beauty of a beast

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Blair is just the most popular girl in school until she's partnered with the new guy Vlad. Vlad meets Blair's best friend Zoe and they fall in love, but his ex-girlfriend Aria is also in love with him. Blair makes him chose bwtween the two and gets dragged into his love life therefore making a love square. he has to chose who to keep around and who to let die.

Submitted: April 07, 2011

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Submitted: April 07, 2011



Blair: My name is Blair Anne Jones, I’m the most popular junior at Blakewood high, I’m the captain of the dance team, and I’m dating the football captain, Bryce. My five best friends are Amy, Danielle, Harriet, Zoe, and Calvin,. I live in Clearwater Florida with my parents Melvin and Carol, and my half-sister Yolanda and my pet goldfish Rick; I’m pretty much the queen bee of the school.
Vladimir: I’m Vladimir aka Vlad Mathew Mason, I’m the junior loner new guy at Blakewood high, at my old school I was the bass guitarist in a band called Assassin and was dating the photographer on the newspaper staff, Aria. My two best friends –only best friends – are Collin the class clown and Jason the school’s most bad rebel, I recently moved to Florida from Washington with my older sister Haley. The two of us have a dark secret though that only my friends and ex-girlfriend are aware of, that’s what keeps us close almost like best friends protecting each other.

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