beauty of a beast 2: the hunters vs the hunted act 8

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while Irene is recovering from the vampire bite Clause is asked by Elena to heal her with a vampire bite but Collin won't even consider the idea. and Zoe apprears in the his life again, she warns him that the human hunters won't stop until Irene is dead. Clause is at home wih Zoe chatting with her when a stranger attacts and after the brawl a police officer shows up at his front door. Clause sits in his car in front of Irene's house with Zoe when Collin catches them. the two of them bicker, and when Irene sees Clause she runs away. Clause is called into the principals office and questioned about his relationship with Irene while her parents are there but he denies their romantic relationship.

Submitted: July 14, 2012

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Submitted: July 14, 2012



Act 8 scene 1: Clause’s classroom

Clause: (lean back in chair, press lips together & fold arms behind head)

Collin: (finish trigonometry homework)

Elena: (stare at Clause and lean over his desk) Irene stayed home today, she’s still in pain

Collin: Irene has gauze wrapped around her ribs and needs help getting up (sigh)

Clause: (scratch chin & raise an eye brow)

Collin: she is getting better and the wound looks better too

Elena: the hole through her skin that covers her ribs is closing up (pull eye brows together and bow head)

Clause: (lean forward)

Elena: I need her to get well soon because seeing her like that kills me

Clause: with some venom on the wound she’ll be able to heal at a quicker pace

Collin: (look up & stare at Clause)

Elena: (gasp quietly)

Clause: Irene needs to get better so I know my world will be alright

Collin: I won’t let you turn my sister into one of you (shake head & clench teeth)

Clause: (stand up)

Elena: (grab Clause’s wrists)

Collin: she is never going to be bitten by another vampire again

Clause: if you’re paying attention to anything that I said, I’m not going to turn her into a vampire unless she wanted me too, it’s her choice if she wants to live forever… I won’t force her

Elena: (stand in front of Clause)

Clause: the venom will heal her faster than medicine

Collin: Irene can heal without a bite from a filthy bloodsucker (narrow eyes at Clause and tilt head)

 [Zoe walks in]

Zoe: (gasp and fall to knees)

Clause: (run over to Zoe and kneel beside her)

Collin: who the hell is she?

Zoe: Blair will set one family member free for each human hunter that’s killed (throaty cough)

Clause: (stare at Zoe)

Irene: (walk up to Clause & sit beside him)

Zoe: time is running out for Irene because the hunters won’t stop until she’s dead

Act 8 scene 2: Clause’s house

Zoe: (Lie on couch & rest back on pillow)

Clause: (press lips together, fold arms across chest, pace and sigh) Collin won’t let me help Irene recover sooner, if hunters come to her house

Zoe: she and everyone inside will be killed, but that doesn’t have to happen (throaty couch & shake head)

Clause: (flinch and run hand over hair)

Zoe: we can save her from dying at the young age of sixteen

Clause: you aren’t in the condition to fight hunters, you have some type of sickness (sit next to Zoe & hold her hands)

Zoe: (stare at Clause and smile weakly)

Clause: you’re losing a lot of weight, growing paler, coughing up blood and you feel cold to me… it’s not normal when a vampire feels cold to another

Zoe: that’s impossible, vampires don’t have sickness (shake head & press lips together)

Clause: (bow head and sigh)

Stranger: (hide & point dart gun at Zoe)

Zoe: I am fine, you just worry about Irene

Clause: you are part of the only family I have now; I want to protect you (life head, stare at Zoe and press lips together)

Zoe: (throaty cough & sit up)

Clause: I could lose everything in a heartbeat

Stranger: (point dart gun at Clause’s heart)

Zoe: (grab Clause’s gun and shoot silver bullet at stranger)

Stranger: (fall to ground, gasp & die)

Zoe: a werewolf in your house isn’t a good sign (shake head and pull eye brows together)

Clause: (stand up, scratch chin & grunt)

Zoe: anyway, you should probably stay somewhere else for a while

Clause: I can’t leave Irene not knowing if I’ll ever see her again (grunt and throw head back)

Zoe: (shake head)

Clause: she’s the love of my life and my strongest weakness, without her I’m nothing

Zoe: I know how it feels to love someone so much that you would do anything for them and they only give you half of their heart (pull eye brows together)

Clause: (run fingers over hair)

Zoe: Vladimir put me through it, but you have to protect your life so you will be able to protect hers

Clause: I value Irene’s life more than mine; her human days will decrease when it’s time to, not when I can’t protect her (fold arms across chest)

[Knock at the front door]

Zoe: (glance at Clause)

Clause: (glance at Zoe and open the door)

Police officer: are you Clause Jonathon Andrews?

Clause: (nod) yes, that’s me

Zoe: (stand next to Clause & stare at officer)

Police officer: I just need you to come down to the police station so I can ask you about one of your students

Act 8 scene 3: in Clause’s car in front of Irene’s house

Zoe: (sit in the back seat, lean back & sigh)

Clause: (sit in the driver’s seat, press lips together and lean forward) I don’t see Irene yet, she might be with Nolan

Zoe: on Thursday morning? That is highly unlikely (shake head & pull eye brows together)

Clause: (clench steering wheel and stare at lady walking by)

Zoe: let her wake up and get ready for school

Collin: (walk out of house, pull hood over head & put hands in pockets)

Zoe: (stare at Collin and frown)

Clause: (get out of car & walk up to Collin)

Collin: (stare at Clause) what the hell are you here for bloodsucker?

Clause: I need to talk to Irene about something Important (fold arms across chest)

Collin: I’m only going to say this once so listen up, stay the heck away from my sister (step forward and clench fists)

Zoe: (get out of car & stand next to Clause)

Collin: she’s with Nolan now so just leave her alone

Clause: there is a part of Irene that loves me

Elena: (walk up to Collin)

Irene: (walk out of house, close door, turn around and lock the door)

Clause: I know she’s pushing me away out of fear

Collin: Irene isn’t a toy you can mess with whenever you feel like it, heck she’s not even a toy at all

Elena: (wrap arms around Collin)

Irene: (turn around & stare at Clause)

Collin: my sister is off limits so fuck off!

Zoe: why are you so pissed off at Clause when he did nothing to you? (Fold arms across chest)

Clause: (stare at Irene and scratch chin)

Zoe: he’s innocent in that sense, so what do you have against him?

Collin: a vampire teacher is dangerous considering he can kill my human sister at any given time (glare at Zoe)

Elena: (put chin on Collin’s shoulder & sigh)

Collin: Nolan is safer for her than a bloodthirsty human

Zoe: Nolan is an athletic werewolf who eats human flesh and somehow he’s the safer choice? (snort and roll eyes)

Clause: (walk up to Irene & hug her tightly)

Zoe: vampires drink blood and werewolves eat human skin to keep from aging

Act 8 scene 4: in the principal’s office

Clause: (sits in front of boss’s desk & glance around room)

Principal: (lean back in chair and stare at Clause)

Mitchel: (sit on Clause’s left side)

Carmen: (sit on Clause’s right side)

Principal: on behalf of a student I have called you into my office to conference (nod & press lips together)

Clause: (hold breath and gulp)

Principal: I have received an anonymous tip that your daughter is romantically involved with Mr. Andrews her creative writing teacher

Carmen: ten days ago Irene did mention meeting a boy named Clause (tap chin with index finger)

Mitchel: (glance at Clause)

Clause: (stare at principal)

Carmen: she also said they’re dating

Principal: Irene is a minor and Clause Andrews – her creative writing teacher first period – is twenty-six, this is a serious matter and I need the truth (lean forward)

Carmen: (glance at Clause)

Principal: having relations with a student will permanently terminate your teaching job

Mitchel: (run fingers over hair) if all of this turns out to be true, I’m going to press charges

Carmen: I support you pressing charges because any relationship between a teacher and student besides strictly professional is illegal (nod)

Mitchel: (hold Carmen’s hand behind Clause’s chair)

Carmen: I will not stand for a pedophile criminal dating my daughter

Principal: Clause Andrews you have one chance to either confirm or deny the claims about you and Irene, we don’t act without evidence

Clause: besides the accusation formed by one person, you have no evidence against me (sigh with relief)

Principal: (raise an eye brow)

Clause: without proof it’s just a rumor spread around school

School deputy: (walk into the room) Rosa Blackwood, I came here as soon as I dropped my wife off at her yoga class

Clause: (glance over shoulder at Ryan the school deputy)

School deputy: you said I’d have to make an arrest today so here I am

Mitchel: (lean back in seat and nod slowly)

Carmen: (face Ryan & stare familiarly at him)

Clause: (blink slowly)

Principal: (reach into desk draw) the evidence of an inappropriate teacher-student relationship is here

School deputy: (step closer)

Principal: (take out picture of Clause and Irene kissing at his house and put it on desk) will you confess now?

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