The Egyptian Mystery

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this short story is about an archaeologist who is searching for a specific hieroglyph but ends up entangled in a mysterious doing of the egyptian world.

Submitted: April 10, 2016

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Submitted: April 09, 2016



I searched the hieroglyphs. I found the date one. I, Jonathan Richards, famed archaeologist was in search of a hieroglyph that proposed that Egyptians built pyramids much earlier than we think. I believed they were a more advanced society than we ever thought and I was going to prove it. The Sphinx and surrounding areas contained the most hieroglyphs and I was determined to prove myself right.


It was a hot, summer day and tourists crowded around the sphinx and other monuments. A young child touched the sphinx and a bulky security guard slapped the kids hand away. Just as a moment the weather can be nice, it can turn dark and gloomy the same instance. Many of the tourists looked up at the darkening sky and left with their guide. Only the small child that touched the sphinx stayed. The guard was nowhere to be seen. But there stood the child looking up at the darkening sky as it grew cloudier and denser. Then he let out a guttural scream…


I closed my ears since it was so loud!! It was a deafening shriek that pierced the air crisply like a jet flying through the sky. Then, he stopped. His family tried to pull him away but he stayed firmly planted at the base of the giant sphinx. The family left with their guide into the jeep and sped off. My guide was beckoning me to leave. The child started to levitate, his eyes red and teeth 4 inches long. He roared like a lion. I could feel the air from his breath wisp through my hair. I did the one sensible thing, run!!


Me and my guide sprinted towards our jeep. I didn’t look back. I could hear the thundering footsteps of the kid-sphinx smashing the rocks behind us to pulp. I jumped in and the guide turned the motor on. We sped away. The creature gave chase but halfway to the town it stopped and collapsed. I told the guide to stop the jeep and he looked at me like I was nuts, but he still stopped. I ran back to the child. He was steaming and I felt his pulse, gone… As I drove into Cairo I told the guide to drive me to the airport. I reminisced the day and thought about the unusual events. I was going to solve this but first I had to get out of this wretched city.


On the other side of the planet, in Australia, Mark LiPicus searched the library books. He was corresponding with me, but he had gone quiet the past few weeks. The library was open 24 hours a day so Mark was there all the time. Some people called him a sociopath since he never talked with anybody. He read and read and read from dawn to dusk. Food for him wasn’t necessary, he drank fruit flavored water, believing it had all the nutrients needed for life.


My flight from Cairo left at 2:30 and arrived the same day at 6:00 PM. These newer planes were faster and more luxurious. Mark, the casual nerd as you would call him, was a 22 year old, Egyptian loving freak. He proposed so many theories and wrote so many books, it would take your whole life to read them. The taxi driver drove me to Sydney City Library at 7:15 PM. I realized that this library was most likely the biggest library in the world. Its shear size was indescribable. I couldn’t see its end due to the pollution in the city. It loomed as a giant shadow over me. Now listen closely to the events that follow:


At first, I smelled the odor of coffee and rotten eggs. I covered my nose and saw Mark in the back. He was sitting alone with a half empty bottle of Nutri Water in front of him. He was very pale. I walked over, “Hello Mark, I need to tell you about a recent… event.” He didn’t even look up, he just grunted. “It happened in Egypt.” His head whirled up at me, his glasses almost falling off, “What?” “Well something happened and I need information about it. After the event occurred I knew exactly whom to come to, you. I knew you were an Egyptian ner-, I mean master and came to seek some information.” “Well you found the right person, now tell me what happened! I don’t have all day.” The light shown from above as I recounted the events from yesterday. His eyes widened until the end of the story when he took out a small machine with a button that read “Disappear”. He laughed like a maniac and I realized what was going to happen a second too late. A huge, swirling vortex appeared, sucking me and him back into it. “Noooo!!!!”, I yelled. The last second I realized all these events had one thing in common, it was the Summer Solstice.


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