It was unlike me to ever make a mistake on any work I had done. Genevieve had often said that my possessive manor would be the death of us both. The thought of Genevieve made my stomach churn and I felt nothing but sadness and despair for those few moments. My emotions of sadness were soon pushed aside when the lights began to flicker. On and off... On and off… On and off. And then there was darkness. When I finally caught my breath I darted across the room for the light switch but… Nothing. Just darkness. ‘Whose there’ I choked in desperate measure. Then suddenly there was light and in the centre of the room stood a girl, no older than 6. She stood there, in the room… alone. I examined her intently. Her eyes were sad and grey, her skin as pale as any of the lifeless bodies who accompanied us in the cold room. She wore a dress, nearly as blue as her lips, with large puffs at the sleeve. Curls ran down her back, bright enough to lighten the room with their golden colour. Our gazes met and she examined me for a moment. Her head tilted in curiosity “Sorry” she whispered “I didn’t mean to frighten you”

“You didn’t frighten me”, I lied terribly “Where’s your mum and dad?” The girl looked at me puzzled “They’re supposed to come find me, I don’t know what’s taking so long” I looked at her just as puzzled

“What’s your name?”

“Alice” she chimed.

 “Well Alice, your parents will be worried. You should go home”. Alice didn’t reply, she simply blinked and sighed, turning her back towards me as she shuffled across the room. She was just about to leave when she quickly turned to face me. “I’m sorry about your wife by the way, she misses you dearly” my mouth gaped, lips began to tremble.

“Did you know Genevieve?” I questioned the little girl. She shook her head

“No, but she seems lovely. I have to go now, I don't know how much time I have left” she was halfway out the door when I stopped her

“Please wait!” I yelled. I must have frightened her because she was gone... disappeared into the dark of the night.

Then next day followed the same as any other. I awoke and pored myself a cup of coffee. I left the house early and made my way for another days work. Although the sky began to brighten, nothing could erase the thick film of fog that presented its self in the misty morning air. I arrived at the morgue and gazed at the heavy black gates that isolated the building from the rest of the town. Behind the mist you couldn’t make out the tall walls that lay ahead. For the rest of the morning I waited for the sky to clear, the darkness came before the fog arose. Turning in for the night, I locked the rustic building and walked up the long drive towards the gate. The night was so quiet I could clearly hear the blow of the trees far in the distance, and the sound of my breath in the chill of the night. I approached the gate with strong stride and pushed it open it with force. Suddenly I heard her, sobbing, ever so faintly. I looked to the ground and saw her sitting against the gate, her head in her knees. I kneeled down onto my knees and placed my hand on her trembling shoulder. “Alice” I whispered tyring desperately not to frighten her once again. I watched as the girl that stood in front of me the night before, appeared whiter, her eyes as red as blood and her skin colder than the night. She looked at with her tired gaze and trembling lips

“Why haven’t you helped me?” she screeched. I looked at the small girl sobbing in front of me

“How can I help you?” I questioned. Still shaking she swiped my hand off her cold shoulder

“I told you, I told you! Please you have to help me. It was just a game.” The girl was delusional, that had become clear to me, but I couldn’t leave her here in cold.

“Where’s your mum and Dad?” I pleaded. Her sobbing grew louder and more rapid “They said they would come find me, why haven’t they found me?” I was desperate; she was cold and still wearing the same clothes from the night before. “You can stay with me at my house tonight and we will find your parents in the morning”. Yes, I would take the child home and to the police before work the next morning, surely I couldn’t help the child on my own. The girl nodded, and a small sigh of relief filled the misty air between us. I turned quickly to lock the gloomy gates, turning back I gasped with terror. She was gone… Vanished.

Perhaps her parents had found her, or she’d gone back home I kept telling myself that night I sat up in bed. Wondering, worrying... imagining. I had to stop, I saw pictures of the girl in my head. She lay in the morgue, her body lifeless yet hair still rich in its golden colour. I shook my head and closed my eyes. When I opened my eyes again I saw her. Resting her body against the front of my bedroom door. She was panting, gasping. “Help!” she barely spoke. Suddenly she dropped to the floor in groan. I quickly paced out of bed towards her, catching her fall. She screamed and grumbled, moaned and churned. “One, two, three, four, five” she whispered. “It was just a game, six, seven, eight, nine” She grew colder and began to sob. “I found it.. The perfect hiding spot. Under the stairs” “10. Its dark I want to leave but I can’t, I’m stuck”. She shook in my arms, there was nothing I could do for the child but listen. “I’m Tired, hungry, lonely... I can’t breathe. It was just a game, they were supposed to find me but they didn’t. It was just a game...I think I lost” I peered at the girl lying lifeless in my arms. She was dead, or so I thought. When I lay her down alone on the floor to retrieve a sheet to place over her body she was gone again. Vanished with the rest of the night.


I had realised that it wasn’t the small girl who was delusional but in fact me, imaging the presence of a mere child. It saddened me that she wasn’t real as I had grown quiet fond of her. I returned to work the next morning tired with lack of sleep. I slumped up the driveway, hazy eyed. I saw it then, a big white van. I sighed as the driver sprinted up the driveway towards me. He handed me a sheet, more paperwork I presumed. “How many bodies today?” I snarled at the lanky excuse of a man. He attempted a smile, one I had no energy or desire to return.

“Just the one today” he explained “She was found early hours this morning. I can’t tell you much about the situation. Just that her parents had been looking for her for days, reported her missing In fact”.

I turned on the man with disgust in is care of work and entered the morgue. He had at least made the effort to cover the body, I thought to myself. Entering the room I was drawn to the new body that lied on the table of my office. Something pulled me towards the table. I arrived facing the body. Without moving the sheet I could tell she was young no older than eight perhaps. Closing, my eyes I lifted the sheet from the child’s body. I let out a slight  gasp of despair when I opened my eyes to discover the rich gold curls that lay in front of me.

Submitted: August 25, 2013

© Copyright 2021 ryleeEkennedy. All rights reserved.

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That was chilling, and well thought out! I think it was very good, the descriptions and vocabulary were great too. Nice job! :)

Sun, August 25th, 2013 1:31am

A J Chaudhury

Well, that was pretty good! You got the mystery feel quite right! :)

Sun, September 1st, 2013 4:34am

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