To Tracy

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A poem for the love of my life. I've never been great at expressing my emotions and have hurt her deeply through my own stupidity. I hope this poem goes some way to apologising.

Submitted: October 20, 2013

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Submitted: October 20, 2013



Words cannot express the pain I feel and my fear of losing you
The bond of trust that I have broken, leaves me alone and feeling blue
I never meant to hurt you and I’m so sorry that I have
I hate myself for what I’ve done and for disappointing you

My love, I am so sorry, for the grave mistakes I‘ve made
I pray that you’ll forgive me and tell me I can stay
I’ll strive to be a better person, I’ll change, I’ll seek advice
I’ll show how much I love you, I’ll treat you like my wife

I want so much to talk to you, but I cannot find the words
To tell you what you mean to me, without it sounding contrived
I feel like a prisoner in my room, alone, without you near
I could not live like this forever, that’s my greatest fear

You truly are my everything, though it may be hard to recognise
I find it hard to show it and I want to make amends
You have always been there for me, the tables need to turn
Please find in your heart to forgive me and allow me to return

A life without you would be so empty and so hard to comprehend
The only life worth living, is with you, my love, my friend
I long to have you near me, the warmth of your embrace
Please stay with me my darling, please stay with me dear Trace

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