This one's for all of you!

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For all of the self-hating.
To all of the bitches that make me hate myself.

Submitted: November 18, 2011

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Submitted: November 18, 2011




I was sick and tired of all the teasing

All the sadness, and the pain

Making myself prettier for them

But none of them can accept me for who I am.

I promised myself once that I’d never cut

Never put a scar on my pretty little wrist,

But now they’ve hurt me, teased me, tormented me.

It grew harder to use my self control.

I reminded myself that I should never let the doubt to creep in my head

That I was different, an oddball, an outcast.

I made myself believe that I’m special

But they took the one thing that I tried to protect

And now that’s gone, I’ve nothing to live for

So I came up with this idea

They’d hate it it, I promise.

Because their name is on it

Written in my wet blood

Next to my red wrists and my black hair and dead green eyes

Staring at the things I’d never read again.


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