beauty of a beast 2: thhunter vs. the hunted act 9

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when Irene is at Elena's house she is being questiond by Todd about her feelings for Nolan while Elena is being all touchy feely with Collin. Irene runs to Nolan's house to tell him she loves him and the two of them have sex. Nolan refuses to tell Irene he loves her until she makes a choice, either him or Clause. Before Irene leaves to tell Clause she loves him a human hunter shoots Nolan in the bicep. At school when Irene goes into Clause's classroom she finds the prinaples, they interrgate her about her relationship with Clause. when Elena finds out she tries to cover for Irene and take the blame but they both end up in trouble while Clause ends up in jail. that night Irene asks Elena what she was doing earlier and only finds out that they are both a target, Nolan is a killer and Irene gets grounded by her dad for gettin suspended from school.

Submitted: July 26, 2012

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Submitted: July 26, 2012



Act 9 scene 1: Elena’s house

Irene: (sit on couch, listen to IPod & read over math homework)

Elena: (sit next to Irene, lay head on Collin’s chest, watch the notebook and hold his hands)

Collin: (what the notebook)

Todd: (put popcorn on coffee table & wave at Irene)

Irene: (look up, take out earphones, smile and wave at Todd)

Bethany: (walk downstairs) I’m going bowling with the drama club tonight, I’ll be back before midnight

Todd: don’t forget to call if you’re coming home later Bethany and no drugs or alcohol

Bethany: bye dad (leave)

Todd: so Irene Ramona tells me you and Nolan are a couple, is that true?

Irene: Nolan and I are lab partners, anything past that is complicated (run fingers through hair)

Todd: (nod & sut across from Irene in recliner chair)

Irene: I care about him but he says he doesn’t care about me

Todd: that does sound complicated

Elena: (look up at Collin and blush)

Collin: (stare down at Elena)

Irene: (nod in agreement with Todd)

Todd: do you love him enough to see if he’s hiding his true feelings for your or if it’s just and infatuation?

Collin: it’s only been nine days but each day that passes with every little thing you do I love you more and more (smile, lean down & kiss Elena)

Irene: (think about Todd’s question)

Collin: I love you my darling Elena

Elena: I love you too sweetheart (blush)

Irene: (stand up)

[Elena and Collin make out]

Todd: (shift uncomfortably in seat)

Irene: (run to Nolan’s house) don’t tell me you feel nothing for me and I don’t mean anything to you because regardless…

Nolan:  (get mail from mailbox and stare at Irene)

Irene: Nolan I love you whether or not the feeling is mutual

Nolan: (raise an eye brow & drop mail)

Irene: (hold breath and stare at Nolan)

Nolan: (walk up to Irene, wrap arms around her waist & kiss her passionately)

[They make out]

Act 9 scene 2: Nolan’s house

Nolan: (gets out of bed, walk to closet & look for pants)

Irene: (sleep peacefully on Nolan’s bed)

Nolan: well, it’s too late to turn back now (put on jeans, glance at Irene and smile)

Ramona: (lightly knock on Nolan’s door, walk in & glance at Irene) you slept with a human last night in this house didn’t you?

Nolan: yes, I know the consequences of what I’ve done (nod, raise an eye brow and put on socks)

Ramona: (put hands on hips, stare at Nolan & frown)

Nolan: but I believe Irene when she told me she loves me

Ramona: you’re a werewolf, you’re stronger than her and our kind isn’t good with restraining ourselves when out pulse is raised (pull eye brows together)

Nolan: (put on shoes)

Ramona: it’s hardest on a full moon; wait a second… you didn’t transform in front of her during intercourse last night did you?

Irene: (wake up, sit up and yawn)

Ramona: (leave)

Nolan: (walk up to Irene & stand in front of her)

Irene: where am I and why are you shirtless?

Nolan: last night you came over to my house, told me you love me, we slept together and now it’s Friday morning and here we are in my bedroom

Irene: (stare at Nolan and smile)

Nolan: there’s no going back for us now

Irene: I love you Nolan (gradually grab Nolan’s bicep and gasp slightly)

Nolan: (lean down and kiss Irene lightly)

Irene: tell me you love me

Nolan: not until you’re sure who you want to be with (shake head, stare at Irene & put hands on her shoulders)

Irene: (fold arms across chest)

Nolan: you can only have one of us, not both; it has to be either me or Clause

Irene: I did meet Clause first but with you there’s no having to sneak around, I love both of you (sigh)

Nolan: (stand up and run fingers over hair)

Irene: I love both of you… I have to find Clause to tell him I love him (stand up)

Human hunter: (hide in bushes & aim gun at Irene’s heart)

Nolan: (glance out the window, notice hunter and knock Irene to the ground)

Human hunter: (shoot Nolan in the right bicep)

Act 9 scene 3: at school

Irene: (run down crowded hall to Clause’s classroom, walk inside & gasp)

Principal: hello Miss Irene Patterson

Vice principal: we have some questions for you concerning your relationship with Mr. Andrews

Irene: (run fingers through hair and sigh)

Vice principal: this student-teacher affair has been called to our attention

Principal: a student whose name will remain anonymous, gave us evidence of this offence

Irene: (put hands on hips)

Vice principal: (sit on Clause’s desk)

Principal: if you just come clean, Mr. Andrews will spend less time in prison

Irene: whatever evidence you have is fake, there’s nothing going on between Clause and I besides our strictly teacher-student relationship

Principal: you may think you’re protecting Clause Andrews by keeping this secret but whatever you two have is ruining his career as a teacher (shake head and lean on Clause’s desk)

Irene: (hold breath)

Principal: we need you to tell us the truth

Elena: (walk into room & sigh) there you are Irene, Collin and I have been looking for you for over an hour

Vice principal: (roll eyes)

Elena: what did I miss and why do I have a feeling it’s something vital?

Principal: Irene Patterson, if you don’t answer than police will proceed with taking Clause Andrews to prison

Irene: (hold breath)

Principal: are you having an inappropriate relationship with Mr. Andrews?

Elena: I’m the one having the inappropriate relationship with Mr. Andrews, not Irene

Irene: (stare at Elena in shock)

Elena: (take out picture of Elena and Clause talking in his living room) see, so drop the charges against him

Principal: (show Elena picture of Clause and Irene kissing)

Vice principal: (take Elena’s picture and study it)

Irene: (stand next to Elena)

Nolan: (stand at door and stare at Irene)

Principal: then I take it Mr. Andrews is having two inappropriate student-teacher relationships which is unacceptable, his teaching career is over

Elena: if Mr. Andrews is arrested – which you said earlier that he was – then I quit my position as student body president (gulp & stare at Irene)

Nolan: (shake head and listen to conversation)

Elena: I… love… him…

Irene: you what…!?!

Elena:  (face Irene, put hands on her shoulders & stare at her)

Irene: we are supposed to be best friends and you left this out

Vice principal: both of you girls will be suspended from school all next week for having inappropriate relations with Mr. Andrews

Elena: (holds Irene’s hand)

Vice principal: this suspension is effective staring Monday and both of your parents will be called

Act 9 scene 4: Irene’s room

Irene: you said you love Clause this afternoon, but the night before you told my brother Collin you love him (shake head, lay on bed & sigh)

Elena: (sit next to Irene and put a hand on her knee)

Irene: how could you do that to me, I thought we are friends

Elena: we are friends, don’t you understand that I lied when I said I love Clause in attempt to save you from getting into trouble

Irene: (close eyes and run fingers through hair)

Elena: I sacrificed myself in attempt to protect you, Irene

Irene: if you are just trying to help me tell me what you were doing at Clause’s house (pull eye brows together)

Elena: (raise an eye brow)

Irene: you know that he is with me

Elena: Clause and I were talking about our parents, he confessed that his mom was killed by Nolan when he was only fourteen and his dad was killed for not killing him when he was young

Irene: …?

Elena: only he was left to take care of his sister

Irene: …?

Elena: now Clause has to kill all seven human hunters – to whom you are a target – to get his sister Sarah back, his nephew Stephan was one of them so Clause had to kill his own flesh and blood, that and your relationship with him is why he’s in prison now

Irene: that’s not telling me why you were at his house (shake head & press lips together)

Elena: (sigh and run fingers through hair)

Irene: or why you had a picture of you there that was taken from outside his window

Elena: we both are being stalked by human hunters because you are their target and I’m associated with you

Irene: (sit up & stare at Elena)

Elena: somebody took the picture from outside and put it in my locker; I was going to take all the blame for Mr. Andrews being in jail at school because I could use the picture for the evidence

Mitchel: (walk into room) you were suspended from school Irene so no visitors because you’re grounded

Irene: (roll eyes)

Elena: (stand up and leave)

Mitchel: you will be punished and so will that creative writing teacher of yours

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