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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

We are the deathly army, the demon plague threatening the existence of normalcy. Not only are we teenagers, we're special, an army of the fucked up...


Your beauty, your grace,

You’re a little nutcase…


Why did you let me live?

I’m just an amusement…


Abuse me

We’re all the same

A kingdom of cutters who have serious problems

But nobody knows so nobody cares…


We abuse drugs and alcohol

We lie

We’re a group of fucked up little kids that everyone wants to die

We feed off of pain

We’re leeches

A whole bunch of outspoken little bitches…


So why do you shower us with praise

You hypocrite, fucking liar

You abuse drugs as much as we do…


But you’re an adult

And we’re only teenagers

Misnamed emo…


We’re the users


Of alcohol and cocaine

Send us all to the fucking mental institution…


We won’t give a shit about you

Or your plans for us

What you want us to do with our lives…


It’s a whole goddamn cycle

Not a rebirth or revival

We’ll all become adults someday…


We dread it so

We don’t want to let go

Of our relation and emancipation

Just the 21st century fuck ups…


So we etch names on our wrists

And write our suicide notes in blood

It’s peaceful

Pleasure takes over pain

And we die with the bloody stains…


So fuck it, kill us all…

Trap us in college talk and high school books

Make us study, call us honey

Lock us in confining rooms…


All we want is our freedom

And it’s paid for in blood

Razors and knives

The suicidal are the fighters

You just let them die

We’re teased and tormented

But that’s just a part of growing up

Until we end up in the ground instead of the hospital…


And yet they talk about us

Fucking little snakes

They have no respect for the dead

We’re just jokes still

A success in the bullying playbook…


And the parents don’t care

Because we just fucking stare

Into space, looking for a solution

Ending the deaths in our revolution...


It’s not a question

Of the depression

That plagues our generation…


It’s the desperation

The fear,

It doesn’t even end here…


When the suicidal are all dead

And the emo locked up

It just leaves the whores

The beautiful sluts…


No black unless it’s natural

The tempting silver mistress nowhere in sight

Not an ounce of abuse

For this clever ruse

Because we’ll be all dying

Not the least bit death defying…


We’ll never give up

You’ll never win

Even though killing ourselves is the greatest fucking sin

We still have the blades

And we know how to use them

We speak out for the abused

 “Across the road” for the hospital, “Down the street” for the morgue…



We’d die for each other

In a midst of choking on pills and shooting bullets

Because that’s who we are…

Submitted: November 19, 2011

© Copyright 2021 Ryoka. All rights reserved.

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