Lucy Goosey

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Lucy Goosey is a name I despise because I don't like being reffered to as a goose.

Submitted: November 19, 2011

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Submitted: November 19, 2011




They called her Lucy Goosey,

Because that’s the name she hated.

When she came to school she dreaded it,

Hated crying in the bathroom stall.

On more than one occasion

She’d show up to class crying.

That’s when she found the box cutter,

And etched a star upon her wrist.

When she talked to her friend the next day,

He told her that he knew how she felt.

The kids at school didn’t understand.

On more than one occasion,

Emo and suicidal were words she heard when someone was talking about her.

She couldn’t tell anyone how she felt,

It was too hard to try.

So she broke her razor,

And cut ten lines on the inside of her wrist.

The next day,

She covered her arms up.

And she’s been wearing a sweater ever since.

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