The Desert of Your Silence

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Something for when the person you love returns only cruelty. And the desperate hope that it gets better.

Submitted: December 11, 2012

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Submitted: December 11, 2012



I've walked in the desert  

of your sacred silence 

my feet pressed into 

white hot sands 

that scalded my souls 

my very essence. 

I've wiped the sweat from my brow 

proof of the ragged heart 

that rages on within my chest 

I've climbed lone trees 

in that desolate place 

given my best 

to find a trace 

of love or comfort 

and I descend 

to the ground again 

with a mouthful of dust. 

the very dust my bones are made of. 

And I'm told we are one with infinity 

but there is no end to this desert 

and it is the only infinity I know. 


I dig at the roots of 

these lone trees 

to find their end 

the source of their life 

and I dig through the marrow of the earth 

until only my worn heels are exposed 

and the wind sweeps across 

the desolate land. 


the sun sets 

like a eulogy 

darkness overcomes 

and I outstrech my body 

to offer my last bit of warmth to you 

to offer the last morcel of my spirit 

the very thing on which you scavanged. 

I outstretch my hands towards the sky 

fingertips like desperate sighs 

in a silent prayer 

to something like god 

but not in so many words. 

my lips quiver 

as I silently weep 

and delliver 

the last sacred piece 

of myself 

to fate 

and to that which beyond my control. 

The walls of fragil sand 

unable to stand the cruelty 

of this silent desert 

cave around me 

paralyzing me 

and my eye s are blocked 

my throat fills with ancient stones 

my ears detect only a faint heartbeat 

until there is no sound to be heard. 

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