Rayne, the Lost Child.

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Rayne is my ultimate character, my alter ego. She is an extension of me and my pen.

Submitted: November 20, 2011

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Submitted: November 20, 2011




Her name is known

Her age is 13

There’s a whole bunch of cuts on her wrist that I see

The smell makes me groan

I nearly vomit from all of the blood on the floor

But there’s a smile on her face

Which only makes me gag more

And my eyes water as if they were sprayed with mace

But what happened to this girl

Whose name turns out to be Rayne?

The possibilities make my head whirl

Even though she didn’t die in pain

They found a suicide note

Clutched in a bloody fist

The stains of blood obscure what she wrote

So everything we missed

She died, that’s all we know

But we bet her story is untold woe

Her hair is tied in a black bow

And her face is marked with the punches from her foe

But we finally decipher the bloody letter

And we all wished we could have met her

To say it’s all going to be okay

Because here is what she had to say:

My name is Rayne,

I’m 13 years old

I don’t know why

But people always pick on me

My mother’s a druggie

My dad’s an alcoholic

And my brother beats me

So I’m assuming I’ve gone too far

And now I’m dead

Or else I wouldn’t have written this

But I knew

And I wanted it to happen

Because my name is Rayne,

I’m thirteen years old

I’ve suffered too much abuse,

And I have no home.

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