beauty of a beast 2: the hunter vs. the hunted act 10

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Clause is being investiagted by an investigator and police offier and later stays in a jail cell until Blair bails him out. Irene confesses her love for Clause after he'sbailed out and he takes her to his hotel. Sarah finds Clause at his hotel and tells him she's dying then he tells her that he killed Stefan and the two siblings end on a sour note.

Submitted: August 16, 2012

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Submitted: August 16, 2012



Act 10 scene 1: the interrogation room

Clause: (lean back in chair & sigh)

Investigator: (stand across the room and stare at Clause intensely) you had a motive to kill Stephan, didn’t you Mr. Andrews?

Police officer: you were angry at him for spilling your dirty little secret to your boss

Clause: (stare down at hand cuffed wrists)

Police officer: and the girl is your accomplice in all of this

Clause: she has a name you know… it’s Zoe Mason

Investigator: (sit across from Clause & squint in the bright light of the lamp)

Police officer: (fold arms across chest)

Clause: she’s my sister’s mother-in-law

Investigator: your sister… then her motive would be to protect you in honor of the code of siblings (run fingers through hair)

Clause: (shut eyes)

Investigator: either way you both are primary suspects

Clause: I am not the murderer of Stephan (shake head)

Police officer: (stand up & walk to the door)

[the door buzzes]

Police officer: (open the door)

Stranger: (walk in and stare at Clause) hello Clause Andrews, my name is Allen smith (narrow eyes)

[Police officer leaves & closes door behind him]

Allen: I am a homicide investigator; Stephan was killed by a dart found in your house

Clause: you are falsely accusing me of killing my nephew… my own sister’s son… haven’t I been through enough already (shake head & snort)

Allen: (run fingers through hair)

Clause: I lost my job and my nephew and somehow people have the bright idea to pin it on me

Investigator: your job and nephew aren’t the only things you lost, are they Clause?

Allen: (lean on wall and press lips together)

Investigator: your student Irene left you to be with a boy her own age

Clause: Irene Paterson is nothing more than a student to me, I don’t know why everyone is assuming otherwise (casual shrug)

Investigator: (walk around room & stare at Clause suspiciously)

Clause: I am just her math tutor and creative writing teacher

Allen: you’ve gone mad… you’ve gone bonkers, you know

Clause: (take a deep breath)

Allen: I have a photograph of you snogging her, snogging your very own student

Act 10 scene 2: Clause’s jail cell

Clause: (Lie on top bunk of jail cell bed, stare up at the ceiling & sigh)

Cellmate: (Lie on bottom bunk of jail cell bed, and write a letter to sister)

Jail warden: (walk over to Clause’s cell & unlock the door) Clause Andrews, you have been bailed out

Cellmate: who the hell bailed out this ignorant fool but left me here to rot? (growl and stare at the letter)

Clause: (get up & climb out of the bunk bed)

Cellmate: Karma is a real bitch aint she?

Jail warden: watch the language Curt; I’m not joking around with you (scowl at Clause’s cellmate Curt)

Clause: (grab normal clothes from warden)

Cellmate: (roll eyes)

Jail warden: and as for you Clause, the person who bailed you out asked to be kept anonymous

Clause: (follow jail warden to the front of the jail, change out of orange jumpsuit in the bathroom, hand jail warden the jumpsuit and walk outside)

[Irene stands outside waiting for Clause]

Clause: what are you doing here Irene, isn’t Nolan waiting for you? (pull eye brows together)

Irene: (bow head)

Clause:  I mean I’m happy to see you but I did you bail me out of jail?

Blair: (walk up to Clause) Irene didn’t bail you out… I did, I compelled every police offer that you’re out on bail

Clause: (stare at Irene)

Blair: you are running out of time too Irene, they are coming for you… they are coming for her Clause

Irene: I know I should’ve run already and that I’m risking my life by staying but Clause… I love you!

Blair: (pat Clause on the shoulder & growl under breath)

Irene: I realized that I was afraid of admitting it because there’s so much to lose

Blair: as time passes through an hourglass and affection grows stronger, the girl comes to a crossroad

Clause: (close eyes)

Blair: she holds two lives in her hand and in the end she can only save one

Irene: (run up to Clause, kiss him passionately and wrap arms around his neck)

Clause: (wrap arms around Irene’s waist)

[They make out]

Blair: (leave)

Act 10 scene 3: hotel room

Clause: (lay on bed & grade papers)

Irene: (do homework and bite lip)

Clause: you didn’t have to come hide out with me

Irene: I am a target of human hunters and I know I’ll be safe with you (glance at Clause)

Clause: (nod)

Irene: you will protect me because of the love we share, I know you will

Clause: you love us both don’t you? You had sex with him but you say you love me… Elena told me

Irene: (close eyes and sigh)

Clause: things will never be the same between us

Irene: I can prove that I love you Clause… though it’s sad that I should have to (open eyes and take off shirt)

Clause: (stare at Irene)

Irene: I can show you that nothing is more important (pull a knife out of backpack & hold it over right wrist)

Clause: (put papers aside and pull eye brows together) what are you doing?

Irene: (cut wrist, hold wrist out to Clause inches from his mouth & drop bloody knife)

Clause: (hold breath)

Irene: don’t hold back Clause, this is love… Blair told me you’d be thirsty (gulp)

Clause: (grip bed tightly)

Irene: I love you… I trust you not to kill me

Clause: (scoot closer to Irene and grab her arm gently)

Irene: (quietly gasps)

Clause: (expose sharp fangs, close eyes, bite Irene’s wrist & drink her blood)

~ 2 minutes later ~

Clause: (pull back and stare at Irene)

Irene: (take off Clause’s shirt)

[Clause and Irene lay down and make out]

Act 10 scene 4: hotel room

Clause: (sit up, pull eye brows together and glance around room suspiciously)

Irene: (yawn sleepily & climb out of bed) I slept like a baby last night, what about you?

Clause: it was hard to fall asleep after last night but if I did I would’ve dreamt of you (flash a smile)

Irene: (run fingers through hair)

Clause: you never left my mind or my heart… the stakes have just been raised

Irene: I love you Clause and I refuse to let anything happen to us (glance over shoulder at Clause)

Clause: (stare at Irene & tilt head to the right)

Irene: I promise not to let what we have die

Stranger: (kick door open) isn’t it a shame when you come second to the woman you love?

Irene: (stand behind Clause and tightly grip his shoulders)

Stranger: you love a human and she puts a werewolf above you

Clause: you must expect an easy defeat human hunter (stand up)

Stranger: (close the front door)

Irene: (fall to knees, crawl behind bed and hide)

Clause: you are stupid for coming here thinking you’d have an easy target

Stranger: well Clause, having you guard her won’t be a problem… I’ll kill you both (lunge forward)

Irene: (hold breath)

Stranger: your time has been cut short as well as hers

Clause: that’s where you’re wrong (pull out a dart gun & shoot stranger in the heart)

Stranger: (fall to the ground and die)

Irene: (stand up and stare at Clause)

Clause: we have to leave now

Irene: I need to say goodbye to my parents, brother Collin and Elena first (run to the door)

Clause: (open the door, step outside, & sigh)

Irene: take me home first so I can pack (step outside and close door)

Sarah: oh Clause, I’ve missed you so much… Blair poisoned all of us! (throaty cough)

Clause: (run up to Sarah and hug her tightly)

Sarah: Zoe and Vlad died, Vlad tried to find you when Blair released him but didn’t make it… I’m next in line to die!

Clause: you are the only family I have left Sarah; I killed your son so you can live… I killed Stephan

Sarah: (gasp in grief)

Clause: I’m so sorry, he was a human hunter and there was no other way

Sarah: you killed my only son so Blair would save my life? (cry)

Clause: (step back & stare at Sarah)

Sarah: you murderer! If only you had known Blair would poison us anyway my son would still be alive…

Clause: I couldn’t let you die thinking there is nothing I can do (shake head)

Irene: (cry)

Clause: I wouldn’t be able to live with myself… I love you Sarah and I have close to nothing, that’s why I did it

Sarah: you should go, save your human before you lose her too (stare at the ground & press lips together)

Clause: (cry and shake head)

Sarah: you are a disappointment for killing my one and only son…

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