beauty of a beast 2: the hunter vs. the hunted act 6

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Clause wakes up in Blair's lair and she tells him about the human hunters who are hunting Irene. Blair makes him the deal of killing the human hunters in exchange for the safty of his family. Clause goes to Amy's house to get weapons strong enough to kill human hunters. Clause collects information on the human hunter from Amy then Irene calls out of worry. Clause goes home and Elena is at his house so they talk about family as well as Irene.

Submitted: December 21, 2011

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Submitted: December 21, 2011



Act 6 scene 1: Blair’s lair

Clause: (lean on wall, sigh & pull jacket hood over head)

Blair: (smile, put hands on hips and glance at Stephan) welcome to my… hide out, at least until I upgrade it

Clause: why do you want Stephan dead? (Pull eye brows together & fold arms across chest)

Blair: (raise an eye brow and step closer to Clause)

Clause: he didn’t do anything to you, not directly anyway or that I know of

Blair: he told Irene about vampires and werewolves plus he bit her in public (shake head)

Clause: (press lips together & stare at the ground)

Blair: he’s one of the sacred human hunting vampires

 Clause: that’s impossible; the clans of human hunters were killed in the first war (scratch chin)

Blair: (run fingers through hair and frown)

Clause: the first war was one between the humans and their hunters with vampires for back up

Blair: seven human hunters survived and now that Stephan is dead there are six (put hands on Clause’s shoulders & stare at him)

Clause: (put hands in pockets)

Blair: Stephan led them here just before you killed him

Clause: Stephan was hunting Irene, that’s why he asked to go to Collin’s house the day he told Sarah he was sleeping at my apartment (stare at Blair and pull eye brows together)

Blair: (nod)

Clause: he was going to drain dry her but her parents walked in

Blair: there’s an ingredient in her perfume that attacks human hunters (press lips together)

Clause: (tilt head & pull eye brows together)

Blair: kill the rest and your family will be free, all you have to do is talk to Amy

Clause: now that Stephan led the human hunters here they will be after the same target as him (shake head)

Blair: (lightly kiss Clause’s cheek, scoop Stephan up in arms and run away)

Clause: …Irene

Act 6 scene 2: outside Amy’s house

Clause: (get out of car & lock door)

Little boy: (sit on ground, lean against tree and read a book)

Clause: (walk up to little boy & kneel) I see you like reading the Harry Potter series

Little boy: all of the fantasy books are interesting to me (glance up at Clause and continue reading)

Clause: (run fingers over hair & smile)

Little boy: now I’m only nine but one day I’ll be an astronaut

Clause: when I was nine I wanted to be an actor and my mom thought I was the silliest thing ever but she supported my sister Sarah’s dream of being a photographer (press lips together)

Little boy: (nod)

Clause: but the way I’m Clause

Little boy: my name is Wilson but everyone calls me Willie (close book and put it on lap)

Clause: (nod)

Vanessa: (open door & fold arms across chest)

Wilson: so why are you here? Are you one of my mom’s boyfriend’s?

Clause: no, I’m looking for someone living at this residence by the name of Amy (glance at Vanessa)

Wilson: (raise an eye brow, tilt head and sigh)

Clause: Blair told me to seek help from her; I have to save my girlfriend

Wilson: my mom Vanessa can tell you where Amy is because I haven’t seen my great-grandma since last night (stand up)

Clause: (stand up)

Wilson: (lead Clause to Vanessa) my great-grandma Amy is an archer who travels a lot although she’s seventy-one

Clause: you must be Vanessa, I know how this must look but I didn’t come here to hurt you or your son i need to talk to Amy (pull eye brows together)

Vanessa: (pull Wilson close)

Clause: she is the only one who can help me

Vanessa: who do you think you are coming here and talking to my nine year old son?

Clause: (bow head)

Vanessa: I don’t even know who you are and you’re requesting to talk to my grandma, I think you should leave now

Clause: I can’t just leave and let the woman I love be hunted and killed (shake head and step forward)

Wilson: (run inside the house)

Clause: I beg you to let me talk to her

Vanessa: what can my grandma help you with that no one else can? (press lips together & run fingers through hair)

Clause: (stare at Vanessa and hold breath)

Vanessa: who the hell are you?

Clause: my name is Clause, I’m a vampire teacher at Vexon high and all my years roaming the earth I finally found the one I’m meant to be with

Amy: (walk up to Clause)

Wilson: (walk up to Clause)

Clause: please Amy, Blair sent me… I need your help

Act 6 scene 3: Amy’s house

Amy: finding six human hunters isn’t going to be easy when they’re in different locations and killing them won’t be much easier (shake head)

Clause: (sigh)

Amy: they won’t make themselves an easy target like Stephan

Clause: they are hunting Irene so if I guard her I will find them and kill them (sit next to Amy)

Amy: (stare at Clause and press lips together)

Clause: I will do whatever it takes to protect the woman I love from danger

Amy: it’s not just that simple and you of all people should know that (shake head, sigh & bow head)

Clause: (close eyes and take a deep breath)

Amy: we have to think this through to save her

[Clause’s phone rings]

Amy: (stand up, pull out brief case from under bed & put it on bed)

Clause: (take phone out of pocket and answer it)

Irene: I got your message and when I didn’t see you at school at all today I got worried

Clause: (throw head back)

Irene: where are you and why are you losing everything?

Clause: I needed you and you weren’t there for me yesterday, I might as well be alone right now (shake head)

Amy: (open brief case, take out gun & load it with vervain bullets)

Clause: my family is gone and so are you…

Irene: just because I need time to think doesn’t mean that I’m gone entirely

 Amy: (put gun on Clause’s lap and press lips together)

Irene: I care about you as much as I care about Nolan

Clause: you won’t say you love me but you say that (pull eye brows together, shake head & snort)

Amy: (raise an eye brow, pull out another gun and load it with silver bullets)

Clause: you are teasing me when all I want is you

Irene: I’m not ready to say those words to you

Clause: (hang up, drop phone on the floor & bow head)

Amy: (stand in front of Clause, put gun on his lap and hug him tightly) shoot the bullet into their heart for an instant kill

Clause:  (nod & hug Amy)

Amy: take both of the guns in case the human hunters aren’t only vampires

Act 6 scene 4: Clause’s house

Clause: (Lie on the couch, fold arms behind head & sigh)

Elena: (lean on Clause’s front door and put hands on hips) what inspired you to start writing and pick it up as a major?

Clause: when I was fourteen my mom was murdered by a werewolf in Nolan’s pack, she was defenseless because she was a human (close eyes)

Elena: (frown)

Clause: she is my inspiration; she is why I strive for success

Elena: when she was alive what was she like? (Walk up to Clause, stare at him & press lips together)

Clause: (grab Elena’s wrists)

Elena: what was it like as a vampire to have a human mom?

Clause: my mom was a poet who loved anything that had to do with writing… she was smart and confident… she was down to earth and strong…

Elena: (sit on Clause’s stomach)

Clause: my mom did what she could to protect my dad, my sister and I

Elena: my mom is a journalist for the New York Times, so while she’s in New York I live with my dad who is a director (stare at Clause)

Clause: (stare at Elena)

Elena: my real mom passed away so now I have a step mom I’m so close to I call mom

Clause: my dad was killed for not taking my life when I was young, now my sister Sarah is all I have (sigh and press lips together)

Elena: (put hands on Clause’s ribs)

Clause: unless I kill the human hunters with their eyes set on Irene as a target I won’t have Sarah either

Elena: wait… you and Nolan aren’t the only ones being hunted? (Pull eye brows together)

Clause: (shake head & release Elena’s wrists)

Elena: Irene is being hunted as well as vampires and werewolves?

Clause: Stephan was one of the human hunters but I killed him with vervain which is poisonous to vampires (cup hands on Elena’s cheeks)

Elena: (hold breath)

Clause: six more are seeking to kill her

Elena: why of all the human targets do they have to hunt my new best friend? (Pout and sit on Clause’s legs)

Clause: (sit up & shrug)

Elena: she is my boyfriend’s sister and a close friend

Clause: she is my girlfriend and I love her more than existing (halfway close eyes)

Elena: (kiss Clause’s cheek lightly)

Clause: I am going to kill them all for Irene to live

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