beauty of a beast act thirteen

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

In Blair's dream while she's still unconcious she asks Vladimir if he loves her and he turns her down. once Blair wakes up she's in Jon Claude's car outside Chloe's house she and Adrian argue while Jon Claude and Chloe make up for all the lost time. he tells her the real reason why he left her to begin with and she forgives him. later that afternoon Adrian tries to scare Blair and Zoe by telling them that Vlad will only be able to save one of them. then they get a visitor no one excepted to see, Blair's great-great-great-great-grandmother Victoria whom is now a vampire. the next morning Vladimir busts in through the door and tells Blair he loves her then they have sex.

Act 13 scene 1: in Blair’s dream

Blair: (stare at Vlad from across the room and smile)

Vladimir: (lean on wall, put hands in pockets & stare at Blair)

Blair: can I ask you a question?

Vladimir: interviews aren’t my thing darling (throw head back and sigh)

Blair: (run fingers through hair & walk up to Vlad)

Vladimir: you are I are both fully aware of that

Blair: do you by any chance love me? (put hands on hips and press lips together)

Vladimir: (stare at the ground)

Blair: or have I imagined our love affair?

Vladimir: that’s two questions and you only asked to ask one

Blair: (cup Vlad’s face in hands & pull it up)

Vladimir: you only get one questions

Blair: alright then, I’ll get right to the point, do you love me? (stare at Vlad anxiously)

Vladimir:  (put hands on Blair’s ribs)

Blair: (quietly gasps) I need to know….

Vladimir: your love comes at a coast and mine does not (stare at Blair and raise an eye brow)

Blair: (pull eye brows together)

Vladimir: I do not want to give my love to you and have to buy yours in return

Blair: what’s that supposed to mean?

Vladimir: (tilt head and yawn)

Blair: what are you trying to say?

Vladimir: I’m saying that I don’t want to be in love with and believe me I’m not

Blair: (gasp in shock)

Vladimir: if who I love ever comes into question it’s always going to be Zoe…

Blair: you love me, I know you do

Vladimir: (shake head)

Blair: believe me when I say that I need you…

Act 13 scene 2: outside Chloe’s house

Jon Claude: (stand outside and lean against the car)

Adrian: (kick feet up on dashboard & read a travel magazine)

Blair: (sit up and take off seat belt) where am I and how long have I been knocked out for

Adrian: (put feet down angrily, turn around & stare at Blair)

Blair: (stretch and yawn)

Adrian: (wrinkle nose) what the hell are you doing still alive, I told him to kill you in order to keep Zoe safe

Blair: what are you talking about? (pull eye brows together) what guy did you tell to kill me  to keep Zoe safe?

Adrian: none other than Vladimir Mason, he shot you in the back with a silver bullet

Blair: (lean toward Adrian and raise an eye brow)

Adrian: he gave your lifeless body to me to sacrifice

Blair: he would never stoop so low for love (shake head)

[Chloe walks outside]

Adrian: (expose fangs)

Blair: this isn’t the Vlad I know and fell in love with

Adrian: I have roamed the earth with him for over a century so I know him better (tightly grab Blair’s wrists)

Blair: (gulp and close eyes halfway)

Adrian: plus I saw him do it with my own two eyes

Chloe: what are you doing here in Florida when you have a wife in Paris? (fold arms across chest)

Jon Claude: (walk up to Chloe and stare at her)

Chloe: you made it perfectly clear that you don’t love me

Jon Claude: I am an important part of the secret council and I’m sorry for hurting you the way I did (hold Chloe’s hands)

Chloe: (bow head & press lips together)

Jon Claude: I want you to know the real reason I couldn’t choose you

Chloe: it’s a little too late for explanations; you’ve already hurt me enough (shake head)

Blair: (stare at Jon Claude)

Chloe: I’ve waited for you to return for a long time and you let me down

Jon Claude: the only way that I could save you was to marry the long lost daughter of an important person of the secret council Victoria

Chloe: (stare at Jon Claude)

Jon Claude: you would’ve been slaughtered if I refused to marry Victoria and I didn’t want to put you in dangers so I made you forget that I am a vampire and did the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do in my life… I had to leave you

Chloe: (wrap arms around Jon Claude’s neck & hug him)

Jon Claude: (wrap arms around Chloe’s waist & hug her tightly)

Adrian: (release Blair’s wrists and turn around in seat)

Chloe: (kiss Jon Claude eagerly)

[They make out]

Act 13 scene 3: in Jon Claude’s room

Blair: (stare at Zoe, face her & put hands on hips)

Zoe: (sit on the floor and stare out the window)

Adrian: (lean on the wall & put hands in pocket) in a few hours you two will die and there’s no one will be able to save you

Blair: Vlad won’t let that happen, he will fight for us (shake head)

Zoe: (glare at Blair, run fingers through hair & press lips together)

Blair: he will not sit back and give up without a fight

Adrian: he will only be able to save one of you (raise an eye brow and smile evilly)

Blair: (fold arms across chest)

Adrian: only the one he chooses can live while he keeps his promise and dies

Zoe: what was the deal? (stare at Adrian)

Adrian: (chuckle evilly)

Blair: he made a deal to give his life to keep yours safe in hopes that you’ll walk away alive

Zoe:  why did he have to give up his precious life?

Adrian: I smell the familiar fragrance of a third vampire (walk to the door)

Zoe: (pull eye brows together)

Blair: (gasp)

Adrian: (unlock the door & open it) …Victoria

Blair: you’re my great-great-great-great grandmother (point at Victoria)

Victoria: (walk inside, put hands on hips, raise an eye brow and stare at Blair)

Adrian: (close and lock the front door)

Blair: you are one of the secret council member set out to kill Zoe, Vlad, and I

Victoria: the secret council consists of royals, which are descendant vampires from Dracula by blood making them therefore stronger than mortal vampires like Vlad and Adrian (sit on the bed)

Adrian: (sit next to Victoria)

Victoria: it is my duty to eliminate anyone that poses a threat of exposer or any other type of problem for the vampire race

Adrian: death for either you or Blair is unavoidable, Zoe

Blair: (help Zoe stand up & stare at her)

Zoe: (stare at Blair & stand up)

Adrian: only one can be saved and the question I’m dying to know the answer to is who… will… he… save…

Act 13 scene 4: Jon Claude’s room

Blair: (lay in the bed)

Zoe: (sleep in the bath tub)

Vladimir: (kick door open and detach cape) I need you to know that I love you

Blair: I love you too Vladimir (take off Vlad’s shirt & throw it on the ground) I just wanted to hear you say the words to me out loud

Vladimir:  you got what you wanted then darling (take off Blair’s shirt and throw it over shoulders)

Blair: (press lips together and blink slowly)

Vladimir: (cup hands on Blair’s cheeks & stare at her) I love you and I’m in love with Zoe as well as you

Blair: well I wasn’t expecting you to say that… (Pull eye brows together, lower head & put hands on Vlad’s ribs)

Vladimir: (step closer, lean down toward Blair and stare at her)

Blair: but I’ll take it because I only want this with you

Vladimir: I wish I could say the same (kiss Blair)

Blair: (kiss Vlad back and take a deep breath through nose)

Vladimir: (tangle fingers through Blair’s hair, sink fangs into her bottom lip & drink her blood)

Blair: (wrap arms around Vlad, lie down and pull him on top)

Vladimir: (lightly pull Blair’s head back)

Blair: (wrap legs around Vlad’s waist)

Vladimir: (pin Blair down & bite her neck)

[Blair’s blood drips onto the blanket]

Blair: you really love me right, I mean is that enough to save me?

Vladimir: I can only save one of you while the other is left to die (slurp Blair’s blood while drinking it & smile)

Blair: (press lips together and close eyes)

 Vladimir: this is like a deadly game of chess, moves are plotted carefully in order to win with every intention to knock the opponents players out of the way and the sand in the hourglass of our lives is almost gone…

Blair: I can’t handle coming in second place again (shake head & cry)

Vladimir: (lightly kiss Blair’s right cheek)

Blair: it broke me the first time and the second time it will kill me

Vladimir: death isn’t on the list of topics I want to talk about (lightly kiss Blair’s chin)

Blair: (hold breath and put hands on Vlad’s back)

Vladimir: let’s just be here right now… while we have the chance

Blair: (release breath & nod)

Vladimir: (kiss Blair hungrily)

Submitted: July 15, 2011

© Copyright 2021 S. C. C.. All rights reserved.

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ok couple of things first just some suggestions of the way you have said some things, you can take or leave my advice.

Act13 Scene1

Line 6: "you are, i am fully aware of this"
Line 10: "thats two only asked for one answer"
Line 16: you misspelled cost
Line 20: take out the "with" its not needed

Act13 Scene2

Line 3: " long have i been out?"


i found that the actions didnt flow the scenes where very jumpy and i was very confused from one scene to another. but i think if i would have read the others before this i would have grasped it better.

overall nice plot and storyline, always love the darkness of vampire stories.

hope to read more in the future

Sat, July 16th, 2011 1:22pm



Sat, July 16th, 2011 12:56pm

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