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Mixture of mcr

Submitted: February 14, 2012

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Submitted: February 14, 2012



\"Are you staring at me?\" Nathan responded with a nod. \"You dress like you want someone to stare.\" I slipped my shorts on over my fishnets and my white t-shirt over my black cami. The deep v draped over one of my shoulders. \"I can dress however I want.\" \"Can you now? Bright white is good for an assassin job?\" Nathan smirked, his dark blue eves meeting mine. \"No.\" I groaned and changed my shirt to a black one of equal size. \"Happy?\" His hand reached for a lock of my striped black and blue hair, which fell over my shoulders in soft shiny waves. I smacked it playfully, looking at him with jade eyes under long eyelashes as i bit my lip naughtily.\"I hope you don't think I give it up that easily.\" Nathan responded with an equally flirty tone. \"Who said I wanted it? I enjoy you. So flirty and salacious.\" \"So you are thinking of me.\" \"I can't even think of you? Maybe I want to date you first.\" \"So do it,\" I whispered. \"Ask me out on a date.\" \"You want to do sonething Friday?\" I giggled. \"Yeah, sure.\" ************************* \"You got to stay with me, love.\" Nathan kissed my forehead, bringing me to the present. \"The bite might not be enough.\" \"I doubt it.\" I met Nathan's lips with my own. \"But you know, ever since you asked me out three years ago, I've changed.\" \"For the better?\" \"Yes. For the better.\" Nathan smiled and held me as the golden sunrise reached the woods. I could feel the blood running down my neck, and i could see his uneasy face as i turned deathly pale. \"So the romance ends. Promise me something?\" \"Anything, love.\" \"Bury me in black? In my hunter clothes?\" \"Of course.\" Nathan brushed my lusterless curl aside. \"You know, I always wanted to watch the sunset with you.\" Nathan turned away, wiping a tear he did not want me to see. \"Not like this, please, not like this.\" \"Nathan?\" \"There's so many things I wanted to do with you... I wanted to hold you like this, under the first rays of sunset. I wanted to lay on the beach under the stars

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