beauty of a beast act fourteen

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Vladimir wakes up next to Blair the next morning and Zoe sees them together. Adrian captures both Zoe and Blair and brings them to the lair of the secret council. that afternoon when Vlad and Zoe talk about what happens they end up having sex. Vlad, Blair, and Zoe get to meet the rest of the secret council memebers. the next morning Vlad is forced to choose between Blair and Zoe but when he's unable to make the choice both are killed and Amy kills all the secret council members with vervain darts with the exception of Victoria.

Submitted: July 18, 2011

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Submitted: July 18, 2011



Act 14 scene 1: Jon Claude’s house

Vladimir: (press lips together, stretch legs out & fold arms behind head)

Blair: (wrap arms around Vlad’s ribs, lay head on his chest and sleep)

Zoe: (walk out of bathroom, glance at Vlad & fold arms across chest)

Adrian: (follow Zoe) time is running out and soon two lives will be sacrificed

Victoria: (lean on wall and smile)

Adrian: (tightly grab Zoe’s wrists and pull her arms above her head)

Zoe: (scream) … kill… me… now…

Victoria: my pleasure (lunge forward & extend sharp claws)

Vladimir: (get up, tackle Victoria and pin her to the floor)

Zoe: (hold breath & whimper)

Victoria: if I don’t kill you then time will and you know that human girl

Vladimir: you won’t kill her now without killing me first traitor

Victoria: (stare at Vlad and lick lips)

Adrian: (cover Zoe’s mouth with right hand and hold her wrists behind her back with left hand)

Vladimir: there’s no way in hell I’ll let you…

Victoria: you made a deal which you’re doomed to keep (smile)

Adrian: (drag Zoe outside)

Blair: (wake up, sit up, and pull eye brows together)

Victoria: now honor your word and die!

Adrian: (run to car, put Zoe in the back seat, & tightly tie her wrists and ankles with rope)

Vladimir: (tighten grip on Victoria)

Blair: (stand up)

Jon Claude: (run in room, grab Blair, drag her to car, put her in the back seat, & tightly tie her wrists and ankles with rope)

Adrian: (get in car & sit between Zoe and Blair)

Jon Claude: (get in driver’s seat, close door and start the car)

Victoria: (push Vlad back and stand up)

Vladimir: (stand up & extend claws)

Victoria: (expose fangs) either come with me at will or die…

Vladimir: Zoe and Blair are the only reason I come at will you wretch…

Act 14 scene 2: the secret council’s lair

Vladimir: (lean on wall & stare at Zoe)

Zoe: (stare at Vlad, sit on floor, & stomach growls)

Blair: (sit on Adrian’s lap and cry)

Zoe: I was sure that I would be the one you saved but now I’m not so sure anymore…

Vladimir: I love you so much Zoe, your love has changed me from the man I was

Adrian: (creepily stroke Blair’s hair)

Vladimir: I will fight for you as well as her and believe me when I say I’m sorry

Zoe: I saw you and Blair in bed this morning and you sure as hell didn’t look sorry (frown)

Vladimir: (bow head)

Zoe: I love you Vladimir Mason but it hurts seeing you with her

Vladimir: if I had more time it would be you and I in bed, I just want to spend more time with you

Blair: (stare at Vlad)

Adrian: (smile and stare at Vlad)

Vladimir: before I made the deal with Adrian I wanted to have our first time as a couple

Zoe: but you had sex with Blair first, it wasn’t me you embraced (shake head & sigh)

Vladimir: (walk over to Zoe and kneel in front of her)

Zoe: you had the chance to have sex with one of us and you chose her

Vladimir: now I chose you (untie rope around Zoe’s ankles)

Zoe: (stare at Vlad, lean forward and kiss him)

Vladimir: (lay rope beside Zoe & slide hands to her hips)

Adrian: you see how Vlad only offers a portion of him and gives Zoe the bigger half?

Vladimir: (unbutton Zoe’s jeans, take them off & toss them over shoulder)

Adrian: time is ticking and an important decision has to be made

Blair: Vlad is playing with fire and is soon going to get burned so I hope he knows what he’s doing

Vladimir: (reach around Zoe & untie rope around her wrists)

Zoe: (wrap legs around Vlad’s waist)

Blair: more than our emotions are at stake…

Adrian: two lives will turn into ashes to save one so he has to know what he’s doing (pull eye brows together)

Vladimir: (take off Zoe’s shirt & toss it over shoulder)

Zoe: (take off Vlad’s shirt & toss it over his shoulder)

Adrian: …he has to…

Vladimir: (take off pants, lay Zoe down and kiss her)

Zoe: (place hands on Vlad’s shoulders)

Blair: (wrinkle nose & look away)

Adrian: (wrinkle nose & look away)

Vladimir: (place hands on Zoe’s ribs and lightly bite her lip)

Zoe: (lightly scratch Vlad’s back, throw head back and gasp)

Vladimir: (kiss Zoe from chin to the nape of her neck & gently bite her neck)

Zoe: (lick blood from lip)

Act 14 scene 3: the secret council’s lair

Vladimir: (sit on floor with hands tied tightly above head, throw head back & stare at the ceiling)

Zoe: (sit on floor with hands tied tightly above head, pull eye brows together and stare at Adrian)

Victoria: (lean against wall & smile) only hours left

Adrian: yes, in a few hours death will come knocking on two of three doors (nod and chuckle)

Blair: (bow head, sit on floor with hands tied tightly above head & take deep breaths)

Mr. Mason: (stand beside Victoria, fold arms across chest and press lips together)

Jon Claude: Victoria, Adrian, Edgar, Drake, Silvia and I are the secret council

Victoria: (place hands on hips, tilt head & walk over to Vlad)

Adrian: (walk over to Blair, kneel, cup left hand on Blair’s face, pull her face up and stare at her)

Blair: (stare at Adrian)

Victoria: (sit on knees, cups Vlad’s face in hands & stare at him)

Vladimir: (stare at Victoria)

Jon Claude: (walk over to Zoe, bend over, cup right hand on her cheek and stare at her)

Zoe: (stare at Jon Claude)

Adrian: (hungrily kiss Blair)

Mr. Mason: (glance at the door)

[Three vampires walk in]

Drake: (smile, walk over to Victoria, grab her hair, aggressively drag her away from Vlad & help her up) we don’t take much liking to humans remember (glance at Vlad) …that also goes for traitors

Adrian: (kneel in front of Zoe, extend claws, scratch her face and stand up)

Drake: (knee behind Zoe, cup right hand over her mouth, cut her throat with the claw of index finger on left hand)

[Zoe bleeds and shivers]

Stranger: (sneak through the door, hide & shoot Caroline in the back with vervain dart)

Caroline: (shriek, let go of Vlad, and fall to knees)

Vladimir: (gasp for air & touch the hickey on neck)

Zoe: (bite Drake’s hand hard)

Drake: (stand up, take out gun and point it at Zoe’s head)

Stranger: (shoot Drake in the heart with vervain dart)

Drake: (fall to the ground & gasp for air)

Victoria: (look around for stranger)

Drake: (dies)

Caroline: (pass out unconscious)

Act 14 scene 4: the secret council’s lair

Jon Claude: Vladimir Mason must be destroyed for the transgression of exposure (fold arms across chest)

Mr. Mason: (stand next to Victoria & nod)

Jon Claude: but first he has to choose ONE human to let live

Victoria: you only get to choose one human who will walk away with their life (put hands on hips)

Adrian: (stare at Blair and smile evilly)

Zoe: (stare at Vlad & nervously bite lip)

 Blair: (bit lip nervously & stare at Vlad)

Victoria: choose wisely because you only get one chance

Silvia: who is it going to be, blabber mouth Blair who can’t keep a secret (raise an eye brow & glance at Blair)

Vladimir: (glance at Victoria)

Jon Claude: (wrap arms around Victoria’s waist)

Silvia: … or trophy girlfriend Zoe (raises an eye brow & glance at Zoe)

Vladimir: I can’t choose between them when I love Zoe and Blair equally (sigh, squeeze eyes hut and throw head back)

Adrian: (raise an eye brow)

Vladimir: Blair and Zoe both make up my heart

Adrian: it’s not an option to save both humans (shake head)

Victoria: (press lips together, stare at Vlad, & raise an eye brow)

Adrian: either you choose one or they both die and you do too

Vladimir: that wasn’t part of the deal, damn it! (Pull eye brows together and narrow eyes at Adrian)

Silvia: (pull out gun)

Stranger: (shoot Silvia through heart with vervain dart)

Vladimir: who put you up to dishonoring your word?

Silvia: (fall to the ground dead)

Stranger: (shoot Jon Claude with vervain dart)

Blair: (scream)

Caroline: (wake up & stand up)

Mr. Mason: (growl viciously and take out dagger)

Victoria: (walk up to Vlad)

Mr. Mason: (walk up to Zoe & stab her in the heart)

Vladimir: NO! Zoe please don’t die on me, I beg of you (cry) …I love you

[Stranger reveals herself as Amy]

Amy: (point dart gun at Mr. Mason) you’ve already killed one too many

Adrian: (take out gun & shoot Blair)

Zoe: (gasp and die)

Blair: (gasp and die)

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