I'll Die With a Friend

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Just because my poetry is becoming more and more about suicide, that doesn't mean anything.

Submitted: November 19, 2011

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Submitted: November 19, 2011




Cry, cry

I want to die…


Gun, gun

Let’s have some fun…


I’ll bring a knife

You bring a gun

Now all we have to do is run…


But remember, there’ll be consequences

As your blood runs down the street

But this clearing is a wonderful place to meet…


As we put our heads together

We’ll kill each other

And we’ll end our strife

With this beautiful knife…


But it won’t be today

It’s not safe

Even though we share our fate

It’s too dangerous

But soon we will be famous…


Our blood will mix

As we get our fix

And our eyes will play the same old tricks…


My face wet with tears

As I tell you my fears

Our hearts beat the same

As I take out the knife

We’re fed up with the hate

So we’ll share the same fate…


The light will die

And so will we

We’ll finally be free…


We’ll finally be free…

I’ve forgotten what that word means.

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