beauty of a beast 2: the hunter vs. the hunted act 5

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Irene goes to an interview with Elena's dad and meets Nolan's mom. she gets hired to be an actress at a downtown theatre. before the first day of rehersals Irene goes to Nolans's swim meet talking about Elena's family on the way there. Irene meets the other actors and actresses in the play and later that day goes to a party on the beach where she runs into Nolan. he tries to convince her he doesn't feel anything for her with a kiss.

Act 5 scene 1: Todd’s office

Irene: (sit in chair in front of Todd’s desk, cross legs & run fingers through hair)

Todd: (lean back in chair and take a sip of coffee) of what age are you because there is an age limit for actors and actresses looking to work here?

Irene:  I’m sixteen and attend Vexon high as a sophomore (glance at apple on Todd’s desk)

Todd: (stare at Irene & press lips together)

Irene: I’m an aspiring actress; I’ve been acting in school plays for a while

Todd:  since you have experience, tell me what your goal is by asking for a spot in the cast of my plays (raise an eye brow)

Irene: (stare at Todd and tilt head)

Todd: why should I let you work for me when you just moved here six days ago?

Irene: I have a three point seven GPA and acting isn’t only my passion, it’s my life (lean forward & tuck hair behind ear)

Todd: (take a sip of coffee)

Irene: I was never what my mother wanted me to be but I’m not an actress for her, I’m an actress for me

Todd: you’re smart and passionate about the preforming arts (scratch chin, lean forward and sigh)

Irene: (press lips together)

Todd: well, the play writer will be here bright and early tomorrow morning to hand you your script

Irene: I got the job and will be in the play!?! (Smile, lean back in seat, blink slowly & run fingers through hair)

Todd: (nod)

Irene: ok, I’ll be here in your office at seven thirty tomorrow morning

Todd: actually seven o’ clock, waking up early is an important part of being an actress (stand up)

Irene:  (nod, stand up and keep smiling)

Todd: be here at seven or I might change my mind

Irene: I won’t be so much as a minuet late (grab Todd’s left hand & shake it)

Todd: (nod)

Irene: (leave downtown theatre and meet Elena outside)

Elena: (lean against wall & eat apple)

Irene: I got the job!

Act 5 scene 2: on the way to Nolan’s swim meet

Irene: (pull hair into ponytail & press lips together)

Elena: (wait for traffic light to change to green)

Collin: (sit in back seat, listen to IPod and tap lightly on the window)

Irene: I’m going to be a real actress (smile)

Elena: I’m happy for you but are you sure you can keep up your GPA, work as an actress after school for five hours and date Nolan?

Irene: (frown & stare at Elena)

Elena:  you both are busy and making time sounds like a lot of work

Irene: Nolan and I will find a way to be together (nod and press lips together)

Elena: (glance at Irene, notice the light turn green & drive forward)

Irene: he and I belong together so we’re going to be

Elena: you and Clause also belong together but it doesn’t mean you’re going to be

Irene: (stare out window and sigh)

Collin: (throw head back, run fingers over hair & close eyes)

Elena: look, I’m just saying that you two aren’t going to have the time for each other

Irene: I’m afraid of Clause in a different way that I’m afraid of Nolan, that’s why I left (lean head against the window)

Elena: (sigh)

Collin: (run fingers over hair and sing along with music from IPod)

Irene: Clause isn’t the only victim

Elena: fear is only in the mind when we convince ourselves to run away from something (shake head)

Irene:  (raise an eye brow)

Elena: take your brother for example, Collin wants to be a werewolf and if he were I’d stay with him

Irene: it’s easier said than done to stand beside a killer and stay there

Collin: (sing off key & louder with the music from IPod)

Irene: I did what I though is the right thing

Elena: the right thing now comes down to choosing Nolan over Clause when there are hunters after both?

Irene: (close eyes and take a deep breath)

Elena: sounds like Clause is suffering the most

Irene: I care about Clause so much it hurts but I’m not sure that’s enough now

Elena: (pull into the parking lot, find a parking space, & turn off car)

Irene: (take off seat belt) for now let’s just support Nolan (open door, get out of car and close door)

Collin: (open eyes, take off seat belt & get out of car)

Elena: (take off seat belt, get out of car, lock it and hold Collin’s hand)

[Elena, Collin and Irene walk into school]

Act 5 scene 3: Todd’s office

Irene: (sit in front of Todd’s desk & eat a apple)

Todd: (take a sip of coffee, stare at Irene and flash a smile) Ramona might be late because had to unexpectedly drop her son off at his dad’s house

Irene: since we’re here why don’t you tell me what led you to become a director?

Todd: (raise an eye brow)

Irene: and do you have a family of your own, as in a wife and kids?

Todd: my two daughters Elena and Bethany are my inspiration for being here (sigh)

Irene: (run fingers through hair)

Todd: it’s what my wife Darleen would’ve wanted so I’m pleasing her though she’s no longer here

Irene: I’m sorry to hear that, I bet Darleen was a wonderful woman (stare at Todd)

Todd: (nod sadly and press lips together)

Irene: and I know Elena, she’s my friend but she never told me her mom died

Ramona: (open door & walk in) sorry I’m late, Nolan told me at the last minute to bring him to his dad’s house, teenage boys can be a pain in the butt at times

Todd: Ramona this is Irene the newest addition to the cast (stand up and politely point to Irene)

Ramona: (face Irene, smile & hold out hand)

Todd: and Irene this is Ramona the play writer who will help you with your lines (politely point to Ramona)

Ramona: we have two weeks to get the lines right which means rehearsal after school from four to nine

Irene: (stand up and shake Ramona’s hand)

Ramona: you will be meeting the cast come Monday

Irene: what’s the name of the play and what is it about, love… or something else? (Smile)

Ramona: (raise an eye brow)

Irene: what’s the storyline of the play, I’m curious

Ramona: the name of the play is “love bought with diamonds” and it’s a dramatic love story (sit down)

Todd: (sit down)

Irene: (sit down)

Ramona: it takes place in France when a mastermind criminal falls in love with a famous belly dancer

Act 5 scene 4: the beach

Irene: (smile & run fingers through hair)

Nolan: (walk up to Irene, press lips together and throw shirt in the sand) why are m here because if it’s to make Clause jealous I’d rather not be used

Irene: you’re here because I want you to be

Nolan: (step closer & tilt head)

Elena: (stare at Collin)

Collin: (stare at Elena)

Irene: I really like you and I want to be with you

Nolan: I couldn’t care less whether or not you like me (stare at Irene and put right hand on her shoulder)

Irene: (hold breath)

Nolan: truth be told I don’t like you… you’re just my lab partner

Irene: if that’s true that why did you come here to meet me? (Fold arms across chest)

Nolan: (shrug, step back & shake head)

Irene: I know you have feelings for me so why don’t you just admit it?

Collin: (face Nolan) hey Nolan, let’s get drinks

Irene: (grab Elena’s wrist, lead her to the hot dog stand, and buy two hot dogs)

Elena: (buy two sodas)

[Collin and Nolan push way to drink stand]

Irene: Nolan has to like me right? I mean I’m a likeable person (eat hot dog)

 Elena: (take a sip of soda)

Irene: I like him and the feelings are getting stronger

Elena: I think you’re the love interest of both Clause and Nolan (eat hot dog & look for a place to sit)

Irene: (follow Elena)

Elena: I’m not at all jealous because I’m already falling for Collin

Irene: I don’t want to make the tough decision of choosing between them (shake head and eat hot dog)

Elena: (sit on empty beach chair & kick feet up)

Irene: breaking up with Clause is hard enough for me

Elena: Nolan isn’t a sensitive type of guy like Clause so he won’t tell you he loves you first until he trusts you (put soda in cup holder)

Irene: (eat hot dog)

Elena: there’s a reason for him not clearly expressing his feelings

Irene: (take sip of soda & put drink in cup holder of chair next to Elena’s)

Elena: (finish soda)

Nolan: (walk up to Irene)

Irene: (finish hot dog)

Nolan: you insist that I have feelings for you when I don’t (put hands on Irene’s hips, pull her closer and kiss her)

Irene: (put hands on Nolan’s shoulders)

[They make out]

~3 minutes later~

Nolan: (pull back) …I felt nothing… (Walk away)

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