beauty of a beast 2: the hunter vs. the hunted act 7

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Irene talks with her dad in the morning about not wanting to go to school then when he leaves she calls Clause only to find he's getting back at her for not being there for him. Irene goes through a day of work after school and then meets Elena and Nolan outside. Irene gets a ride from Nolan that night and they run into a human hunter which Clause kills. then Irene has a dream the next morning that she is forced to chose between Nolan and Clause.

Submitted: January 12, 2012

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Submitted: January 12, 2012



Act 7 scene 1: Irene’s room

Irene: (sit on bed, pull legs up to chest, run fingers through hair, sigh, listen to IPod & read chemistry book)

Mitchel: (walk into Irene’s room and sit on her bed) get ready for school

Irene: I’m not going when a majority of the people there thinks I’m a slut (shake head & wrap arms around legs)

Mitchel: (stare at Irene and fold arms across chest)

Irene: Elena and Nolan are my only friends at school… I hate it here

Mitchel: you can’t run away from your problems forever (shake head & press lips together)

Irene: (nod and turn page of chemistry book)

Mitchel: sometimes luck is good and sometimes it’s not so good but it’s up to us to keep moving forward

Irene: that worked so well with patching things up with your marriage with mom (throw head back, raise an eye brow & stare at Mitchel)

Mitchel: (pull eye brows together)

Irene: I haven’t seen her since last week on Monday night when I was accused for about to have sex

Mitchel: your mother and I are just having disagreements so we’re working out living arrangements

Irene: (take out earphones, turn off IPod and stare at Mitchel)

Mitchel: you have to stop changing for the worst because you’re the source of our arguments

Irene: of course you’d blame me for you two fighting (nod, press lips together & cry)

Mitchel: (stand up and shake head)

Irene: mom will never be proud of me and in your eyes I’m just a screw up!

Mitchel: you are what you believe that you are (run fingers over hair, sigh & walk away)

Irene: (take out phone and call Clause) I need you… I have to see you… I need someone to talk to… (Sniffle)

Clause: (sigh)

Irene: please say something to me baby, I need you

Clause: when I needed you where you there…? That’s right no, you weren’t and I was all alone

Irene: (shake head, pull eye brows together & sniffle)

Clause: I needed you... you weren’t there…. Now I’m returning the favor

Irene: Clause, I’m sorry…

Clause: (hang up)

Act 7 scene2: at Irene’s job

Irene: (sit on the floor in front of Ramona & read script)

Ramona: (stare at Irene and smile)

Nolan: (lean on wall & put hands in pockets)

Irene: you and I can’t be

Ralph: you have stolen my heart Roxanne and I can’t be without you (stand behind Irene and hold script behind back)

Irene: (bow head)

Ralph: I have stolen diamonds and would steal a thousand more for you

Irene: you are no ordinary man and my love doesn’t come cheap (shake head & fold arms across chest)

Ralph: (tuck Irene’s hair behind her left ear)

Irene: go away if you can’t pay

Ralph: I have paid a high price with the money that doesn’t belong to me (lean in and kiss Irene’s left cheek then pull back)

Irene: (stare at Ralph & smirk)

Nolan: (stare at Irene)

Ralph: you are worth so much to me

Irene: I won’t give in to love… I’m not able to love anyone but myself (shake head and sigh)

Ralph: (stare at Irene & cup hand on left her cheek)

Irene: I can only love diamonds and myself for no man holds my heart

Ralph: I can only love you for you hold my heart in your hands and nothing else is of greater importance (smile and tilt head)

Irene: (raise an eye brow, hold breath & face Ralph)

Ralph: all the diamonds in the world wouldn’t even come close to your beauty

Irene: with me, flattery gets you everywhere and I might grow fond of you Christopher (shrug, stand up, put hands on hips and stare at Ralph)

Nolan: (press lips together)

Ralph: (stand up)

Irene: perhaps an… arrangement can be made

Ralph: (step closer to Irene & hold her hands)

[Police sirens]

Ralph: (glance at Irene and run backstage)

Irene: (glance at Ralph and run backstage)

Ramona: (clap) perfect, I felt the emotions from my script come alive… well done to both of you

Ralph: (let go of Irene’s hand & smile)

Elena: (walk up to Ramona) I think that Irene plays the character of Roxanne perfectly and Ralph is just amazing acting out the part of Christopher, what a great choice of people to play the lead roles in the upcoming play (smile)

Nolan: (walk up to Irene and hold her right hand)

Act 7 scene 3: Nolan’s car

Irene: (unbuckle seat belt, sigh & run fingers through hair)

Elena: (sit in back seat and listen to IPod)

Nolan: (turn off car & take off seat belt) you never told me you’re an actress or that you’re going to be in my mom’s play

Irene: considering you say that you don’t care about me I didn’t think you would come see the ply or much less care that I am going to be in it (face Nolan)

Nolan: (stare at Irene and pull eye brows together)

Irene: plus an athlete werewolf must be busy from day to day

Nolan: well, I can no longer say that I don’t care about you (face Irene, press lips together & sigh)

Irene: (raise an eye brow, tilt head and smirk)

Nolan: and you of course have feelings for me beyond those of friendship

Irene: can I ask you a hypothetical question? (sit crisscross apple sauce, run fingers through hair & lean forward)

Nolan: (raise an eye brow)

Irene: a girl got in an argument with her dad and doesn’t want to go home, should she stay the night at her lover’s house tonight?

Nolan: if you want to stay in a house with a pack of wolves, go ahead (nod)

Irene: (bite lip, gulp, get out of car and notice Darcy in the bushes)

Darcy: (stare at Irene)

Irene: (walk up to Darcy)

Darcy: my brother Ralph said you are a wonderful actress and so am I (step forward, hold sharp knife behind back & smile evilly)

Irene: (stare at Darcy)

Darcy: the two of you together is magical, I saw the sparks fly

Irene: there’s no sparks flying anywhere because my heart beats for someone else (shake head and slightly smile)

Nolan: (get out of car & glare at Darcy)

Darcy: (lick lips)

Irene: … the son of the play writer, Ramona

Darcy: (stab Irene in the left rib)

Irene: (fall to knees and gasp)

Clause: (hide, pull out gun & shoot Darcy in the heart with silver bullet)

Elena: (get out of car, run to Irene, remove the knife, throw it on the ground, and scoop her up in arms)

Clause: damn werewolf human hunters (leave)

Darcy: (fall to the ground, gasp & die)

Nolan: (follow clause)

Irene: (throw head back and close eyes)

Elena: (leave)

Act 7 scene 4: In Irene’s dream

Irene: (lean on the wall outside Publix, hold breath & watch the rain)

Nolan: (stand on Irene’s left side)

Clause: (stand on Irene’s right side)

Irene: love is contagious

Clause: love is more than a feeling spread from one person to another and it’s more than those three words (stare at Irene and smile)

Nolan: (put hands in pockets)

Clause: it’s knowing a person better than yourself

Nolan: love is an overused word though the feeling is actually lust or infatuation (stare at Irene & run hand over hair)

Clause: (raise an eye brow)

Nolan: if I did believe in the word I’d say I love you Irene

Irene: I love you Nolan and I love you Clause, with all my heart (tuck hair behind ear)

Nolan: (kiss Irene’s cheek)

Clause: (kiss Irene’s cheek)

Irene: you both are an important part of my life

Clause: you are too amazing for words to describe and I love that about you

Irene: (glance at Clause and smile)

Nolan: (hold Irene’s hand)

Clause: you melt my heart into an ocean of love

Nolan: you belong with me, as the leader of a werewolf pack I can protect you better than that vampire can even dream of

Irene: (glance at Nolan & smile)

Clause: (hold Irene’s hand)

Nolan: so, choose me

Clause: you belong with me; I will never hide my feelings or anything else from you which is what that werewolf fails to do

Irene: (pull eye brows together)

Clause: I will always be honest, so choose me

Irene: if you love me you won’t ask me to choose when both of you know I can’t (shake head and cry)

Nolan: (let go of Irene’s hand, run fingers over hair & sigh)

Irene: please, don’t make me choose

Nolan: you can’t ask me not to, if you won’t then I’m leaving until you’re not so confused who you want to be with (walk away)

Clause: (let go of Irene’s hand) though Nolan is my enemy he has a point, before you commit to a relationship you have to sure of who you want to be with

Irene: (face Clause)

Clause: I’m not able to be with you when you don’t know if you want to be with me (walk away)

Irene: (cry, run into the rain & wake up) please, don’t make me choose…

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